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Bathing Fun In The Mechamaster School

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Empress Lashara Is Taking A Bath When She Is Interupted By Princess Aura, Mexih Flan And Yukine Who All Want To Have Some Fun.

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It was a quiet night in the Holylands for once but earlier there had been a big relay race between a lot of the female students around the Mechamaster campus but now it was over and the bookie Empress Lashara was the only one to lose the whole day because she was the only one who had not placed a bet on her own attendant and had to pay all the students, teachers and staff back when Kenchi had won the race against the dark elf Princess Aura Shurifon but now that she had payed the bets well all but three of them but they were friends and would wait for the money but for now she was finally able to relax in her personal massive bath on her ship The Swan.

But just as Empress Lashara lay back in the warm clear water completely naked and was just closing her dark brown eyes she heard the sound of a female clearing her throat by the edge of the massive pool like tub. As Empress Lashara opened her eyes and looked over to the edge she saw three woman the dark brown skinned dark elf Mechmaster Princess Aura Shurifon, the pink haired Mechamaster and Academy teacher Mexiah Flan and her cousin Princess Maria's personal assistant and Mechmaster the shy Yukine. All three of the women stood by the pools edge wearing nothing but light pink almost transparent bathing robes that showed off the deep and long clevege of their enormous round, bouncy and firm double JJ cupped breast.

As she looked at the three beautiful women Mexiah spoke "Hello Empress I hope you don't mind if we join you for a bath and maybe a little fun as you were unable to pay us for our bets we decided to use you to test a new potion that some of Aura's female healers have made up, so what do you say Empress". Lashara looked at the three beautiful women and knowing thru her sources that Mexiah liked to have sex with women she knew what the fun was going to be and she had to admit that the few times she and her Mechamaster Chiala Flan along with her mechamechanic Wahanly Shume had sex she had found that she liked the way a woman's wet tongue felt as it licked her hairless light pink pussy lips so the fun Mexiah had in mind she was all game for but she did wonder what kind of potion that Princess Aura's healers had made but she guessed she was about to find out.

As Empress Lashara watched from the enormous pool Princess Aura reached between her enormous, round, firm dark brown double JJ cupped breast and pulled out a small light brown leather pouch which she opened and dumped out it's contests into her dark hand before showing it to the other two women. In her hand were three sea blue colored capsules about the size of a cherry.

As the three beautiful women looked at the blue capsules Princess Aura spoke "These are called by my healers Futa Capsules and according to them they well cause our bodies to grow both an enormous hard male penis and a pair of honeydew melon sized testicles full of male cum so we should be able to impregnate her highness with our babies and all at the same time at least that is what my healers say but they also said that we may also undergo other changes but were not to sure what they would be, so ladies care to try them with me".

Before the two could speak the three hear from the tub "Now see here you three we are not above having lesbian sex with you but we will not be getting pregnant with your three babies even if you are all Sacred Mechamaster besides we thought you three would want Kenchi to get you pregnant".

As she spoke this the silent and shy white haired Yukine spoke "Well your highness I do want to give birth to Kenchi's child but I'm also bi-sexual and must confess that I have been attached to you and the others since I met you so having sex with you and the others is something I want to do. So Princess Aura could I have one of your special capsules". As Yukine spoke her pale white cheeks turned pink from making a deeply sexual comment to her friends.

Empress Lashara then turned to her Mechamasters older pink haired sister who simply said "Oh empress you already know I'm bi-sexual too as everyone knows I like having sex with the female students but like Yukine I to want Kenchi's child inside me but I'm also very attracted to you my little empress and would love to see your belly grow big and round from having my child growing inside you so Princess Aura let me have one of those special blue capsules to please".

