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In Keeping Secrets

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[Vergil x Dante] Dante and Vergil are both guilty of the seven sins. [Spoilers for Devil May Cry 3]

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Title: In Keeping Secrets
Author: Kitana
Warnings: Overall R, twincest. For the most part, I tried to have the sins read in chronological order - from the time Vergil and Dante were teens to past the ending of Devil May Cry 3. So uh, if you haven't played DMC3, there will be some spoilers?
Disclaimer: Dante and Vergil and the whole DMC 'verse totally belongs to Capcom. Lucky bastards.
For: Livejournal's 7_sins_virtues challenge commmunity



"Is that why you moved?"

Dante just didn't understand, Vergil noted after the fact, and now he was hesitant to explain to himself. He'd stopped sleeping in the same bed as Dante almost three months ago, even going as far as to ask for his own room. Eva had said no, of course, much to Vergil's dismay. So he was still stuck in the same room as Dante, though now a different bed.

It didn't stop, though, the heat that pooled in his groin when he watched Dante shamelessly strip in front of him - and if Vergil hadn't known better, he would think that Dante did it purposely. It was torture at night to lie awake, listening, watching through lidded eyes while Dante fisted himself, barely stifling his groans.

Enough was enough, and that night Vergil was on his feet before he'd completely thought it through, tipping stealthily towards Dante's bed to slip his tongue between Dante's flushed and parted lips.

Everything went downhill from there.


"If you don't get up, Dante, we're going to miss dinner," Vergil said sleepily, rousing himself from a light doze. He barely heard Dante's mumbled reply, but Vergil knew that it was most likely somewhere along the lines of 'don't wanna'.

Sitting up, Vergil rubbed his eyes with one hand, the other firmly shaking Dante's shoulder. Dante blinked, yawned, and rolled over, curling himself around Vergil's lower half. Vergil sighed in mock-exasperation, and Dante cracked one eye open, a slow grin spreading over his features.

"Come on, Verge...," Dante murmured, throwing his arm over Vergil's chest to drag him back down into a laying position. "We don't have to get up just yet, do we?"

Vergil was prepared to give an affirmative reply and point out that Eva would be suspicious if they missed dinner for the third night in a row, but Dante didn't let him answer, instead opting to climb on top of him, Dante pressing his mouth to Vergil's wetly. Dante's tongue twined around Vergil's in a lazy, unhurried fashion, long and deep.

When Vergil pulled away, only to be met with an amused expression from Dante, he found himself convinced of the fact that maybe they didn't have to get up just yet, after all.


Having finally managed to wear Vergil down enough to topple him, Dante sat atop his chest in victory, laughing, teasing Vergil about his 'weakness', despite the fact that they'd been sparring for over an hour and both of them were thoroughly exhausted. Vergil's smile was forced, a little strained, as an ugly, foreign feeling twisted its way through his stomach.

Part of him knew Dante was only teasing, that as they were twins, they were matched in equally in the physical arts. Yet another side of Vergil, one that he didn't really want to acknowledge was there, grumbled about how even though they were supposed to be evenly matched, that it wasn't Vergil smiling victory, but Dante instead. That the only thing Vergil truly had above Dante was height, and soon that was to be equal too.

Vergil wanted more than what Dante had, to be better than him, and when Dante playfully flicked his nose with his finger and taunted, /you must be so jealous!/, it made Vergil angry to realize that yes, he was.


"Why won't you give it to me?" Vergil practically yelled, his voice drowning out in between the heavy splash of rain and the loud clap of thunder. Even though he held the tip of his sword, Yamato, to the hollow of Dante's throat, his twin still held his head high.

"Why do you need mine?" Dante answered. He could feel the tip of Yamato scratch his throat as he spoke, and it made him grip the hilt of Rebellion tighter. His voice was raspy from exertion, and his mouth was dry, the rain doing nothing for him.

"You just don't understand, do you?" Vergil countered. He felt growing irritation when Dante simply stared back at him, expecting him to say something else. Of all the times to be stubborn, Dante had to pick /now/, when his hair was plastered to his face and his lips were painted with a tinge of blue.

"I want father's power," he finally finished, and that seemed to be a good enough answer for Dante, who feinted to the side, before lunging at him again. Vergil parried Dante's thrust, the two blades colliding and rubbing together as Dante moved closer and closer.

Staring back at Dante with lips almost touching, Vergil spoke again. "I need father's power."


Dante couldn't suppress the pure rage that bubbled up every time he thought of Vergil and how stupid he had been. Showers were supposed to be relaxing, Dante knew, yet it didn't do anything but hide his bitter, angry tears. Dante looked at his hand, staring at where Vergil had completely sliced open his palm earlier, and he was close to cursing the fact that it had already healed over. He had nothing to remind him of Vergil but memories and mirrors, and he slammed his fist against the wall of the shower, dingy tiles cracking slightly.

Dante tried to reason with himself that Vergil's choice was his own, that there was nothing he could do about it. Yet after a few moments of failing miserably, he stepped out of the shower, nearly yanking off the faucet as he turned the water off. He rubbed his hair vigorously, smoothing it back away from his eyes as he gazed into a nearby mirror.

Dante felt stab of resentment, and had to forcibly resist the urge to shatter the reflective glass.


The only thing that kept Vergil from following Dante back into the human world was pride. He was a defeated foe - he couldn't very well have gone trotting back into the human world now; the very thought was ridiculous. He hadn't expected Dante to understand, and while Vergil had to live with his choice, he knew it was for the better.

This was his father's home, after all, and he would take pride in that as well. He had faith that he'd see Dante again anyway.


If anything, Dante was grateful to Vergil for what he was doing, looking after him even after all of this time. He ate ravenously, not having had a meal this large, since, well... he couldn't remember, but it had probably been since... Dante's train of thought derailed as Vergil set another plate in front him, the delicacy spanning the entire width of the dish.

He didn't know what had gotten into Vergil, or why he would decide to be so doting all of a sudden, but as long as Vergil going to be that way, Dante wouldn't question. Besides, Dante thought as Vergil paced back and forth along the length of the Devil May Cry - Vergil didn't look half-bad in one of those frilly-frilly aprons.

Grinning as he bit into another piece of meat, Dante made a note to tease Vergil later.

Consider yourself sinned, baby.
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