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Lilith x Hidan

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Lilith returns, and has 'fun' just like Sapphire did too. But will it turn out the same way??

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L - Lilith
I ran inside the hideout and saw Hidan standing with his back towards me, I kept running towards him tough and jumped onto his back tackling him to the ground.
"AH!" Hidan screamed as his chest collided with the floor.
"Hi baby" I giggled.
"Hey Lily Pad"
"How are you?"
"Better now, don't do that again"
"I'll make it up to you" I flirted
"How?" Hidan smirked
"Come" I giggled and grabbed Hidan’s hand and pulled him down the hallway, "I'll make it up to you"
"I like the sound of that" he smirked pulling me into him.
"Well then here you go" I smiled, "But you need to close your eyes"
"Ok" Hidan chuckled, "Wow, didn't know you like this foreplay"
"Well I am full of secrets"
I opened the bedroom door, and led Hidan to the bed, pushing him down onto it.
"Sorry baby" I gigged crawling up on him, "Like I said, I'll make it up to you"
"You better" He growled reaching to grab me.
"No" I laughed swatting his hands away, kissing him on the cheek.
"NO" I laughed, "Soon"
"Grr, fine"
"Ha-ha" I chuckled at his impatience, it was cute.
"Baby, hurry up, you’re not doing anything" Hidan grumbled, "It's annoying"
"Well then, I'm sorry that I wanted a nice moment between us" I scowled pushing away from him, standing up.
"What do you mean?"
"We never get to spend time together" I whispered.
""Yes we do"
"I mean, just us, spending time together" I murmured, a tears slipping from my eyes, "we don't get to do that, not anymore"
"I didn't know" Hidan sighed getting off the bed and hugging me from behind.
"No cause all you want is freaking sex" I yelled, "That is what you see as us spending time together"
"No, I don't!"
"Yes you do!" I screamed, "Hidan, I lost my virginity to you because I thought that if I didn't you would have left me!"
“But you liked it” He smirked.
“No, I didn’t” I sobbed, “Hidan you hurt me that night”
“Hidan, I wasn’t screaming in pleasure I was screaming in pain”
“But” Hidan gulped, “But why didn’t you tell me”
“Cause I was scared, and whenever we did have sex it was really rough and it hurt”
“I’m sorry”
“Hidan, I do like it rough but not that rough, but I like also times where it is slow and just love, not just lust and passion”
Hidan just nodded his head and kept looking into my eyes, his eyes showed regret and hurt, but still held love.
“Hidan, I love you, I really do”
“I love you too Lily pad” Hidan responded, kissing my on the lips softly.
The kiss was slow, but full of love and passion, it kept the same pace until we had to break it for air, both of us panting for breath
“Lily can we um? “ Hidan asked trying to hint as what he was asking,
I chuckled and slammed my lips back onto his, kissing him passionately for a minute, Hidan was in shock, and recovered when I pulled away.
“Does that answer your question?” I asked smiling cheekily.
“Not really” Hidan chuckled.
“Does this” I stated and pushed my hand down into his pants grasping his length in my hand and started to stroke it lazily with my fingers, sending shivers through his body. And suddenly stopped, but kept my finger tips on him though.
“Lily” Hidan growled lightly looking me in the eyes.
“Yes, dear” I said, starting to pull my hand out slowly.
“Don’t stop” Hidan growled.
“Hmm?” I hummed, pretending to not to hear him.
“Lily, please don’t stop” he pleaded.
“Hmm, ok, since you asked so nicely” I giggled, and grasped his slightly erect length again, stroking him fully.
Hidan lifted his hands up, and placed his hands at the hem of my shirt, tracing the skin that was ever so slightly exposed on my stomach, tracing miss-shaped shape leaving a tingling line behind; as if it was branded on.
“Just take it off” I purred pulling my hand out, undoing his cloak and throwing it away. Hidan cut my t-shirt in half. He actually cut it!!
“Hey!” I yelped in surprise, “I liked that shirt”
“You have heaps” Hidan sighed, pulling me into him, tracing my back bra straps.
“That I do”
“Now, milady let’s move this to a more comfortable position”
“Of course”
Hidan laid me onto the bed and lay next to me, still tracing my bra clasp. Sending little shivers through my body,

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