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The Futa Vore High

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Cowtaur Martha Is Off To Her New School.

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It was a warm summers day in the little town of Port Les and in a little house a 20 year old girl was waking up for her first day at a new private school her mother had gone to the schools name was Futa Vore High and it was an all-girls school.
In the two bedroom house young Martha Baskerville sat up in bed and stretched out her arms over her head then gave a big (YAWN) that filled her bedroom before climbing out of bed. As her huge barefeet hit her dark green carpet floor Martha looked around her room for the last time at least for the next four years as she was moving into the school dorms. Martha’s room had all the usual stuff posters of female singers, a massive bed that was good for when she had girls spending the night, a huge oak desk, a dresser and other nicknacks from some of her mother and hers travels. Martha smiled as she saw one of her favorite items a pair of her mother’s pink lace panties hanging off her desk chair. The panties were her favorite because they were the ones her mother had worn the night they had first had sex which was at the age ten years old when she had found out her mother’s massive secret by walking in on her while she was having a massive dump. As Martha looked at the sexy pink panties she felt her special friend start to swell in her tight jade green lace panties. Looking down pass her enormous round pink udders that were only half covered by her cut off dark green t-shirt and down over her huge round shiny smooth domed potbelly she could see her panties slowly bulging out farther and farther forming quite a tent in them. As her special friend grow she let out a little moo in pleasure while wiggling her tail behind her.
But her pleasure was soon interrupted by the sound of her mother’s voice "Martha time to get up you sexy little heifer breakfast is almost ready and I need to take you to your new school". Hearing this Martha turned back to her bed in order to wake up her obese human girlfriend Cassy but found the bed empty not even her cloths were in the bed so where was she deciding to ask her mother she headed for the door not bothering to get dressed as her mother had seen her like this and even completely naked as they had sex.
As Martha padded down the stairs to the ground floor of her and her mother’s home she could smell pancakes, hash browns and cinnamon rolls coming from the kitchen and hear her mother singing something she only did when she had a full belly so she patted faster to the kitchen having a feeling what she was going to find. As she reached the kitchen door and looked in she saw her beautiful sexy cowtaur mother standing before the stove wearing nothing but a pair of tight dark purple cotton panties and a white apron that was stretched across not only her mother massive pink udders but across a massive smooth round heavy shiny bloated belly that reached all that way down to her mid-shins and topped with an enormous popped out belly button that made Martha's special friend swell four time bigger and causing her panties to slowly start ripping at the seams. Martha's mother was one of the sexed cowtaurs in town she had massive round shiny udders on her chest that she only half covered when she went out, she had normally an enormous shiny round smooth potbelly that she always showed off, she had a pair of massive smooth round jiggly white butt cheeks that she barely covered and jiggled whenever she walked, she had thick enormous muscler arms and legs from the workouts at the gym both normal and sexual along with wide hips, she had also under her enormous potbelly an enormous 2 and a half long 12 inches thick penis under which hung a pair of basketball sized testicles full to the brim with thick tasty cum and she also had long strait hip length red hair.
Looking at her sexy mother Martha licked her lips and began to pat across the kitchen floor " mmm it looks like someone has had breakfast today you look so full mother is the Heather inside that beautiful massive belly of yours ". Her mother Luna turned her head to look at her over the shoulder " Oh yes it is Martha I found her having a big dump last night when I got up to pee and just could not help but eat her as she finished mmm she was so delicious and soft like a marshmallow she side down my throat so easy she even had an orgasm in my throat mmm it tasted so good baby". As her mother spoke she saw her mommy's penis start to inflate under her pink panties so decided to have some fun. Bending down she reached out and gently began to rub to front of her mommy's panties causing her mom to moo " Oh mommy you are so dirty eating her after a dump but oh you are so sexy how about for my breakfast I eat all this taste cum in these enormous testicles and you eat that food at the sametime ". Martha then reached up a grabbed the waistband of her mother's pink panties and began to pull them down the front causing her mother's enormous 20 inch penis to jump out a smack her petite little nose " Oh mommy your so hard today mmm your going to fill me up so much now sit down and I'll eat ". Her mother mooed again and patted to the kitchen table as she stood up and placed the food on plates for her mother to eat Martha loved having sex with her mother as they ate big piles of food it was so sexy when it was all ready she carried it to the table were her mother was busy stroking her enormous penis as she watched her. Licking her lips at the sexy site she placed the food before her mother and bended back down to enjoy her cum meal as her knees touched the kitchen floor she reached out and grabbed her mother's pink panties that were around her thick muscler knees and putted them all the way off and throwing them onto an empty chair before leaning in and slowly licking the tip of her mother's enormous penis.
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