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Phil is having the worst day of his life when he gets back to his and Dan's flat. Unknowingly, Dan only makes things worse.

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Phil cursed himself as the keys to his and Dan's flat slipped from his hands and onto the floor. That was just the cherry on top of all the horrible shit he trudged though today.

It all started with waking up late to miss the meeting he had with the BBC that morning. Dan was still asleep when he rushed out the door, only to find that he missed it and didn't eat until two in the afternoon.

Then while he was out buying groceries, he found he lost his wallet at home after he was already at the checkout counter. Incident after incident until the worst happened and he fell down a small cement flight of stairs, cracking his phone.

Nothing was too noticeable, and Phil figured as long as he can just forget this awful day, he could move on.

Phil picked the keys off the ground and turned the doorknob. He just hoped his boyfriend would be asleep or watching Buffy so he wouldn't have to explain the heavy limp in his right leg.

Opening the door, Phil was greeted with a quiet, still flat. He blinked for a moment in uncertainty and set his bags down by the doorway. Phil figured there would've been a mess, anything.

But that wasn't until he entered the living room. That was where Dan lied facing the TV on the sofa, his phone open to Tumblr. A couple movies and magazines lied strewn about, but far from the worst mess he's come home to.

"Oh, hi Phil." Dan looked up and smiled once he saw him enter. Then he frowned. "Something wrong? Sorry 'bout the mess, I'll fix it later," Dan blinked, still watching Phil smile half heartedly at him.

"Thanks, um. I didn't get the groceries. I kinda got into-" Phil cut himself off as he walked forward, and tripped over a book like the clumsy oaf he is.

Dan snorted and burst out laughing at his trip while Phil groaned from the ground. Unfortunately, he also fell on his stupid limp, and it took all his will not to cry out in pain. What he could do was hold his calf and groan.

Dan meanwhile was finding this comical, and sat up on the couch, the phone abandoned. "Oi, how's the view from down there?"

When Phil only squirmed in response, Dan snorted. "Oh my God, Phil. You're such a loser," he joshed, grinning. At the playful insult, Phil sighed, trying to hold tears back.

He was a loser. He was a fucking idiot, trying to get groceries for them and actually trying to do something right for once in his life. He just screwed up every time.

Every single second of his day had been horrible, and that was Phil's fault too. Then Dan would realise how useless he is and move out. And then- "Phil?"

His boyfriend looked down at him more concerned now when Phil still didn't move. Yet he remained unsaid, and struggled to his feet with an obvious stiffness in his back.

"Hey, I'm sorry.. Phil, tell me what's wrong," Dan consoled.

Phil just shook his head as tears started to fill his eyes and turned away towards the hallway. But he couldn't bring himself to walk forward. His leg throbbed in pain and he was afraid that if he tried, he would trip again and be made even more of a laughingstock. Usually he didn't have a problem with that, but this had been the worst day of his life by far. He wasn't in the mood.

The next thing Phil knew, Dan's hand was curling into the fabric of his jacket and turning him around. He tried to push away in mock attempt before he was being pulled into a hug.

That was the opening of the floodgates for Phil. He couldn't hold back anymore and began to cry into Dan's shoulder. And he just let him, petting his ebony hair and rubbed his back in slow, soothing patterns.

Eventually Phil found his arms wrapping around Dan's middle by muscle memory. "I'm sorry, Phil. You had a shit day, haven't you?"

Phil couldn't find the will to answer and leaned into Dan more. "Wanna talk about it?" he coaxed and pecked Phil's shoulder.

Phil shook his head. "Just wanna sleep," he croaked and sniffled.

"Okay," Dan nodded. "You go rest and don't worry. I'll clean this up for you."

Phil made a noise of discontent and pulled back to look at him. "I didn't say I wanted to sleep alone," he murmured and looked up at him.

"Yeah?" Dan smiled and pressed their foreheads together. Phil nodded and adjusted his hold on Dan's hips. "Yeah. I mean, if you want," he shrugged and looked down.

Dan just grinned and kissed Phil's cheek. "I want."

He smiled in satisfaction and kissed Dan full on the lips, holding his hips. "Okay," Phil sighed. "Sorry I didn't get the groceries.."

Dan just rolled his eyes and pulled back a bit to cup his cheek. "Don't worry about it. We can do it tomorrow. And you're talking to the king of procrastinators, here," Dan joked.

"Well I mean," Phil blushed. "I fell down some stairs, so I don't know how hurt I am."

Dan blinked at him. "You fell- oh God. It really has been shit for you today.." he trailed off and held him close.

Phil laughed dryly. "I hurt my leg, but I don't think it was bleeding." Dan nodded. "Alright, c'mon. Let's get you fixed up."
A half hour, some bandages, and sweet words later, Dan helped Phil into his bed. The dark haired man groaned as he accidentally lied on his hurt leg and snuggled into the covers.

In reality, Phil half-expected for Dan to leave the room anyway. That was until he felt cold air at his back and him shuffling onto the bed and shift around.

Phil made no will to move in his exhausted state. The mattress was jostled around for a few moments before Dan's warm body nestled up beside him.

"Hi," Phil heard Dan whisper-greet and hook his hands around his waist.

"Mhm, hi. Do we have to get up early tomorrow?"

Phil felt him grin and kiss the place behind his ear. "Not anymore. I canceled our meeting with the BBC so you could take a day off."

Phil made a noise in his throat and blinked his eyes open, only to close them a second later. "Why'd you do that? Don't they have like.. attack dogs to find us or something?" Phil muttered and yawned.

Phil felt Dan smile. "Shut up, you deserve it. I'll do the groceries and stuff while your leg gets better, and once I get back, we can.. um.. make cookies or something. Okay?"

Phil hummed. "M'kay." And then he fell asleep.
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