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Bathing Fun In The Mechamaster School

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Empress Lashara Is Taking A Bath When She Is Interupted By Princess Aura, Mexih Flan And Yukine Who All Want To Have Some Fun.

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Bathing Fun In The Mechamaster School
It was a quiet night in the Holylands for once but earlier there had been a big relay race between a lot of the female students around the Mechamaster campus but now it was over and the bookie Empress Lashara was the only one to lose the whole day because she was the only one who had not placed a bet on her own attendant and had to pay all the students, teachers and staff back when Kenchi had won the race against the dark elf Princess Aura Shurifon but now that she had payed the bets she was finally able to relax in her personal massive bath on her ship The Swan.
But just as Empress Lashara lay back in the warm clear water naked and closed her dark brown eyes she heard the sound of a female clearing her throat by the edge of the massive pool like tub. As Empress Lashara opened her eyes and looked over to the edge she saw three woman the dark brown dark elf Princess Aura Shurifon, the pink haired Mechamaster and Academy teacher Mexiah Flan and her cousin Princess Maria’s personal assistant Yukine. All three of the women stood buy the pool wearing nothing but light pink bathing dresses that showed for their enormous round, bouncy and firm double JJ cupped breast.
As she looked at the three beautiful women Mexiah spoke “Hello Empress I hope you don’t mind if we join you for a bath and maybe a little fun as you were unable to pay us for are bets we decided to use you to test a new potion that some of Aura’s female healers have made up, so what do you say Empress”. Lashara looked at the three beautiful women and knowing thru her sources that Mexiah liked to have sex with women she knew what the fun was going to be and she had to admit that the few times she and her Mechamaster Chiala Flan along with her mechamechanic Wahanly Shume had sex she had found that she liked the way a woman’s wet tongue felt as it licked her hairless light pink pussy lips so the fun Mexiah had in mind she was all game for but she did wonder what kind of potion that Princess Aura’s healers had made but she guessed she was about to find out.
As Empress Lashara watched from the enormous pool Princess Aura reached between her enormous, round, firm dark brown double JJ cupped breast and pulled out a small light brown leather bag which she opened and dumped out it contests into her dark hand before showing it to the other two women in her hand were three sea blue colored pills about the size of a cherry.
As the three beautiful women looked at the blue pills Princess Aura spoke “These are called by my healers Futa Pills and according to them they well cause our bodies to grow both an enormous hard male penis and a pair of honeydew melon sized testicles full of male cum so we should be able to inpregnant her highness with our babies and all at the same time at least that is what my healers say but they also said that we may also undergo other changes but were not to sure what they would be, so ladies care to try them with me”.
Before the two could speak the three hear from the tub “Now see here up three we are not above have lesbian sex with you but we will not be getting pregnant with your three babies even if you are all Sacred Mechamaster besides we thought you three would want Kenchi to get you pregnant”.
As she spoke this the silent white haired Yukine spoke “Well you’re highness I do want to give birth to Kenchi’s child but I’m also bi-sexual so having sex with you and the others is something I want to do so Princess Aura could I have one of your special pills”.
Empress Lashara then turned to her Mechamasters older pink haired sister who simple said “Oh empress you already know I’m bi-sexual to as everyone knows I have sex with the female students but like Yukine I to want Kenchi’s child inside me but I’m also very attracted to you my little empress so Princess Aura let me have one of those special blue pills to please”.
As Princess Aura handed both Yukine and Mexiah a pill each she turned to the blond empress “I to would love to have Kenchi’s child growing within my fertile womb but like the others I’m bi-sexual as well and have wanted to fell your highness body under mine since the day I saw you swimming nude in the outdoor pool at your palace and had these pills made for me so I could mate you”.
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