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Slasher Movies Aren't for Watching

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Kirk and Spock have a movie night! Starfleet Academy AU. I listened to Sorry for Being a Closet Otaku for like 45 minutes writing this, y'all better love me.

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Spock knocked on the rickety door of Jim's apartment, and was shocked backwards by the deafening shout he received from what sounded like 3 feet away. "IT'S OPEN!" the voice rang energetically. Spock turned the handle gently, for fear of the door falling to pieces in his hands, and pushed it open. "Jim I'm pretty sure Nibiru heard you from here, don't be so lou-" Spock stopped mid-sentence, take aback by the hurricane disaster that was Jim Kirk's apartment. "Yeah, sorry about this." Jim laughed, and shut the door.

Jim walked to the pile of movies he had thrown onto the the glass coffee table in front his couch. "I was cramming for a test." He smiled up at Spock as he leaned over his shoulder, examining the movies. "So you decided to trash your home?" Spock responded sassily. "Pretty much." Jim laughed, throwing himself back on the couch, while Spock carefully placed himself next to Jim.

"Whad'dya wanna watch?"

"Whatever, I don't mind."

"Wow, helpful."

Jim settled on a slasher flick from a few decades back and settled on the couch, sitting close to Spock. "Hey if you get scared I'll protect you." He said teasingly. "I doubt I'll be the one too scared to walk to the restroom tonight." Spock retorted, raising his eyebrows.

The titles faded onto the screen, and Jim scooted close enough to Spock for their arms to touch, and thus the movie began. Jim was thoroughly entertained by the cheesiness of this movie, while Spock remained impressively blank-faced throughout the first half of the movie.

Somewhere after the blonde chick saw her dead sister Jim had found himself transfixed on the glow of the T.V. shining on Spock's face in the dark. Spock felt Jim looking at him and felt the green of his blood creep up his neck into his cheeks. He nervously looked over at Jim and met his beautiful blue gaze. Jim scooted closer, and could feel Spock's breath. "Jim." and that was it.

Jim closed the gap, pressed his lips to the Vulcan's. Spock didn't know to respond other than place arms around Jim's neck and give into it, even though the human emotion "affection" had just begun to seep into his mind. Jim pulled away, much to Spock's disappointment. But after some exchanged words and smiles Jim leaned in again, holding Spock's cheek gently in his palm, the other hand's fingers laced with the Vulcan's.

The credits rolled and Spock was standing at the door. "Thanks Jim, I'll see you tomorrow in class." Jim smiled back dreamily, "Hmm," He pecked Spock on the lips, "Yeah."

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