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Fate's Gift

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What if SAO was the real world? And what if the SAO and Fate series were crossed over in that world? Read to find out! :D

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Prologue - What now?

Archer stared expressionlessly into the fire. He recalled the past events; how his life had changed so dramatically in the span of a few hours. He thought about what to do to fix it. What to do if he couldn't fix he, or rather, they would survive. He slowly shifted his gaze from the crackling fire to the other person in the cave. It was a girl; blonde hair and pale skin - peerless, emerald eyes under heavy eyelids. He was about to move his gaze again, when the figure shot up.

With a half scream, she hurriedly covered her mouth and ran deeper into the cave. As she squatted in front of a boulder, vomiting and choking echoed through the cave. Alarmed by the sudden change of events, Archer quickly rushed to her side - only to stop when she raised her hand behind her.
"W-water..." She asked for in a small, trembling voice. In response to her request, Archer made his way to his bag and brought out a bottle. He then hurried to her, ignoring the vomiting.

"Here." He knelt so he could be at eye level with her, then gave her the bottle. Breathing heavily, the petite blonde wiped her mouth with the side of her hooded cloak, opened the bottle, and downed the drink. Putting down the bottle,she turned around to look at him. Sighing, she handed the bottle back to him with a small 'thank you' and slowly stood up.
"Archer...What now?" She questioned out of no where. He scratched his head knowingly and answered,
"Well, firstly, I plan on going out to town to get breakfast. 'Hunger is the enemy', isn't it?" she blushed from him quoting her "Besides, we can't think on an empty stomach, now can we?" he smiled, reassuringly. She nodded softly, before opening her mouth to say,

"V-very well. I shall accompany you." she squeezed the edge of her coat, her blush becoming thicker.
"'Kay then," he started "I can't imagine how you'd react if I didn't come back enough food." he teased, chuckling. She pouted in return, crossing her arms over her chest.
"You're completely mistaken if you think that's why I'm going with you!" she puffed. He laughed again, wiping tears from his eyes. Calming down, he continued,
"The town is a bit far East." he cautioned, "Are you ready for the long journey?" he ended with a question. She nodded and grabbed his free hand. His face mirrored hers with a ferocious blush and he turned away from her. Running his hand through his pure white hair, he announced

"Let's go then, Artoria."
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