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Time management tips for CEOs

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The management tips

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If you are a CEO of your company, your employees look up to you for inspiration. So, basically, you are under a scanner all the time. If you do something good, they will appreciate and follow you. Similarly, if you do something bad, they will not appreciate it but still will follow you.
There are a number of things you should keep in your mind. Today, we will discuss time management.
Time management is important because our strengths and capabilities are good till we can manage things on or before time. If we cannot manage time, we will be faced with bottlenecks on every stage. So, here are some tips that will help you utilize your time properly.

Not everything can be delegated. Not everything should be delegated.
Not everything can be done alone. Not everything should be done alone.
So, make a list of tasks that are to be performed. Now, make two more lists. One of them should be a list of tasks that should be performed by you. The other list should have tasks that should be performed by others. The second list should be delegated to subordinates on a regular basis.

Hire smart executives
Some feel that hiring executives smarter than you is a bad choice because they will outsmart you and steal your CEO spot in the company. However, that is not true. Hire smart executive, but make sure that you delegate necessary tasks to them only. You have that list, right? Use it sensibly, and you will enjoy doing what you do best.

CEO of the company is expected to know it all, may it be the company’s product line or customers. With adequate knowledge of the same, you can make smarter, faster decisions in favor of the company. If the company is into basic activities like coffee or tea business, you should get your hands dirty and let others know that you understand your business and want others to know about it too.

When something goes wrong, people try and blame the same on others. It is definitely terrible because there is no one we can force the blame on. So, it is important to establish staff accountability. This will help you know who is committing mistakes and of those, who are doing it repeatedly.

Create blocks
Scheduled blocks will help you in a number of ways:
1. There will be no disturbance when you are busy working on a particular task.
2. You will manage regular breaks while working.
3. You will try and manage a difficult and a time-consuming task in the given time frame.
4. You will manage your subordinates in a way that a particular task should be completed in the given time frame.

Concluding, things will be easy if you can manage your time.
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