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Isabella Has A Growth Spurt

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Isabella Goes To See Phineas But Is Hit By A Beam That Changes Her.

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Warnings: [X] [?] [Y] - Published: 2015-03-26 - Updated: 2019-06-08 - 567 words

It was a beautiful summer day in the city of Danville and Isabella was on her way the Flenflecher family home across the street the she what her crush Phineas and his step-brother Ferb were up to today.
After giving her naked mother a long passionate french kiss on the lips and squeezing her mother's enormous round, sweaty, milk heavy and bouncy double HH cup breast causing her mother huge twelve inch long nipples to spray thick white milk into a huge bowl on the kitchen table she headed out.
As Isabella walked down the sidewalk to Phineas house she felt her special friend start to swell in her little light pink panties as she remembered the feel of her mother's soft breast she also wandered if Phineas mother had breast just as soft. But she decided to think about that later tonight when mother was sucking her enormous penis no now it was time to think about Phineas and how good it would be to stuff her throbbing enormous 18 inch long/ 16 inch wide hard veiny white penis under which hung a pair of huge round softball sized hairless testicles full to the brim with thick white cum deep into his butt hole especially as his sexy sister Candace and her sexy Asian friend Stacy watched the very thought almost caused her thick penis to rip out of her light pink panties but thankful it didn't and only caused her penis to stretch the front of her panties and cause a huge bulge to form it the front of her mid-thigh dark pink skirt.
As Isabella reached Phineas's backyard gate and stepped into the yard she noticed the whole yard was empty no Phineas, no Ferb and no giant creation like there was everyday that summer no there was nothing. As Isabella was looking the yard a small blaster like object fell out of the large oak tree in the backyard grass before discharged a dark purple beam square into Isabella’s chest before she could move out of the way causing her large 8 inch long dark pink nipples to grow stiff. The feeling then move down her body to her huge fat, wet and slowly dripping hairless pink pussy. The feeling then moved to her throbbing enormous 18 inch long / 16 inch wide penis causing her moan in pure pleasure.
Though the pleasure Isabella was feeling she feeled her body starting to grow the muscles in her arms were stretching as were the muscles in her legs she could feel them pulling down and growing thicker by the minute as the pleasure grow she could hear her white slip-on shoes rip along with her knee high white socks. Isabella then felt a pressure in her stomach it tight but that soon past as she heard her dark purple belt snap and the pressure was released and a feeling of inflation filled her stomach as well her large M cup breast. This was soon followed by a swelling feeling in her round heart shaped butt as her light pink panties began to ride up her butt crack the swelling feeling was also happening in the front as well causing her to moan louder as she could feel her enormous 18 inch long / 16 inch wide hard veiny white penis growing and huge softball sized hairless testicles growing bigger and bigger causing her light pink panties to streach to the breaking point.
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