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"I aint the one who's lost."

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Prostitute!Gerard Millionaire!Frank. A reworking of the movie 'Pretty Woman.' Gerard works the street to support his brother and Frank makes him an offer he can't refuse.

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Hey guys.

This is my latest fic, I hope you enjoy.

Vikki xo

Chapter Text

“Are you shitting me right now? I bought you first class tickets to get your ass here and you’re telling me now, mid-fucking-party, that you aren’t coming?”

Frank placed a hand on the cool glass of the window and leaned against it, gripping the office phone in his other hand. A muscle jumped in his jaw from how tight he was clenching it as he awaited an answer from his girlfriend on the other end of the line.

“Why the hell should I haul ass all the way to fucking Hollywood to attend your dumb ass business party when I see you maybe three times a month? We fucking live together and I barely see you! You’re secretary sees me more than you do.”

Frank straightened up and ran a hand through his hair, leaning his head to the side to hold the receiver in place as he straightened his tie. He sighed a little and glanced down at the guests milling around the yard. “Are you coming to Hollywood or not, Jessica? I don’t have time for this shit.”

“Sorry, Frank. I just don’t have time for you anymore. Goodbye.” Frank dropped his head as he heard a click and the line go dead, sighing as he mentally added Jessica to his list of issues he had to deal with.

“Goodbye, Jessica.”

For a moment Frank watched the guests laughing and joking over their champagne glasses, he really didn’t feel like socialising anymore; especially not with assholes who were only interested in his money. Taking a deep breath, Frank headed for the office door and attempted to sneak out undetected.

“Sir!” Frank groaned and turned, deadpan expression on s face, and stared at is employee. He’d hoped the look alone would stop the young man dead in his tracks but he just kept pushing on through the crowd. “Sir!”

“What is it, Johnson?” Frank sighed. He really wanted to get out of this party as quickly and quietly as possible. He knew he was going to have enough trouble getting past his lawyer and, unfortunately, best friend, Bert. He’d been the one to throw this party in the first place, a chance to mingle with the Beverly Hills clientele, and Frank had apparently found himself unable to say no.

“Sir, there’s been an issue with the financial report from the Hudson company.” Johnson said all in a rush, Frank simply raised an eyebrow and slipped his hands into his jacket pockets.

“What kind of issue?” Frank sighed. He was starting to wonder what bunch of incompetent morons Ray had hired to work for him.

“The bank are refusing to hand over the reports. Hudson has asked them to block any and all access to their records and-“

“Johnson. What I recommend is that you call up whichever bank that old coot is with and tell them that you request the financials of the Hudson Company for Mr Frank Iero immediately or they will lose any and all business with me thus losing a huge chunk of credibility.” Johnson nodded and immediately pulled out his cell phone. “And Johnson?”

“Yes sir?” Jonson asked, finger hovered over the call button.

“Use your brain next time. That is, after all, what I pay you for.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” Jonson said hurriedly as he rushed away from his boss. Frank had made it very clear to all staff hired that second chances are incredibly rare in his office and if you screw up, you’re out.

Once again Frank made a beeline for the door keeping his head down a he went. He’d gotten about half way across the dining room when a familiar voice grabbed his attention, making him smile as he turned.

“Frankie! Long-time no see.” A woman, around the same height as Frank himself approached him with a smile. Frank adored that smile, once upon a time he was in love with it.

“Jamia, darling, how the hell are you? I heard you got married.” Jamia laughed lightly and placed a gentle hand on Frank’s arm.

“Well, I couldn’t wait for you forever could I?” Frank smiled and looked down at his shoes, only now noting the bump on Jamia’s stomach.

“And you’re pregnant?” Frank said, nodding toward his ex-girlfriend’s stomach. “You have been busy.” They both shared a soft smile before Frank spoke again, still light but with a serious undertone. “When you and I were dating, did you spend more time with my assistant than you did with me?

Jamia smiled, soft and fond. “Frankie, I married him.

