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The Merging Of The Three Gundam Princesses

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Princess Lacus Clyne Creates A Princess Harem For Herself.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Cagalli Yula Athha,Lacus Clyne - Warnings: [!] [X] [?] - Published: 2015-03-04 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 1116 words

Princess Lacus Clyne stood in a small meeting room aboard her ship the Songbird waiting for her two guest the Princess of the nation of Orb Cagalli Yura Attha and the former Captain of the space warship the Archangel and now Princess of the Alliance Murrue Ramius. It had been a few years since she had last seen the two women not since Kira Yamato and his Gundam the Freedom had disappeared thru a wormhole with a cloned Flay Allster and her Gundam Venus Strike a day of great heartache for her and the other two. But thanks to her lover Aisha and some other female fans she had slowly recovered and found her love for female pussy right before the Plants became an all-female nation due to genetic problems for all the males. It was only after that she was crowned the Princess of The Plants do to her leadership in the war.
But now the three were coming together for a meeting and Lacus hoped a little lesbian fun once she made her proposal to the two beautiful women both of whom had become lesbians after the war. She just hoped they would also accepted her special offer to become her lover’s premently. Each woman had become a lesbian for different reasons Cagalli after finding her fiancée Athrun in bed with a six month pregnant Miriallia Haw, Murrue after the death of Mu La Flaga her lover and the father of her 8 year old daughter Hope at the end of the war. The two women from reports she had said that they had many women lovers since the end of the war but she hoped that they would soon be sharing her bed on the Plants orbing colony Les One that sat on the moon especially when they found out about the special project the now female Plants had created.
As Lacus waited two Gundam’s began to arrive at the Songbirds landing deck the first was Gundam was a dark red Orb Astray Class only half as tall this Gundam belong to the Princess of Orb. The next Gundam was a strike look alike it but had four white metal wings out of its back and was white with dark blue trim this Gundam belong to the Princess of the Alliance.
As the two Gundam’s landed Lacus checked her high dark pink strait ponytail in a small mirror before sitting behind her huge white desk to wait for her guest. As she waited she began to feel her new gift beingging to swell in her light pink silk panties as it swelled she could only moan in pure pleasure as it grow bigger the more she thought about the two beautiful Earth Princesses. Soon she hear a ripping sound and knew that her penis had grown to big for her tight light pink panties so reaching up under her tight mid-thigh black dress she grabbed the torn panties and throw them over her back before reaching back under and grabbing her enormous 2 and a half foot long 14 inch thick white veiny penis and slowly began to stroke it causing it to get harder.
As Lacus stroked her enormous dick she began to moan “Oh yeah this feels so good, Oh my gosh I can’t believe how good this still feels after all these mouths, Oh yeah Oh yes Mmmm almost there, Oh I’m going to make such a mess on this floor but I don’t care Oh Oh”. As Lacus was stroking her enormous 2 and a half foot long hard dick she failed to hear the hiss as the metal meeting room door slide open and two beautiful women stepped in.
The first was the Princess of the Orb Nation Cagalli Yura Athha who for this meeting was wearing an ankle length sleeveless light green dress that had a plunging V-neckline which showed off her enormous jiggly round shiny white double GG cupped breast. While her huge muscler legs were clad in white silk stockings and her huge feet where held in light green 4 inch high heels to match her dress. While at the same time Cagalli’s shoulder length strait blonde hair held two light green circular disc.
The next was the Newly Crowned Princess of the Earth Alliance a group who had left the Atlantic Federation after all horror the group had done during the war and had created the new group under the Princess Murrue Ramius the once brave captain of the Archangel. Murrue’s outfit was different from Cagalli’s as it was a dark red Chinese kimono with light blue lotus flowers covering it and wide sleeves that she used to conceal a small holster for a small pistol it like Cagalli’s hugged her enormous round shiny bouncy double GG cupped pale white breast but only showed a little cleavage. Murrue’s huge muscular legs were covered in tight light blue silk stocking that stranded over her legs and her huge feet were held in black open-toed sandals. While at the same time her shoulder blade length strait light brown held a small earth shaped hairpin which doubled as a small knife.
As the two women stepped into the room Cagalli was the first to see Lacus sitting at the meeting table gripped her enormous 2 and a half foot long dick and as she did Cagalli let out a loud gasp as she saw the monster dick pulse between Lacus’s huge muscular thighs. As Murrue saw it she simply called out “Lacus what is that penis doing between your legs and how do I get one for myself”. This caused Cagalli to turn and look at her friend and secret lover as she was shocked at how unsurprised her lover was a seeing the monster Lacus was pumping her hands on. As Lacus heard Murrue’s words she looked up from her amazing dick to see her two sexy guest and spoke “Well if you want one of these Princess Ramius all you have to do is come over here a slide that sweet mouth of yours down my penis and let me come in your flat stomach, then just wait for my cum to do the work on your clit, So do you want to suck my enormous dick if so come kneel in front of me as I’m about to come soon”.
As Lacus said those words Cagalli turned back to look at Lacus who looked as if she was going blow then turned back to her secret lover only to watch as Murrue licked her dark red lips and slowly began to walk over to Lacus.
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