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Nami Claims Nico Robin's Sweet Treasure

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Nami Finds Nico Robin And Califa Having A Some Fun.

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It was late on the high seas of the grand line and the busty navigator of the Going Mary Nami was up to check the positions of the stars to make sure the ship was going in the right directions. As Nami way checking the alignment of the North Star to the horizon she heard a female moan of pleasure coming from Robins, Kalifa and her cabins. Thinking it was the perverted ship cook Sagea who might have sneaked in to have his sexual way with Robin she turned and ran across the ships wooden deck prepared to pounded the cook straight out into the ocean for thinking he could take Robin in her sleep.
As Nami reached Robins cabin and looked in thru the porthole window she near gasp out loud at what she saw. Inside the small wooden cabin she could see her friend the archeologist Nico Robin laying on her bed wearing nothing but a pair of mid-thigh dark purple stocking. While leaning over her was their new crewmate the former CP9 woman Kalifa who was wearing nothing but her light purple glasses and her black mid-thigh fishnet stockings. From the porthole she watched as Kalifa suckled Robins huge left plump fat 6 inch long pink nipple while slowly squeezing Robins right breast with her large left hand causing something thick and white to run out of Robins nipple. At first she was not sure what it was but the more she looked at it she knew it was breastmilk and from the window she could tell it was sweet just from the smell.
Soon Nami saw something happen Kalifa’s flat ten-pack abs began to swell as Kalifa gulped down mouth full after mouth full of Robin’s breastmilk her stomach slowly started to become more and more bloated. As Kalifa’s belly bloated she began to notice some other things happening to both Robin and Kalifa. Their arms and legs where slowly gaining thick round veiny muscles while their stockings grow tight and began to stretch over the enormous muscles. She then noticed that both Robin and Kalifa’s huge, round, shiny and smooth butts where growing into a pair of massive, round, shiny, jiggly and smooth cheeks that would reach down to the back of their knees if they stood up. She almost moaned out loud as she saw Robin’s dark brown skin stretching and filling the bed along with Kalifa’s beautiful white skin. Nami licked her lips as she soon witnessed the next growth in both Robin and Kalifa’s enormous double HH cup breast they began to swell up with thick white milk which slowly caused their breast to become shiny, smooth, round triple PPP cupped orbs of flesh.
But then something began to happen something that both made her nearly scream in terror and began to make her uncreditablly aroused for as she looked at their massive juicy hairless pussies she noticed their clits beginning to swell up but not just the normal kind of swelling that all women’s clit do no both Robin and Kalifa’s clits were growing in length and roundness making them look like swelling penises. But then she noticed two hairless fleshly orbs being to appear under their growing shafts and realized that they were swelling testicles. Soon Kalifa broke her lips away from Robins now enormous dark brown 18 inch left nipple and moan “Oh Robin can you feel it my lover our devil fruit powers are giving use Mmm some enormous penises Oh I can’t wait to push it into you my love”. She then heard her friend Robin moan “Oh Kalifa I can feel your beautiful white dick rubbing against my dark brown shaft my love and I want you inside me” she then watched as a pair of dark brown arms appeared and grabbed Kalifa’s now enormous 20 inch long 14 inch wide swollen member and started to guide it to Robins hairless dark brown massive pussy before sliding in the enormous cannonball sized head inside.
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