As Princess Aura handed both Yukine and Mexiah a capsule each she turned to the blond empress "I would also love to have Kenchi's child growing within my fertile womb but like the others I'm bi-sexual as well and have wanted to feel your highness body under mine since the day I saw you swimming nude in the outdoor pool at your palace and had these capsules made for me so I could mate you and fill your womb with my children". As she spoke this to the empress Aura placed her bare brown feet into the empress's bath as she stared into the empresses deep blue eyes " I will take the capsule first to show our soon to be lover what you will become then you join us". Aura then placed the futa capsule into her mouth and slowly began to chew the capsule as she did the special herbs that made up the capsules began to enter the woodland princesses system and began to heighten her arousal even more than it was from seeing the wet naked empress bathing. Soon her body was filled with a warm feeling that started at her large brown clit and was soon followed by the feeling of it stretching out longer and a weight slowly pulling down before she hear a loud gasp from her empress " oh my Aura you're growing a penis over your brown flower and its so big so mmm huge oh my your growing some beautiful brown testicles that look so full ". Smiling as the capsule was working for her just like she had wanted she decided to give her lover- to-be a better look at her growing love tree and thrust her now enormous dark brown dick out for her empress to view better before she felt a warm feeling run all over her body and heard a loud gasp from both Yukine and Mexiah looking down Aura gasp as she watch her body beginning to rapidly grow bigger a clear side effect of the capsules but not an unwelcoming one. The first thing to grow was her enormous dark brown double JJ breasts that began to swell bigger and bigger as they rapidly filled with heavy milk which she thought felt very sexy as they grow into a massive pair of Triple JJJ Cups that snapped the first ribbon on her transparent robe letting her bare naked dark brown breast to fall out and bounce sexual in front of the empress eyes. Next she saw her arms quickly beginning to fill with enormous muscles that kept growing bigger and bigger before noticing her dark brown legs were also filling with enormous muscles as well and slowly stretching to make her taller while her bare brown feet grow under the warm bath water. As Aura was loving the feeling of her rapidly growing muscles and breast she began to feel two other places growing and gasp as both her dark brown butt and her stomach began swelling up her butt grow rounder and rounder while stretching wider and wider as her stomach grow into first a huge pot belly under her massive breast before stretching out into a enormous plump dome as her breast popped out of the robe and where so followed by her swelling belly that snapped the next bow on the robe giving the empress more dark brown skin to look at before the stretching of her butt snapped the last bow causing the robe to fall open completely. As Auras robe fell open the woodland Princess smiled and gently began to caress her massive breast and enormous belly while looking deep into the empresses dark brown eyes with her amber colored ones " So my empress do you like my new body, come here and feel how arroused you are making me " As she spoke Aura slipped her large hand down and gently grabbed her enormous dark brown dick and gently began to rub her hand along the hard dark shaft while slowly circling her hard dark black nipples as the empress licked her pink lips.

As the empress looked at the woodland Princesses massive breast and enormous dick she slowly began to walk thru the warm water towards her soon-to-lover and mother to her first child. As Lashara got closer Aura reached up and with her new strength began to slowly rip the transparent robe from her massive muscular body before throwing the streding garment across the bathing room. As the bathing robe hit the wall with a wet (Splat) Aura reached out her arms and grabbed her empress by the shoulders and pulled her face to her massive triple JJJ Cup brown, milk filled breast and slowly coached her empress's tiny pink lips around her fat, enormous black nipple as she moaned " Oh empress come suck my delicious fatting milk and fill your belly full ". Empress Lashara did as told by the brown skinned amazon princess and gently began to suckle the enormous black nipple as she took in the first pull of milk her cheeks puffed up huge with milk before giving a loud (Gulp Gulp) as the milk was swallowed and slowly stretched her throat as it went down and caused a huge bugle to form in her flat toned stomach. As the empress drank and grow the bulge in her belly more and more Aura began to moan " Oh yes my empress suck my triple JJJ cup breast empty, Oh yes empress I can feel your growing belly pushing into mine drink more of my milk ". Feeling the pleasure from the empress drinking her milk she could feel her new penis growing harder and could feel it gently press against the underside of the empress's enormous, soft white belly and decided to fill the empress's pink flower as she gulp down more of her fatty milk. So reaching down Aura gently grabbed the empress's plump, round white buttcheeks and began to lift her up out of the warm bath water until she could fill the enormous, fat dark penis head of her dick touching the soft pink wet flower lips of her empress and gently began to push her hard fat dark brown penis up between the pink lips and slowly into Lashara's warm wet pussy. As the enormous dark brown penis entered her virgin pussy Lashara broke her lips away from the dark wood elf princess's massive dark brown breast and began to moan loudly " Oh yes Aura take my royal virgin pussy push oh yes push that thick brown meat pole deep inside my pussy and claim my pussy for your baby ". As Aura heard these sexy words she gripped the empress's plump butt cheeks and pulled her down harder until she felt the thin membrane that was the her empress's virgin barrier before slowly beganning to push the enormous dark brown penis head against her virgin barrier til her pointed ears picked up the sound of a delicate (Pop) as the membrane ripped apart allowing the enormous dark brown mushroom shaped head to slid deeper into her beautiful empress's tight warm no longer virgin pussy and soon into her tight little womb that would soon hold her dark elf baby followed by the other two. " Oh my empress your pussy is so tight mmm but I'm going to streach you out so only the three of us will fit your pussy and no one else". From the giant pool sized tub Aura could see both Yukine and Mexiah watching as she pumped her enormous penis inside her empress as Aura drew back to slam back into the now slightly stretched pussy she turned her head slightly to look over to the pools edge to see were her two beautiful friends were and saw them standing on the edge of the pool tub still in their tight white towels. Licking her light brown lips at the site as she called out to both Yukine and Mexiah while some sweat rolled down her massive light brown breast "Hey you two drop those towels and eat your futa capsules so we all can enjoy our beautiful empress and make her pregnant with our babies while also enjoying eachothers sexy new bodies".

