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Hot Afternoon At Morgenrate

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Miriallia Haw Spends Time With A Morganrate Scientist Doing So Hot Stuff.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Mirillia Haw - Warnings: [!] [X] [?] - Published: 2015-03-02 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 708 words

It was a clear sunny day in the nation of Orb but Miriallia Haw was not outside enjoy the sunny like other person her age no she was busy helping repair the war spaceship the Archangel and helping out at the company Morganrate were the Archangel and The Strike had both been designed.
As she walked thru an area of Morganrate wearing an light orange jumpsuit as her dark pink earth forces uniform would stand out and they didn't want anyone telling ZAFT that they were still in Orb Miriallia heard a woman’s voice call out to her "Hey you there, Yes you with the chestnut brown hair could you come here for a minute I need a hand with something thanks"
Looking up to see who had spoken to her Miriallia saw one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen and she had seen some real beauty’s since she had left Heliopolis.
The first was Captain Murrue Ramius who captained the Archangel and wore a tight white Earth Alliance uniform that was trimmed in light grey in had a white jacket and mid-thigh strait skirt that lead to tight mid-thigh grey stocking then down to some ankle high grey boots. Miriallia had often gotten wet whenever she saw the Captain’s beautiful enormous double MM cupped round juicy white breast bounce up and down whenever the Archangel was hit in combat.
Second there was the Coordinator pop star singer Lacus Clyne who she had first met after her friend Kira had saved her. Lacus wore hip length strait dark pink hair wore an ankle length flowing dress that had a white torso which clung tight to her enormous round perty heavy double LL cup breast and sleeves with light purple ruffed cuffs, a dark purple ruffed ankle length skirt and white lace stockings and high heels. Her singing voice whenever she had heard it causing her pussy to become slick and wet with sticky juice.
Third was the beautiful Princess of the Nation Orb Cagalli Yula Athha who she had first meet in the hot sweaty desert. Cagalli had been a rebel who fought against the desert tiger. She wore a dark red t-shirt that hugged her beautiful enormous double KK cupped breast under a dark green combat vest, she wore dark tan tight pants that bulged with huge round muscles and upon her huge feet she wore dark green combat boots. Cagalli’s strength had amazed her and whenever she saw her fight she could feel her pussy get wet every time.
Then finally there was her friend Flay Allster. The red haired girl was beautiful which was not surprising with all the work she did on her appearance but to her all of Flay’s work only made her sexier to her. Flay wore a Earth Alliance uniform like hers a light pink with white trim and matching pink ankle boots but unlike her white cotton knee socks Flay wore mid-thigh cotton lime green socks that she always felt like running her hands up to feel Flay’s Shapely well-muscled white legs but always stopped herself from doing it. Miriallia was also very drawn to Flay’s breast which were a heavy double LL cupped tits that jiggled in her light pink silk bra and her plump round jiggling butt cheeks that always seemed to move whenever she walked.
But now she was getting to see another beauty and seeing as she wasn't wearing a jumpsuit had to be one of the Morganrate’s scientist. The light brown haired woman that she believed was named Erica Simmons stood on a balcony above her wearing a dark orange open jacket under which was a tight light green shirt that looked like it could barely contain the woman’s enormous round bouncy heavy white double MM cupped breast a shirt that showed off a hard six pack abs and ended just under the woman’s tits, looking at the woman’s legs Miriallia could tell from the skin tight blue jeans that she wore that her legs were well-muscled as well with thick calves and plump thighs. This then lead down to her shoes a pair of white sneakers with dark blue trim.
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