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Changing Tune (Sebastian Morgenstern x OC)

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A fanfiction about Sebastian/Jonathan from The Mortal Instruments series... Sebastian chases down a young Shadowhunter and demands that she comes with him...but for what reasons? Can she make hi...

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This is the first thing I have wrote in what feels like forever. Ugh, exams, revision, homework, just ugh. But anyway, hope you enjoy this fanfiction, because I definitely enjoyed writing it! R&R please, thank you!

She gritted her teeth through the pain from her stele. Lines flowed from the tip of the glowing white object, forming a strength rune. She could practically feel it beginning to work, the adrenaline flooding her entire body. From her sitting position behind a moss-covered boulder, she rose swiftly to a squat, ready to run if necessary, and replaced the stele in her hand with a seraph blade. She whispered its name and it cast a clean white glow over her surroundings. It was night, the air was cold and the grass damp. And she had just managed to escape from a fight. He had been trying to bargain with her, but she knew about this boy and his father. All Shadowhunters did. All Shadowhunters told their children stories of Valentine Morgernstern and his son, both of whom wanted to watch the world crumble into ashes.

She could hear careful footsteps around the boulder behind which she hid – no, not hid, rested – and felt her heart speed up. As a Shadowhunter, she had fought many things, but never before had she been scared of something the way she was scared of Sebastian Morgernstern.

Slowly, the footsteps were edging closer. With a slight breath, she leapt from behind the boulder and slashed with the seraph blade, feeling it come into contact with something, then she was forced backwards until she was pinned against the boulder by a pale boy with white hair. He smirked at her as he plucked her own seraph blade from her hand and tossed it behind him. He pinned her hands against the boulder and pressed his body against hers, so she could feel the steady pulse of this boy she feared – and hated.

“Well, Felicity Storm, I must admit, I have enjoyed our little game of cat and mouse, but it is a pleasure to finally get to talk to you.” He said softly, his breath causing her hair to flutter. He was so close that she could see each individual eyelash surrounding his dark eyes in the dim light. She wished he would use a witchlight or something; she hated not being able to see him properly and read his facial expression.

“Why would you want to talk to me?” She spat. “Why not just kill me?” He frowned.

“I have no desire to kill you, or even hurt you. Though, the feeling clearly isn’t mutual.”He said, nodding towards the shallow cut on his shoulder. “Then what do you want?” She asked, trying to wiggle herself free from his cage-like body.

“I want you to come with me for a while. I need your help. I’ll help train you, give you a place to live, and food to eat, and in return I ask for one thing.” He paused, waiting for her to ask what he wanted from her. When she didn’t, he only smiled. “I ask for you to stand beside me in battle, to join the winning side, my side. And, I even promise not to Turn you.” She repressed a shudder at the thought of being turned into one of his Endarkened warriors.

“Oh, how kind of you.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Or, I could take you unwillingly. And I promise you, I will be much kinder to you if you agree to come willingly.” He smirked again when her eyes widened a touch. He could see her weighing up her options as she stared unwaveringly into his eyes. After all, she was locked in the space between him and the boulder; she didn’t have any other options.

She had no reason other than his word to believe that he would not hurt her, but for some reason, the way he had looked at her when he’d said it had made her believe him. Perhaps that’s how he’d got his army of Endarkened.

“I’ll come with you under one condition.” She said after a while. He cocked his head to show he was listening. “We have separate bedrooms at all times.” He grinned at her, and then reached to touch the ring on his hand, and Felicity was instantly knocked out.


When she woke up, Felicity was in an unfamiliar bedroom with minimalistic, sophisticated decorations. There were two solid, black doors on adjacent walls. There was a trickle of light coming through a gap in the curtains. Felicity got out of bed, finding she was still wearing the clothes she’d had on the previous night, and curiously opened a drawer at the bottom of a sleek black wardrobe: it was full of pajamas. Upon investigating the wardrobe, she found a multitude of clothes that were all her size. She picked a pair of black jeans and a blue blouse, then checked where both of the doors led to. One led to a fully equipped bathroom, just as stylish as the bedroom. She showered and dressed quickly, pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and left the bathroom to find Sebastian perched on her bed.

“Good to see you found the clothes. And the bathroom. You stank when I carried you up here last night.” He said, gesturing around at the bedroom. She glared at him. “Ouch, why the hostility? Don’t you appreciate the gifts? I don’t go out and buy a full wardrobe of clothes for every girl I bring here, you know.” She took a deep breath, not taking her eyes off his once, and decided to give him a chance. He hadn’t killed her, after all.

“Ok. What do you want me to do?” She asked taking a step towards him.

“I want you to spend a day making yourself at home. We’ll start training tomorrow.”

“I’ve already been through training.”

“Not to my standards. You are a good fighter, but you’re not fast enough or strong enough.”

“It’s never given me any problems before now.”

But now you’re going to be fighting something bigger and better than you. You need to become better.”

“And you’re the one who can teach me?”

“You love arguing, don’t you? And no, I won’t be teaching you, as such. You’ll practice with me sometimes, and I’ll give you advice, but it’s up to you to teach yourself how to be better.” He stood up and walked towards her, keeping his eyes on hers.

“What are we going to end up fighting that requires me to train again?” She asked, and Sebastian smiled a little in response.

“I don’t want to scare you off just yet. You’ll find out soon enough.” With that, he left Felicity’s bedroom, leaving her to wonder what he was actually planning for her.

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