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Tenchi Muyo Futa Sumos

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Ryoko, Princess Ayeka And Detective Mihoshi Have An Accident With One Of Washuu's Gadgets.

Category: Tenchi Muyo - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Ayeka,Mihoshi,Ryoko - Warnings: [!] [X] [?] - Published: 2015-03-26 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 514 words

It was a peacefully day at the Muyo house in China but that like every day was not going to last very long for a that very moment in the lab of the galaxies most dangerous mad scientist Washu the dread space pirate Ryoko was in the process of looking for something that she could use to win the heart of the half-earthling half-crown princess of the planet Jurai Tenchi Muyo away from the first crowned princess of the Jurai Royal Family Princess Ayeka.
As Ryoko was looking thru a draw in Washu’s huge desk for something she suddenly hear the voice of Galaxy Police Detective Mihoshi behind her ask “Hey what is this thing Opps”. As she heard this Ryoko turned just in time to see a small device that looked like a small ray gun fall and with a (Clang) hit the metal lab floor before it shot off three dark purple beams one hit Mihoshi in the chest, another flew thru an open door that had appeared and the last beam flew across the room and hit her in the chest before she had time to dodge it.
At first the beams that had hit Mihoshi and her did not seem to do anything but then Mihoshi started to moan “Oh I feel funny Ryoko”. As she watched the light yellow skin tight pants that Mihoshi wore started slowly ripping at the seams to reveal her well-toned dark brown legs began to fill with huge then enormous bulging hard muscles. At the same time her feet began to grow into a pair of huge feet that ripped her white slip-on shoes apart followed by her light blue knee high cotton socks. Then Ryoko watched as Mihoshi moan "Oh my what is happening I feel so strong" before Mihoshi's dark brown bare arms started to swell and fill with enormous hard muscles. As they did the loose frilly light pink tanktop that Mihoshi was wearing had started to become tighter and tighter until there were two (rip rip) as the straps over the shoulders ripped in half and the front fell down to reveal Mihoshi’s bare enormous dark brown round, shiny, sweaty and fat double MM cup breast topped with huge dark brown 8 inch long hard nipples that if Ryoko was right were both swelling up even bigger. While at the same time under them the two enormous dark brown orbs of flesh another orb of flesh was rapidly growing this orb was Mihoshi’s flat eight pack abs that had begun to swell when the breast had it was quickly becoming an enormous round, shiny, smooth and bouncy dark brown orb. As Ryoko watched Mihoshi’s hip became wider and her huge round dark brown swelled until both butt cheeks were enormous, bouncy, round balls of flesh and her hips had ripped her frilly loose tanktop complete off. But this was so followed by Mihoshi’s now massively obese body growing in size til Mihoshi stood over 14 feet tall causing her to hit her head on the labs ceiling.
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