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Stab My Back

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This is a short story between Dean and the one obsession in his life besides wrestling. Includes Roman and Seth, possibly male on male action, but it never goes into detail (only mentioned). Also, ...

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*Author's Note: This is a story between Dean and his obsession. First chapter is from his point of view. After that, who knows? Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: I don't own WWE, but if I did, that would be pretty freaking sweet.



I love you.

You're my one and only.

The only thing I care most for in this world.

You're the only constant in my chaotic life.

Always by my side.

Always helping me when I need you.

Always there.

You're so beautiful.

A rose among thorns.

A diamond among pebbles.

The sun to my moon.

The ying to my yang.

The day to my night.

We complement each other.

Alone, we're weak.

But together, we are strong.

Together, we can do anything.

We can conquer the world.

No one can stand in our way.

Not Rommy.

Not Sethie.

Not even those referees.

Others try to take you away.

They say you're not good for me.

They say that you make me a bad person.

They say so many mean things.

But I don't care.

I love you.

Your beautiful form that sparkles in the light.

The flaws on your shining body.

You're perfect even with all the scars.

Many would have tossed you away.

But not me.

Because we're alike in so many ways.

That's why we belong with each other.

I remember when I found you.

It felt right to hold you in my hand.

To drive you into that guy's forehead.

Nothing has ever caused as much damage as you.

My beautiful flawed damsel.

My precious.

My precious.


"Roman, he's doing it again," comes Sethie's voice through the haze you put me in.

"I know, Seth, just leave him be," and there's Rommy's voice.

Through the fog, I can see them.

They're sitting there on the bed together.

Seth is leaning against the headboard, reading, wearing his glasses, his hair pulled back.

Roman is beside of him, brushing his dark hair, the thick locks dried from the shower.

They don't see us, sitting in the corner.

But they know we're here.

"We should seriously think about calling a therapist for him."

The two-toned boy's always talking about doctors.

The doctors tried to get between us.

But I stopped them.

Scared them away.

"You know they'll only run away when they realize who their patient is."

Rommy's on my side.

Sort of.

He's still against us, but at least he doesn't call the doctors anymore.

"I know, but this is unhealthy."

That's what everyone says about you and me.

But they don't know.

They don't know how important you are to me.

They don't know how many times you've saved me.

"I know, Ro, maybe if we take it away?"


He can't do that.

I won't let him take you.

He'll make you go away.

You can't leave me.

"You really want to get stabbed again, don't you?"

Rommy's smart.

Under all that muscle.

Under all that fabulous hair.

He's got brains.

Unlike me, but who cares?

I got you and that's all that matters.

"Better than letting him act like he belongs in a nuthouse."

He doesn't know what he's saying.

You don't think I'm crazy.

You think I'm perfect.

But I'm not as perfect as you.

You're better than me.

"His problem's worse than this obsession, probably comes from his childhood."

They're always talking.

I want to yell at them, tell them to shut up.

They don't know shit.

"We should try harder to help him."

They try over and over.

They want to figure out what makes me tick.

A lot of people tried and they failed.

"We can try again," Rommy says, "If you want."

He's always trying to please Sethie.

It makes me mad.

He doesn't care about me like that.

He only loves his Sethie.

"Better we try than let him attack us in our sleep again."

They deserved it.

They tried to take you away.

But I got you back.

And we got our revenge.

"I still have the scars from that."

The brute was asking for it.

He made me watch as the pretty boy threw you away.

"So do I."

Then he had the nerve to touch me.

They tried to comfort me.

But no one can comfort me like you do.

"Let's get him in bed, then talk later."

That's code for 'call a doctor'.

And code for 'take her away from him'.

They won't get you.

Not this time.

Even if I have to hurt them.

"All right."

And they're moving.

The pretty boy closed his book and the brute tossed his brush.

They're off the bed and moving closer.

I try hiding in the corner.

You press yourself against me.

"Dean?" Sethie asks quietly.

I see him now, through the fog, crouched in front of me.

I know what he's going to do.

And I lunge.


Rommy has his hands on me.

I struggle, fighting against them.

They won't take you from me.

Not this time.

"Dean, calm down or we'll bust out the tranquilizers."

I hate those things.

They put me to sleep.

Force me into that darkness, into the dreams.

I don't like the dreams.

They make me feel things I don't want to feel.

"Dean, relax, I promise we're not going to take it away."

The promise is meaningless to me.

It's empty and cold.

But I listen and relax.

I don't want them to use the tranquilizers.

So, I let them put me to bed.

"I don't like the tranquilizers either, Dean."

They help strip me down to my boxers and undershirt.

I refuse to let go of you.

And they force me under the covers.

Then, they join us.

"You're a good puppy for cooperating, Dean."

They call me a dog.

Said I act like one sometimes.

Something about my smile makes me like one.

"A very good puppy."

When I'm good, they call me 'puppy'.

I don't know why.

But it feels nice.

Something inside me likes it.

"G'nighty night, puppy," Rommy kisses the top of my head.

He always does that when we go to bed.

I wish you'd call me cute names.

But you don't.

You're always quiet.

You never say a word.

"G'night, Dean," Sethie kisses my cheek.

They always sleep on either side of me.

They hold me close so I can't get away.

Rommy's on my left.

Sethie's on my right.

Both are cuddled close to me.

They're both so warm.

The brute hums softly and the pretty boy joins in.

Soon, I'm drifting off.

I'm still holding you close.

With you pressed against my chest.

You're cold against my warm body.

And that's how I fall asleep.


*Author's Note: There will be more to this. Please review and tell me what you think.

Ciao for now, folks! =^.^=
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