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Harry Potter And The Tiger Coven

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Harry Potter Gets A Good Surpise On Halloween Of His 5th Year For Once.

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Chapter One Enter the Ladies of the Tiger.
In was a quiet night at the Wizarding School know as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry and everybody was in the great hall for dinner. It was the annual Halloween Feast and everyone was happy all but a wizard named Harry Potter for he had many things to be not happy about. The first was it was the night that many years earlier when he was but a small baby his parents were killed by the evil wizard who called himself Lord Voldemort but was really a half-blood wizard named Tom Malovo Riddle a wizard who had a crappy life not unlike his own the only different was he had friends or he thought he had but not anymore and that was because in their stupidest he had overheard them talking about him in a unused classroom and what he had hear had made him mad as it seemed that the Weasley family, Hermione and his parents friends Sirius and Remus were all getting payed to act as though they cared but where only helping Dumbledore to his great victory one that could not happen until he was killed by Voldemort hopefully on the battle field so Dumbledore could act as a hero and avenge his death but it was all going to be so he the old geezer could reclaim his title as the most powerful wizard and the greatest hero again something his mother had stopped years earlier in Godric’s Hollow. That was one the other was the woman he had started to fall in love with was now with a boy from Ravenclaw and from the rumors she was becoming rather loose being seen coming out of broom closets with her cloths hanging half off her body and covered in sweat with her boyfriend following her. But he only put half stock in the rumors as he thought better of her and rumors had called him a lot of things he was not but seeing her clinging to the guy didn’t help him any.
But it was as Harry was reaching for a roll that something no one could of happened did the doors to the Great Hall suddenly slammed open hitting the wall on either side of the doorway. As the students and staff watched four massive tigers came walking thru the now open door they were each the four times bigger than a Siberian tiger and from their colors it was not hard to tell that they were each magical. The first tiger in the middle had a dark red fur coat that had emerald green strips that matched the animal’s eyes, it had on a gold chest plate with from what Harry could see a red lily and he could tell from the magic oozing off it that it was magical. The next tiger on the left of the first had a yellow fur coat with dark brown strips that matched its eyes as well, like the first it wore a gold chest plate but on it was if he could remember from all the times he worked in his aunt’s garden it was a yellow Petunia. The third tiger on the first right was silver with powder blue strips and seemed 2 times smaller than the other two but wore a gold chest plate like the others but with a white feathered bird on it. The silver one also had a pair of enormous silver feather wings that were releasing a glowing translucent silver shield. The fourth though was like the third but is fur was crimson red with bronze strips it to wore the gold chest plate which had a red winged rose. But like the third it two had feather wings but these were crimson red and were releasing a glowing red translucent red shield that was mixing in with the silver tigers shield and combined they were protecting all of them.
But it was as Harry Potter looked into the bronze eyes of the crimson tiger that he felt something that he only ever felt for Ginny but it was stronger much stronger. As all the witches and wizards in the Great Hall watched the four massive tigers began to change into four massive amazon sized women that Harry knew.
The first was the red tiger with the emerald strips who turned into a woman that Harry had seen many times looking at him from the photos that were in the album that Hagrid had given him his first year. The woman was his own mother thou she was at least six feet taller than in the photos and she had enormous muscles in her arms and legs and oozed a massive amount of magical power. His mother as he could feel that was really her wore the gold breastplate as well a red leather mid-thigh strait skirt, red leather mid-calf boots, a red leather open jacket, emerald mid-thigh cotton socks and a pair of long gold metal bracelets.
The second was the yellow tiger with the brown strips and it turned out to be his own aunt Petunia but he almost did know it was her as her face was round and beautiful not like he remembered. She was the same height as his mother and just as ripped. His aunt wore the gold breastplate but also wore a mid-thigh yellow leather strait skirt, yellow leather mid-calf boots, a yellow leather open jacket, a pair of brown mid-thigh cotton socks and a pair of long gold bracelets.
The third tiger turned out to be a bit of a surprise as it turned into a almost carbon copy of the French Tri-wizard witch Fleur Delacour but way more buff. She was two times shorter than his mother but had enormous muscled arms and legs. She wore the gold breastplate, a mid-thigh silver strait skirt, Silver leather mid-calf boots, an open silver leather jacket, a pair of powder blue mid-thigh cotton socks and a pair of long gold bracelets. But unlike his mother and aunt the vella which he knew it had to be was sporting the enormous silver feather wings that had been part of her tiger form wings that could only belong to a vella. But as Harry looked at the French beauty he knew it was not the Tri-wizard Champ but her younger sister Gabrielle just a lot bigger since the end of the tournament last year.
But it was when he turned to look at the last tiger that he got the surprise of his life as she turned into the young woman he was deeply in love with she turned into a buff, tall Ginny Weasley. She was wearing not only the gold breastplate but also a crimson red leather mid-thigh strait skirt, a pair of mid-calf crimson leather boots, An open crimson red leather jacket, a pair of bronze mid-thigh cotton socks and long gold bracelets. She was also sporting the enormous crimson red feathered wings that her tiger form had.
As the four women stood in front of the Great Hall doors the one that looked like his mother spoke “Greeting Hogwarts I am Lily Evens or better known to some of you Lily Potter the mother of the Boy Who Lived. Hello Harry my you have grown since I last saw you how about you come over here and join your family and get away from those traitors”. Before he could speak the winged Ginny gave her left wing a gentle wave and to his surprise his body was surrounded by crimson red flower petals then before he knew what was happening he felt a pair of enormous muscler arms wrapped in crimson red leather encircle his waist. It was as the arms tightened that he heard the most beautiful voice he had ever heard “Hello Harry it’s me the real Ginny, I’ve missed you so much my love”. It was in that instant that he know that the woman hold him was the real Ginny Weasley and to the shock of the whole Great Hall Harry Potter began to glow in a bright green light that grow in brightness as the silver winged woman stepped over and wrapped her enormous muscler arms around Harry from the side.
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