After that they spoke briefly for a while before Frank scooted out, leaving a very confused Bert to follow after him. Frank could picture Bert behind him, flustered and red, as he chased Frank out to where the cars were parked. He always panicked when Frank left any social events, he was panicking about the money of course, Bert always invited potential customers and Frank always won them around. If Frank wasn’t there, it meant no money making.

“Frank! Frankie!” Bert finally caught up to Frank in the parking bay where his limousine was currently locked in. “Where are you going? This whole party was in aid of you!”

“Now, Now, Bert. Let’s not tell lies. We all know why you threw this party, you can practically see the dollar signs in your eyes.” Frank said as he wandered over to one of the parked cars, seeing it in pride of place at the front. “This yours?”

“Frankie, I count you as my dearest friend, but yes. You also make me money and for that, I love you.” Bert grinned, smug and charming as always.

“I said, is this your car?” Frank repeated, he didn’t want, or need to hear, Bert’s schmoozey bullshit he used on the customers and the women he came across.

“What? Yes, why?”

"Give me your keys.”

“Again, what?” Bert said in a slightly panicked voice, the car was his pride and joy after all.

“Give me the keys, I wanna get out of here.” Bert’s eyes widened as he pulled them from his pocket, he couldn’t believe he was doing this.

“Please, I know you never listen to me, but please drive carefully. This car means more to me than my wife.” Frank took the keys and scoffed, shaking his head as he climbed into the warm leather driver’s seat.

“Come on, Bert. You and I both know that everything means more to you than your wife.”


“Goodbye, Bert. Thanks for the party, it’s been wild.”

Frank pulled away, grinning as he did so. Knowing that Bert was going to be panicking about is car all night was a reason to smile, after all, he didn’t bring Frank much joy in anything else. Frank tightened his fingers on the steering wheel and focused on the road ahead of him, realising he had absolutely no clue where he was going.

For a moment he considered going back, just turning around and painting on a false smile to pretend he actually gave shit about any of the fuckers in there. He turned the rear view to get a look at his appearance, brushing his hair back and straightening his tie, when he caught glimpse of the scorpion tattoo on his neck and sighed. His father never approved of his tattoos, that’s what made Frank get most of them, but now as he stared down at his hands, he realised he was turning into the man he’d rebelled against. That thought alone gave him chills.

Starting the car, Frank decided to keep going, leaving the house and party behind him. He needed a drink, something strong, in some dirty ass bar downtown. Somewhere that reminds him of what he used to be, of who he wants to be.


“Gerard? Gerard, wake up.” Mikey said impatiently as he shook his brother awake. He hated doing this every night, knowing what Gerard would have to do to get the rent, but they had no choice. Mikey himself was only seventeen and still in school, and Gerard took it upon himself to make sure his brother was fed and had a roof over his head.

“Don’t worry, Mikes. I’m up.” Gerard grumbled, throwing back his bed sheets and stretching his arms over his head. “Keep your fucking shirt on.”

Mikey rolled his eyes and slouched through to their kitchen area, hitting the switch on the kettle. “I would ‘keep my fucking shirt on’, Gerard, but the landlord was banging on the door earlier screaming about the rent. What’re we gonna do, Gee? We don’t have anywhere near enough to pay him.”

Gerard dropped on the chair in front of their dresser and began rifling through the drawers, pulling out various make up products and underwear. Most nights Gerard just wore some tight jeans and a sexy shirt, but on the occasions where the boys were really strapped for cash, Gerard had to pull out all the stops.

“I’ll get all dressed up and make myself look real fucking pretty. You can grab a shift at Mickey’s. You know he hates cleaning up.” Mikey leaned against the door and watched Gerard apply a coat of deep red lipstick and sighed.

“Fuck. Okay.”

Half an hour later, Mikey is standing at the bottom of the fire escape clutching a pair of thigh high boots. They’re scuffed to shit and the zippers barely stay up but Gerard still somehow manages to work them, and look fucking good too. Gerard drops from the ladder and grabs the boots from Mikey, pulling them on before ruffling his hair and turning to his brother.

“Do I look okay?” Mikey glances over the tight black dress Gerard is wearing and nods, smiling as he does.

