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Dear You -

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Capt. Kirk has an extreme breakdown, and Spock races to his side. Inspired by Crossing Field from SAO and some angsty music.

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The funny thing about the mind, is that it does not stay in one state of thinking.

The crew never expected their headstrong, unyielding Captain to have such a breakdown. Especially Spock, whom expressed his feelings about it by stating that it was “uncharacteristic” and “illogical”. Lieutenant Uhura had said that it was insensitive of him to say that, because his Captain needed him.

It had all taken place after a Life-or-Death mission, wherein he lost four of his crewmen and almost Spock and Bones on top of that. It brought him to the conclusion that this 5 year mission to go boldly where no one had ventured, was not just beauty and adventure, it was also a dangerous endeavor into dark, unexplored space. He rushed to his quarters after visiting Spock and Bones in the sickbay, sick creeping into his throat and thoughts swelling about in his brain. He suddenly felt very overwhelmed with some 400 lives aboard the Enterprise.

Bones patched up the wounds on Spock as fast as he safely could for the good of Jim and possibly his own sanity. Spock was giving him constant reminders of Jim’s state of mind, and how much time had gone by since he had opened a medkit, much to Bones’ agitation. He tried not to snap at the Vulcan because he knew somewhere that he was only worried about his captain, his friend.

Before Bones could utter the first syllable of the word “finished” Spock was on his feet, heading towards the sliding doors of the Sickbay.

Jim had heard the quiet swoosh of his doors opening, and didn’t bother opening his eyes. He stayed right where he was, comfortably sprawled out on top of his bed. Spock stood quietly in front of the door, as it closed. The aura surrounding his captain was dark, and sad. “Captai- Jim,” Spock said quietly, stepping forward towards the bed, “A-Are you okay?” he sat himself on the floor, where he could see Jim’s still face. “I know you’re awake.” The way his eyes opened and landed immediately on Spock was reassuring. “Spock.” Jim’s voice was hoarse, unused, and he moved slowly into a sitting position, giving Spock a small, very unconvincing smile.

Spock clambered up, and sat next to Jim on the hard mattress. “How do you, um,” Spock cleared his throat as Jim rested his head tiredly on his shoulder, “Feel?” Jim murmured something, followed by a hoarse chuckled and sighed. “Could we possibly,” Jim pondered out loud, “Just lay here?” Spock hummed a hushed “M-hmm” and pulled Jim back, loosely draping an arm around his waist holding him close to his chest. Something strange made Spock suddenly feel different towards his situation, maybe the way the dim light his Jim’s troubled though peaceful face, or the events of the previous few days, or it might’ve been something in his heart he was unaware of until this moment. He did not know what it was, though it seemed to be a human emotion such as Endearment, or Caring. He always knew he had feelings for his Captain, but had taken to being his loyal 1st Lieutenant, not his lover. But he knew one thing for sure, Jim was his [best] Friend, his Brother, his Lover. Jim had been, and always will be his T’hy’la.

Spock leaned closer to Jim’s ear, feeling his heartbeat slow as he fell asleep in his arms, and quietly said, “Wani ra yana ro Aisha, T’hy’la.” and planted the softest of kisses on his temple. Jim murmured, and buried his face into the warmth of Spock’s chest and listened to the slow, quiet heartbeat of the heart in his abdomen, lulling himself into a deep, sanity-restoring sleep.

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