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A New City, a New Life.

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When a young girl's mother dies, she has no choice to but to move in with her aunt in Los Angeles. Will she finally find happiness in the City of Angels?

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I can't believe it. I'm only seventeen and I'm watching my world crumble around me. It's been a week since I stood at my mother's grave sight and now I'm looking at the door to the rest of my life. Actually it's my Aunt Klaire's front door. I can see my reflection in the glass and the figure looking back at me is not the girl I left in Portland. The girl in Portland was a wide-eyed, happy girl with hair that looked like it had been kissed by the sun. She was always well dressed and always ready for what life threw back at her. Now, she looks almost like she's homeless in her sweat pants and her old high school swim t-shirt with her hair tied into a messy bun. She wears no makeup and skin seems dull. How can a person change so much in one week? This isn't me. This has never been me. God I wish Klaire would open the damn door, I'm sick of being forced to look at myself.

Finally she answers. She's just like I remember. I always envied her long legs and her slender build. She was beautiful. Somehow she managed to gain all of my grandmothers Mediterranean features. Klaire had long, beautiful dark hair that was always sleek and smooth and it fit her olive complexion perfectly. The only feature that was out of place on Klaire were her striking cornflower blue eyes that just seemed to captivate anyone who looked into them.

When she opened the door she immediately took me into an embrace.
"Hey Juno. How have you been? I'm sorry I couldn't get you from the airport, but I had to finish getting your room ready."

I returned the embrace and followed her into the house.
"Honestly I've been better. All I want to do is call Mom and tell her how I'm feeling...but I know it can't. I've called her phone every day since she died just to listen to her voicemail. I know that sounds crazy but it's all that's been helping me."

"Oh sweetheart that's not crazy, that's called coping. Everyone does it in their own ways. Now, I hope you're hungry because I made your favorite: take out. It'll be here in a little bit. But come on, I'll show you to your room."

As I followed Klaire through the house I knew I would get lost trying to navigate these halls alone. You see, Klaire had recently gotten a divorce from some rich old actor and got the house in the settlement. It was gorgeous. The entire house had a beautiful dark oak floor and pristine white walls. My room was quite far from Klaire's and I wasn't sure if that was on purpose, but I wasn't complaining. When I entered the room I was speechless. Klaire had furnished it with some of the most luxurious furniture I had ever seem. I had a beautiful four poster bed with a sheer canopy and what seemed like dozens of throw pillows resembling a Moroccan theme; I'm sure Klaire acquired these on one of her many world trips. The entire room in itself was much nicer than the two room apartment I had previously shared with my mother.

Klaire left me to unpack and I, somehow, started to feel better. My mother was an optimist and always told me too look for the good in life. So that's what I would do. I decided in that moment that my move to LA was going to be a new chapter in my life. As I set a picture of my mother and me on my nightstand, I figured that since it was my first night in the city, why not go explore a little? I still had a few hours until nightfall. So I changed into some jeans and a nicer shirt, went downstairs, let my aunt know where I was going, and I set off to find adventure in the city I was now calling home.
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