“Yeah, Gee You look great.” Gerard smiled and pulled Mikey closer to kiss his head.

“Thanks, Bro. Now come on, let’s get to Mickey’s before some other fucker does.”

Mikey cringed, hearing men catcalling his brother as they walked down the street but Gerard just ignored it, flipping his hair back and holding his head up high. They reached the bar and entered, waving over the barman and grabbing a handful of peanuts each.

“Hey, Bob. Any chance Mikey can grab a shift tonight?” Gerard said, fluttering his eyelashes seductively and putting on his sexiest smile.

“You know that pouty shit don’t work with me, Gerard.” Bob laughed, shaking his head. “But it just so happens I’m a man down for the foreseeable future.”

“Really?” Mikey enquired, leaning in closer. “Who got canned?”

“Jack. He spent too much time drinkin’ and not enough working, you know how it is. You can pull his shifts for now but we’ll have to work around your school work.” Gerard grinned and leaned right over, placing a kiss on Bob’s cheek.

“Thanks, man! We owe you one.”

“Yeah, just don’t let me down kid. You start at ten.”

Mikey and Gerard left and made their way to Gerard’s corner. Everyone had their own place that they worked, some sharing their patch. Gerard shared his with a girl called Lindsey, one of the top girls on the street; and one of the toughest. Gerard saw her standing against a street lamp and wolf whistled, cupping his hands around his mouth.

“Yo, Bellato! You’re looking fine, baby girl!” Lindsey turned and grinned, flicking her cigarette to the floor and hitching up her skirt a little.

“You’re looking pretty fine yourself, girlfriend. Gimme a twirl, Gee.” Gerard laughed and spun, hearing Lindsey holler at him and Mikey groan.

“How’s things looking tonight?” Gerard asked as he hugged Lindsey.

“Slow as hell. Then again, Mondays are always shit.” Gerard sighed and looked at the cars speeding along the road. “I can’t wait to give this shit up and get to art school.”

Gerard turned to Lindsey and smiled, he’d always wanted to give art school a go himself, but he had Mikey to take care of and he took priority. “How much you got left to make now, Linds?”

“Three fucking grand. I’ll get there though.” She smiled, nudging Gerard’s arm. “How about you guys? Everything okay on your end?”

“Okay I guess, Bob gave Mikey a permanent job but that means he won’t get is pay check until the end of the month and the landlord is hounding us for rent.”

“Hence the dress.” Lindsey laughed. “You do look hot though, hopefully business will pick up soon”

Just then a car came screeching to a halt beside them, a ‘rich guy’ car as the girls called them. Gerard was pretty new to the street, he was the only guy too. He didn’t mind so much though, most of the girls were pretty rad about it. Lindsey moved toward the car, pushing up her cleavage and flicking her hair back, when she suddenly stopped and turned to Gerard and Mikey, smiling.

“You take this one, Gee. You need it more than I do.”

“Be careful, okay? Call me when you finish up.” Mikey said, grabbing his brother and hugging him close. “I better get back to the bar.”

“I promise. See ya later, Mikes.” Gerard turned to Lindsey and took a deep breath. “How do I look?”

“Hot as hell. Go get him, tiger.”

Gerard smirked and slipped past her, shaking his ass a little as he walked. He gently tapped on the passenger side window, hitching the skirt of is dress up so it sat just under his ass. The window rolled down and Gerard rested his elbows on it, looking at the driver with his sexiest smile.

“Hey, you looking for some company tonight?”

“No.” The driver said, frustrated. “What I need is some directions.”

“Give me thirty bucks and I’ll get you wherever you need to be, honey.”

“Yeah, Sure.” The driver said sarcastically, not even turning to look at him. “I think I’ll take my chances.”

“Alright-“Gerard said, turning to lean back against the car. “I ain’t the one who’s lost.”

The driver threw his head back against the seat and sighed, muttering ‘fuck’ to himself a few times before closing his eyes and resting his head against the steering wheel.

“Fine. Get in the car.”

Gerard smirked and moved around to the driver’s side.

“Move over, baby. I’m driving.”
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