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Night Of The Maturing Veela

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Gabrielle's Mother And Big Sister Help Her Go Thru Her Last Transformation.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Fleur - Warnings: [!] [R] [?] [Y] - Published: 2015-03-23 - Updated: 2019-11-17 - 529 words

It was a quiet night at the Delacour manor and everyone was asleep save a mother and her oldest daughter who were making their way thru the manors halls to go to the bedroom of the mothers youngest daughter for tonight was going to be her youngest daughters first night of transformation which was going to be hard for all three and very tiring before the sun rose in the morning.
As mother and daughter padded down the long halls in their silver stocking clad feet Fleur felt her mother Apoline gently take her bare hand and in twine their fingers before she felt her mother’s magic start to flow between them like it had the night her sexy pregnant mother had come into her bedroom to help make her a woman. Fleur could still remember the taste of her mother’s pregnant belly as she licked it all over along with the taste of her breast milk as she sucked her mother’s enormous silver nipple like a hungry baby as well the taste of her mother’s fat hairless silver pussy. The taste had been so good and she could not wait to taste them again tonight as they helped Gabby thru this rite of passage. She just hoped that Gabby liked the taste of her 6 mouth pregnant body though her mother sure did when they were in bed the night before and all the night since they got married. It still surprised her how she and her mother had become wife and wife ever since they found her father with her husband Bill up his butt at Shell Cottage that had been the end of her marriage and the last time she stepped foot in England though she still talked to her friend Harry Potter who had started working as the Defense teacher at Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic after finding his 5 month pregnant wife Ginny Weasley naked and in bed with both Ron Weasley and Sirius Black the explosion that had followed when he found out that he was not the father of the two babies inside Ginny’s womb had been huge and had left half of Diagon Alley in rubble. But now he was married to a new woman the niece of the new head of the ICW auror Amelia Bones whose niece was now Susan Evens since Harry had changed his name when he moved to French. She was not sure what happened to the Weasley’s but didn't really care as to her they were nothing but pureblood scum.
Finally she and her mother reached her sister Gabrielle’s bedroom. As her mother was about to open the door she reached out a took her mother’s face in her hands before leaning forward and pressing her light pink lips against her mother’s own for a deep passionate kiss. As they kissed Fleur slide her right hand down and slowly untied her mother’s robe before letting it fall open to reveal her mother massive round, bouncy, plump triple JJJ cupped pale white breast along with her enormous round, shiny and smooth potbelly with its huge popped out belly button.
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