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Taken In The Desert Tigers Lair

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Cagalli Is Taken By A Woman With A Special Gift.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Cagalli Yula Athha - Warnings: [!] [R] [?] - Published: 2015-03-02 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 890 words

Cagalli Yula Athha had just lefted the room where Kira and the ZAFT commander The Desert Tiger sat talking about coffee of all things and was following a beautiful woman named Aisha who was taking her to get cleaned up for her hair and cloths were covered in soy and yogurt sauce which was slowly dripping off her and on to the floor of the Tiger's massive mansion.
As she and Aisha walked the woman spoke "My goodness we'll have to not only change your cloths but give you a bath or you'll smell like both those sauces and I'm sure your handsome boyfriend wouldn't like that no a nice bath will make you smell nice though". As the beautiful woman said that Cagalli could feel her cheeks get red the idea of taking a bath in the tub of the enemy both scared her a bit and angered her but there was little she could do about it as there were to many solders and she had no weapons so she just followed Aisha into a room.
As they entered the room Cagalli saw an enormous canopy bed with electric blue curtain the same color of the skin tight bodysuit the woman in front of her was wearing. As Cagalli looked at the bed she hear the Aisha speak “Well dear welcome to my room now what do you say we get you out of those dirty cloths and into that nice warm bath to make you nice and clean for that boyfriend of yours”. As Aisha said that Cagalli shook her head “He’s not my boyfriend but I do think I need to clean up”
As Cagalli said thoughts words she didn’t see the Aisha slowly lick her lips or see the crouch of the blue bodysuit start stretching with a massive bulge no Cagalli was to busy hiding her deep red blush and looking at her dark green combat boots. Soon Cagalli heard a pair of high heels come up to her “Well then how about we just bath you and who knows I may just keep you myself since it is so hard to find a pretty thing like you out here in the desert, though some of these brown skinned women are cute I kind of like them pale like you, so how about we get these cloths off you and into my enormous tub”
As Aisha spoke Cagalli barely heard a word as she was looking at something she had not seen on a woman since she left for Heliopolis something that made her fat hairy pussy get wet a massive 4 foot long bulge that ran from the woman crouch all the way to the underside of her massive round bouncy double PP cupped white breast. As Cagalli looked at the massive bulge Aisha smiled then spoke “Well it seems you’ve noticed my special friend how do you like it” Cagalli stared at the amazing meat for a second before reaching out and grabbing it thru Aisha bodysuit causing the woman to moan “Oh my your grabbing it Oh my so forward I only ask how you liked it not grab it you dirty girl Oh my that feels so good I haven’t had someone grab me in so long Oh yes squeeze it you dirty girl squeeze me”. Smiling Cagalli did just that she squeezed the massive rod and felt it beginning to pulse in her hand thru the blue fabric.
As Cagalli rubbed the massive cloth covered penis she thought about the last girl-dick she had seen it had hung between her three sexy girlfriends back in Orb each of who were not as big as this beautiful dick. They had hear of her trip to Heliopolis and had come to the mansion to wish her a safe trip it was the first night she had all three of them inside her body one in each hole and filling her so full of hot seed she had looked six months pregnant when she lefted on the spaceship for the colony. But now she was getting to touch a coordinator woman’s massive dick and she couldn’t help but want to know what it would feel like sliding inside her wet dripping hairy pussy.
As Cagalli squeezed the throbbing girl-meat Aisha moaned “Oh yes squeeze me Mmmm I’m about to cum please fondle my balls that always makes me come”. Hearing this Cagalli smiled as she squeezed the meat hard and spoke “Beg me you horny thing beg me to touch those heavy round testicles beg me slut”. As she spoke those words Aisha throw back her head and moaned loudly “Please my mistress squeeze my testicles please oh please I need to cum so bad mistress”. Hearing the beautiful black haired woman moan this Cagalli reached down and grabbed the enormous heavy round testicles thru the blue fabric and began to squeeze the sperm heavy orbs before doing something she had not done in a while she leaned forward and kissed the beautiful woman right on her dark red lips causing Aisha to let out a deep moan right into her mouth while the tip of her dick sprayed a gusher between her bouncy round double PP cupped breast and all over their faces and hair.
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