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The Bribe

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Nedry meets with Lewis Dodgson for the first time.

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I looked over at Lewis Dodgson as he was tapping his foot irritably, while he waited for Dennis Nedry, who Lew told me was a computer geek person of some sort. Lewis was my boss, in his mid to late thirties. I had been working for him for the last ten years, since I was twenty-two. He had plain features, and right now he was frowning. He had two sides, his charismatic side, the side he uses when first meeting someone or when convincing some person to work for him, and he had his ruthless side, the one he uses for the people that had worked for him a while and for his enemies. I always told myself that I could deal with both sides, especially his ruthless one, but I found it hard. At the moment, we were sitting in a dark conference room, lit by one light from the ceiling. There was a short table in the center of the room, one which I kept insisting for Lew to get rid of, but he was attached to it.

The door opened, and a big, fat man and a thin teenager entered. Lew smiled charmingly and stood up to greet them.

“How are you doing, Mr. Nedry?” Lew offered his hand to the man, who shook it. I scowled. Nedry looked like a slob, in his mid to late thirties, about the same age as Lew, and Lew had said nothing about a kid being in the deal.

“I’m fine, but can do without the formalities.” Dennis laughed loudly.

“Very well. You must be Joyce, am I right?” Lew held out his hand to the teenage girl. She gave a weak smile and shook his hand, nodding.

“Hi.” She said quietly, looking down.

“Nice to meet both of you. This is my assistant, Howard King.” Lew gestured to me and I took that to be my cue for standing up and shook hands with Nedry.

“Hello.” I said quickly. The sooner this meeting got over, the sooner I could go home. It was eleven o’ clock at night for crying out loud!

“Hi.” Dennis nodded at me.

"Let's get to the point, shall we? About the deal?" Lew asked, as Nedry and Joyce both took a seat opposite from us. My boss now picked up a large envelope from the table and sat back down as well while I followed his lead. As he leaned forward, I tried to hide a sudden yawn by putting my hand over my mouth as unobtrusively as I could, but probably to no avail.

“I know that you happen to work for InGen, but I’m afraid I don’t know your exact position. Would you mind telling us?” Lew asked casually, though I knew that he was quite excited. InGen was a large company and it was a great company to take over.

“Well, I basically run the IT department, or at least I do almost all of the work. Not that I get any recognition for that.” Nedry mumbled. I glanced between both men, wondering how Lew was going to carry out the plan, and how Nedry was going to take it.

“Sounds quite important, anyway, to me that sounds like you aren’t exactly happy with your job, correct?” Lew said, raising a brow. Nedry lost his smile and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

“Yeah.” Dennis nodded, obviously listening. ‘One point for Lew’ I thought, a light smirk on my face.

“It’s obvious that you haven’t vented about it much, tell me why you’re disgruntled.” Lew said, leaning back and crossing his legs, putting the envelope on his lap.

“I’m creating huge computer modules for God knows what and I’m treated like dirt. I’m a single father,” Dennis gestured to Joyce, “And I’m being paid half of what I deserve. Education prices are going higher, and so is rent. I’m in debt and I have tons of bills to pay. I can’t even find someone to watch her when I’m at work and we live in a high crime area.” Dennis complained. I suppressed a chuckle. That’s life, Dennis, get used to it.

“Would you mind telling me about your employer?” Lew asked. He wasn’t even trying to be subtle anymore. I frowned. He was treading on very dangerous grounds, taking an unnecessary risk, which was the norm for him.

“The name’s John Hammond, C.E.O of InGen. Stubborn, childish, and in my eyes, bratty. He’s a spoiled brat. His top thing he loves to say is ‘spared no expense’.” Dennis mocked John Hammond. I had to say, I agreed on Hammond acting childish at times, from what I had seen on the news.

Dennis went on to continue, “If he really ‘spares no expense’, would it kill him to raise my pay a little? Apparently it does.” Nedry sat back in the padded chair, scoffing.

“Tell me...have you talked to Hammond about your pay?” Lew said slowly, as if wondering if he was doing something wisely. That would be a first, Lew thinking wisely.

“Have I?” Nedry asked sarcastically, leaning back. I inhaled sharply. If this didn’t work out, then Biosyn would lose the opportunity to InGen, for a head-start on their dinosaurs.

Nedry went on to say “I have, more times than I can count.”

“What if I could offer you one and a half million dollars for a small something?” Lew smiled deviously. Nedry leaned forward, paying attention.

“Small something?” Dennis asked, curious.

“Yes.” Lew nodded. “I’ll have to explain to you, Dennis, what InGen is really doing...Do you know of an Isla Nublar?” Lew asked, looking Nedry in the eye. Dennis nodded slowly.

“Good. On Isla Nublar, John Hammond, and his chief geneticist, Henry Wu, I believe that’s the boy’s name, anyway, they found a way to re-create living, breathing dinosaurs.” Lew explained to Dennis, whose eyes widen. Joyce looked up, suddenly interested.

“Impossible.” Nedry said quickly. I mentally begged to differ. Lew was shaking his head.

“Believe me, that’s what they did. Now, I heard that you’re going to the island in about a month, true?” Lew said, picking up a mug of cold coffee and taking a sip. Nedry nodded quickly.

“Now, I want to know if you could somehow gain access to the embryos of the dinosaurs and steal them.” Lew told Nedry, putting down the mug on the table.
“For one and a half million dollars? You bet!” Nedry smiled and nodded eagerly. I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding in. Lew smiled. That charming smile.

“Grand. You know how to read blueprints?” Lew asked Dennis, holding the envelope in his hands.

“Yeah, if they’re not over complicated.” Nedry replied, shrugging.

“These are just blueprints of the lab you’ll need to access to get to the embryos. I’ll have more details on the precise procedure within the coming weeks.” Lew said giving Nedry the envelope. Dennis stood up, hold the envelope in one hand.

“Sounds fine to me. That should give me enough time to figure out my side of the plan.” Dennis smiled, a bit evilly. Lew stood up and shook hands with Nedry and Joyce. I did the same.

“Splendid. How about I meet you here in a week at the same time?” Lew asked, glancing at the clock on the wall.

“Sure thing. See ya later.” Nedry left, Joyce following him closely. The moment the door closed, Lew broke out in laughter. He turned to me.

“Do you know what this means?” He barely got out in between his laughter. I nodded and gave a small smile.

“We’re gonna be rich!” Lew high-fived me, showing a rare...optimistic quality. Lew suddenly stopped smiling. I frowned. This couldn’t be good...

“Howard...If we can steal InGen’s dinosaurs that easily...Why can’t we take over InGen itself?” Lew asked, looking at me, an excited expression on his face.

“The whole company?” I asked, not believing what he was suggesting. I should’ve believed it though. This seemed too impossible for Lew to catch on.

“Yes! Imagine it! In a few years...InGen could be ours...”
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