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Zako Pilot Claims Gala Pilot

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Zako Pilot Lunamaria Hawke Decides To Have Some Fun With The Gala Gundam Pilot Steller.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Warnings: [X] [R] [?] - Published: 2015-03-19 - Updated: 2019-06-14 - 640 words

It was a nice sunny day in the Plant run city of Diocuia Port but on the ZAFT space battleship the Minerva an angry red Zako pilot named Lunamaria Hawke was stomping her way down one of the many metal corridors toward the medical bay were their only prisoner was being treated and runned test on.

As Lunamaria walked thru the ship she couldn't stop growling about being assigned the job to watch over the prisoner by Captain Gladys instead of getting to go out on the town with her crush Athrun Zala who if she heard right was going to be visiting the fake Lacus over a her hotel.

As Lunamaria entered the medical bay she was surprised to find the whole place empty of crew and only the Earth Forces pilot in the room. The pilot who she recalled the Captain saying was named Stellar Loussier the pilot of the stolen gundam Gala. As Lunamaria looks at the short haired blond she feel something she had not felt since she had been with Captain Gladys the night before. You see unlike other females or even her sister she had been born with not only her vagina but also an enormous 20 inch long/18 inch wide veiny penis under which hung a pair of testicles the size of some pineapples and each according to her mother who also had an enormous dick thought hers was 24 inch long/ 20 inches wide heard told her that their testicles were always full of thick white cum.

As Lunamaria looked at the Gala pilot she came up with a naughty and fun idea since she had to stay on the Minerva and watch the prisoner which she had to admit was beautiful and leave Athrun alone in town with not only Lacus Clyne but her nice plump breast and butted sister Meyrin. She decided why not little fun have with the young Extended pilot.

So turning to the door keypad she pressed in a locking code Meyrin and she used whenever she needed her sister to suck on her enormous penis and let no one find out about it as ZAFT was very strict incest and lesbian relationship but her sister was very good at sucking her dick just like their mother was.

After locking the door Lunamaria walked over to the table were the Gala Pilot was strapped down and slowly began to undo the straps starting at the ankle of her boots before slowly working her way up the body though she did leave the strap across the pilots waist as she did not want her to get up just to enjoy what she was going to be doing to her. As she unbuckled the last strap the young blonde slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to her as she did Lunamaria licked her lips before speaking "Hello there sexy how do you feel good I hope, I'm Lunamaria Hawke and I came to keep you company and have a little fun with you I hope you like fun". As she said this Stellar looked at her and smiled while nodding her head yes.

So with the girls permission not that she needed it Lunamaria leaned in and slowly pressed her light pink lips against Stellar's pink ones. As she did Lunamaria heard a muffled gasp as the blonde was taken by surprise but soon relaxed letting Lunamaria to gently use her long pink tongue to pare open Stellar's mouth and slip her tongue inside. As she did Lunamaria deepened the kiss and slowly ran her hand up the long sleeve tight light pink Earth Force to Stellar's enormous right round breast which she gently began to squeeze thru the cotton garment causing the blonde pilot to squirm as she began to feel pleasure for the first time in her life.
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