This caused both Yukine and Mexiah to snap out of a daze that they had both been in since they had watched her transform into her new massive muscular body. The moment she had called out to them Mexiah smiled seductively at her and their empress before stepping into the warm bath before popping the blue capsules and slow began to chew it causing the herbs to be released into her system and a filling of both power as well a strong feeling arrousal. As the power flowed thru every inch of her beautiful body Mexiah began to moan when the energy centered on her already large pink clit " Oh wow Princess Aura your people sure know how to use herbs, Oh wow my clit its changing mmmm Oh yes ". As Mexiah began to moan she looked down and saw a very beautiful sight the folds of her mid thigh robe was quickly being paired by the large tip of her pink clit that was slowly transforming into a new pink penis. The streaching of her clit was quite pleasing " Oh this feels so good mmm yes so good ". The now huge pink clit slowly began to change even more the huge tip slowly changed into a enormous mushroom shaped into helmet while the rest of the clit began to change into an enormous vein covered shaft while the area between her new enormous penis and nice fat dark pink pussy Mexiah saw a nice huge hairless testicle sack began to quickly inflate a sack that was full of hot cum as Mexiah's new orgean finished growing she looked across the pool sized tub and into her beautiful little empress's " Well my little empress tell me do you like my new enormous light pink penis as much as that nice enormous dark brown meat inside your tight little pink wet flower ".

Empress Lashara looked at the enormous pink penis of the older sister of her personal mechmaster she moaned as Princess Aura slammed her enormous dark brown meat pole up into her royal womb " Oh yes we like it and wish you to come over here so we may feel it while our current lover streachs our royal wet flower and fills the royal womb with her elfing baby " As Empress Lashara moaned this Mexiah flew more of her body beginning to change the energy from the herbs moved into her huge, round and white breast centering behind her large light pink nipples before quickly pushing the smooth skin outward. Looking down at were the very pleasurable feeling was emitting from Mexiah could two huge bumps forming under the fabric of the mid thigh white robe followed by a quick swelling of the two massive tripe JJJ orbs on her chest and a enormous orb on her stomach. As these fleshy orbs grow Mexiah began to moan " Oh yes I'm getting bigger for you my little empress so very big " no soon had the word been moaned then there was a quiet (rip) as the whote cloth belt was torn in half as it could not hold Mexiah's quickly swelling belly. The moment the belt rip open Empress Lashara was treated to another beautiful sight from her personal mechmaster's older sister as the folds fell open Lashara's eyes took in three incredible smooth white orbs two massive triple JJJ, bare, round and breast full to the brim with fatty milk below which was an enormous, bare and smooth potbelly which Mexiah slowly began to rub while moaning " Oh Empress Lashara I'm so big now but I'm going to get even bigger for you to have fun with but I'm not done growing for you my lovely oh no its time for me to get some beautiful muscles like Aura there has" . Lifting both arms Mexiah moaned before giving a mighty flex causing loud (RIP,RIP) to sound as large tears to form along the tight white sleeves. As the rips formed the muscles in her arms began to push thru the holes ripping them even more wide as they grew with rock hard enormous muscles while below the water her bare legs also grow with enormous muscles. As soon as Mexiah's limbs finished growing she grabbed her white mid thigh robe and she quickly ripped the robe off and throw the torn robe onto the edge of the tub before seductively walking thru the warm water toward her two soon to be lovers and was soon standing beside them.

