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Shaarotto and Takuma's love story

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What if Kaname has a sister who is a year younger then him and what if zero an old friend from his childhood and he fells for her and Takuma falls for Kaname's sister

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Shaarotto Kuran



pureblood power

Brown hair

brown red eyes

creative,loving to people she care about, can be mean, can be really scary when wants to


a year younger then Kaname and hangs out with Rima,Senri and Takuma has a skill writing and has 3 different novels she writes and helps senri with the level e's sometimes.

Anika Yagari

Vampire hunter
onyx name of her gun

Blonde hair

blue eyes


When Anika and her dad Yagari goes to the Kiryu's she played with Zero and Ichiru while their parents discussed about vampires and stuff and she also cares for Zero and she is well tained by her dad she also trained with Zero she goes to the Kiryu's while her dad does vampire hunts now she is one of the best vampire hunters of her generation and she misses Kiryu's a lot and feels bad for Zero.

Mari Yagari
vampire Hunter
black hair
dark blue eyes
fun-loving, happy-go- lucky, can. e seriously-if needed, talkative, childdish, can be hot-head (especially when people talk about her families, doesn't remember a lot about her birth-parents, usually smiling

love intercast?
Mari is the adopted daughter of Yagari. He found her after her family was killed by a vampire. He found her scared and alone outside the house.She became Anika's older sister. She learned that you can't let your past haunt you. She became a good vampire hunter, but leaft Toga and Anika to see if she ca. find anything about bree real family. After years of searching and little results, she came back, and started working as a gardian at cross academy, meeting up with Anika, Toga, and her old friend Zero she often gets into "fights" with Zero since they don't usually see eye-to-eye on things.She also met headmaster cross a few times before and yet along with him pretty well.
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