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Chapter 4

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Jessica finds solace in Duff and unearths new feelings.

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Jessica stood waiting patiently on the porch outside like her newly found friend had told her to do. It was fresh out tonight and the wind seeping through the holes
in her woven jumper was making her shiver. The hairs stood up on her pale arms, and she continually rolled her lips around to pump some blood back into them.
Thoughts turned to her father, how disappointed he'd be in his young daughter. Not even a day into the holiday and she'd already done the one thing he'd warned her
about. She'd lost her identity, and placed her trust in a suspicious looking character who for all she knew could be leading her further into trouble.
A relationship between a father and daughter is something special, and Jessica's and
Frank's was no different. He was so proud of what his little girl had achieved and the beautiful person she'd become over the years, so much like his late wife he

A few moments later and her friend appeared at the door and beckoned her in. 'It's okay,' he promised.
She reluctantly followed him, all the while keeping her eye on the rest of her belongings she had on her. Duff held out his hand and led her into a small box room.
Inside was a bed with stained sheets, broken beer bottles scattered over the floor and a window boarded up with various pizza boxes. It was nearly as cold in here
as it was outside.
'Is this your bedroom?'
'Yep, finally home.'
Jessica took another look around and was perplexed that anyone could call this place a home, it wasn't even a squat. The wallpaper was hanging on barely and the top
was covered with mold, which explained the damp smell.
'A shit-hole,' he interrupted.
'I wasn't going to say anything but yes it is. I don't mean to sound rude, but did you manage to get my passport back, it's just I need to get home and finally unpack
He got up and wandered over to her, reaching into his pocket. She was still in awe over his height. The Kelly family were short, even the men. Seeing a giant man was
unusual and dare Jessica admit, a tad exciting.
'Do you want me to walk you home? I don't mind. Plus it'd be nice to get out of here after what just happened with them.'
She assumed he was referring to the arguing with his band mates she could hear coming from the house. Jessica nodded and followed him back out into the night.

'So what are you doing here?' He asked. 'I don't mean to be offensive but you definitely don't fit in around here.'
She laughed and grabbed a book from her bag.
'The Bell Jar?'
'Yes, it's one of my favourites. I'm a graduate, out here to grab some peace before I go back to Connecticut for my next year.'
'I don't mean to sound rude but grab some peace? Here? In L.A? In the underground scene? You must be stupid.'
Furrowing her brows she took a harsh tone with him and started to walk faster. 'I can find the house from here thank you.'
'Wait, Jessica,' he said jogging to catch up with her, 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. It's actually a breath of fresh air to be around a smart woman
around here. I'm sorry if I up-'
'Upset me? Oh please. The opinion of an individual like yourself does not impact my mental being I'm sorry to say. Don't flatter yourself. Just walk me home,
it's cold out.'
Duff was completely and utterly amused by this woman. The way she carried herself and spoke so eloquent and correct. He did not laugh though, he smiled and watched
her face reflect the moonlight. Her skin was pale and soft, like new snow on the ground, a contrast to her jet black hair tied up in a messy bun on the top of her
He removed his heavy leather jacket and draped it over her shoulders, she allowed him.
'Did they hurt?' She asked glancing at his arms.
'Oh the tats?'
She nodded.
'No not really. More like a hot itch for a while. Do you have any?'
'No, I don't even have my ears pierced. The pain of that scared me enough, let alone an ink filled needle stabbing me repeatedly thank you.'

They finally arrived at the house, it was at the top of a hill situated right in the middle. You could over look the strip, it was beautiful in it's own dirty way.
'This isn't a ticket but would you like to come in? I have some booze and TV.'
He nodded and thought to himself how jealous his friends would be stuck in that hell hole whilst he lives it up in a mansion like this.
'Make yourself comfortable,' Jessica said before disappearing into the kitchen.
'Is this you?' He shouted holding onto the photo frame on the mantelpiece.
She handed him the bottle and nodded. 'That's me and my papa, we used to holiday on the coast all the time. The sea, the breeze, the sun, the food, everything was
'Did your mum take the photo then?'
'No...she...a local took the picture. She passed giving birth to me.'
It wasn't something Jess liked to think about much, the only comfort was photos she could look at in the family home. And being this far away from home and
her father had unsurfaced old wounds and emotions that had been bottled up for a long time.
Duff squeezed her tightly and held her head close to his chest. He smelt like hairspray and cigarettes.
'I'm sorry,' she mumbled.
He rubbed the back of her neck and shushed her quietly.
'Would it be totally inappropriate if I kissed you now?'
Jessica coiled her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes to reach his lips. They were slightly chapped and sore but that would've been down to the weather she
decided. She sank deeper into it and roughly bit his bottom lip and yanked his hair. He pulled away in shock. Never would he have expected something so spontaneous
from a softly spoken bookworm like herself. Duff lunged at her neck and listened to her sweet feminine moans as he sucked, licked, and bit the pale flesh. The skin
already starting to ache and burn was to tender to touch, and he made his way across her shoulders. The feeling of another's fingertips tracing patterns against her
skin was beginning to make her pants wet with anticipation. She guided his hand to the buttons of her jeans, he obliged and pulled them down for her. His cock grew
hard as he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her pants and felt how excited she was. He fiddled about until he found the sweet swollen spot between her lips
and rubbed it back and forth and in circular motions, she moaned continually in his ear.
'Fuck that feels good, I want you now,' she commanded and pushed him back onto the sofa behind.
Grabbing his hardness in her hands she straddled his hips and lowered herself onto him, he fit so tightly it took a moment to adjust and find comfort.
She slowly began pumping herself up and down along his shaft and dug her nails into his shoulders.
'God, I wanna fuck you so hard,' he whispered choking her.
'Please...yes...' she pleaded.
He moved and lied back along the sofa so he could grab her cheeks in his hands and pound her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk straight tomorrow. She let him fuck
her over and over, hard and fast, slow and gentle, inside out, he felt so good. She was falling in love with this man and he didn't even know it.

'Are you going to leave now?' Jessica asked as they lay chest to chest, breathing heavily against each other.
'Do you want me to?'
She shook her head as hard as she could and buried it back into his neck.
'Then I won't.'
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