As Mexiah reached them she gently ran her left hand down Princess Aura's hard muscular dark brown back while running her right hand down over her empress's smooth white back. "Mmm how do you like the new me my beautiful little empress would you like to suck my delicious milk". As Mexiah moaned this she lifted her left massive white milk heavy orb out of the warm water and offered it to her empress's delicate little pink lips. As the round orb was placed before her lips she moaned " We love your new body Mexiah and we would love to drink your delicious milk now begin your nipples here and fill my belly with your milk". Mexiah closed the space between her enormous nipples and her beautiful little empress's tiny pink lips as her nipple disappered into the warm mouth and she felt the first hard pull of milk from her massive white orbs. As the milk flowed from her left orb Mexiah noticed her empress's rosy red cheeks swell with her warm milk before the empress gave two loud (GULP,GULP) as the milk slide its way down her delicate little throat to slowly stretch out while the milk slide down her throat and into her already huge belly causing the smooth white skin to streach tighter and tighter til the warm bath water suddenly rippled around the three lovers as her huge belly button gave a loud (POP). Feeling the sudden ripples caused by the popping of her Empress's belly button Princess Aura flexed her dark brown muscular amazon body and moaned very loud "Oh my Empress I'm going to cum into your plump little womb" As Aura moaned loud and powerful she felt her beautiful enormous penis swell even bigger inside her Empress's tight pussy while thick white ropes fitted the fertile womb. As Princess Aura filled their Empress with her love juice the vibrations of which caused Mexiah to began to moan "Oh my empress yes mmmm drink my milk and fill your belly even more inflate your gorgeous belly". Under the water Empress Lashara's already milk swollen belly inflated even more while gently pressing its fullness up against both Princess Aura's enormous beautiful dark brown potbelly while also caressing Mexiah's smooth white potbelly. No sooner did Empress Lashara's belly reach a beautiful enormous round size did Mexiah pop her beautiful nipple of her Empress's sweet warm mouth " Mmm now that your belly has been inflated with my delicious warm milk I believe that I will stuff my beautiful little Empress's tight little anus and stretch those lovely dark brown walls". Moving thru the warm bath water while gently rubbing her huge fingers of her left hand across the Empresses lovely enormous belly she slowly move behind Empress Lashara and gently ran the enormous light pink mushroom sized helmet along the thick dark crack causing Empress Lashara to scream "No Mexiah don't put your enormous penis in our royal anus it's to delicate for that big thing it will rip us completely in half I order you to stop Mexiah you will not streach our royal anus you hear us no keep that enormous penis away from our royal anus that is an order from your Empress". With a giggle Mexiah licked Empress Lashara behind the left ear and whispered " Mmm my little Empress I would love to follow your order but your plump buttcheeks and your tight little anus just begs to have my enormous 40inchs long 38inches long meat pole with my nice huge sweet honeydew testicles full of nice warm cum that I'm going streach your anus with before I fit your womb with the rest, now hold her still Aura so I can get inside our lovly Empress's tight little anus". Before Empress Lashara could speak Princess Aura using her huge muscular dark brown fingers to pull apart her beautiful, plump, pearl white buttcheeks "Here beautiful fill our Empresses dark anal hole with the hot slab of futa meat" Leaning over the Empresses head Mexiah sealed her dark pink lips over the dark skined Princesses.

As the two beautiful massive amazons enjoyed their massively bloated belly Empress Yukine stood shyly on the edge of the pool like tub watching Mexiah grow into the an equally massive amazon that was just as big as Princess Aura knowing that the capsules are safe and worked just as Princess Aura had described even better as both Princess Aura and Mexiah had become two massive amazon beauties the sight of which was quickly turning her on. Deciding that she wanted to join the fun and to get a body just like the other two beautiful amazons so stepping into the warm bath water while placing into her mouth the blue futa capsule. As Yukine chewed the capsule she began to fell both the arrousal effect along with transformation changes as the energy began to build Yukine could fell it first centering around her nice large pink clit before the energy began to push its way out as the energy pushed Yukine began to quitly moan the feeling was not unpleasant but very arrousing. Looking down Yukine could see a slowly growing bulge beginning to form in the crouch of her mid thigh white robe. As the bulge grow Yukine could only moan quitly and blush a light pink across her pale white cheeks soon Yukine could only give a quiet (GASP) as the flaps of her robe openned to reveal a huge clit tip followed by a huge pink shaft  that was slowly beginning to change into a whole new form the tip of her clit slowly thickened then transformed into an enormous pink mushroom sized helmet with an opening at the end from which a few drops of pearly white fluid was dripping from behind the long thick pink shaft of the clit was slowly transforming into an enormous, thick and very veiny penis shaft.
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