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Frank is a young junkie. desperate, but not afraid to play the game

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Just a short intro to a story I've begun to write. its my first and like all first things it can be a bit awkward. id like to invite you all to have a drink, sit back and relax. ill take care of everything.

Frank hastily unbuttoned his worn leather belt from around his hips. He was a pro at this process and could have it all done with in the blink of an eye. His mind wandered back to the older days when it had taken him 20 minutes and several tries. Oh how things had changed.

He yanked on the loose end of the belt tightening it around his skeletal forearm. He reached up to his mouth were his teeth were gripped around a syringe filled with 80ml of a godly brown solution. He grabbed it hurriedly discarding of the protective plastic cover over the point and jabbed it into himself.

Time froze and euphoria over came him. His head lulled back bouncing of the concrete wall behind him but how could he care this was bliss.

He sat in the corner of his dusty apartment. It consisted of only one large room and a small bathroom. He didn’t own many possessions as could be told from the empty shelves and bare walls. What was the use of pumping money into other assets when you could buy the one thing that never failed to induce you in to a state of pure bliss?

The splintering wooden floorboards were beginning to become uncomfortable so the young junkie decided to make the transition to the only piece o furniture in the room, a plush pink suede couch in the middle of the room.

He stood up and took the few steps and let himself drizzle onto the settee. Violent grunts began from the cushion below him, Frank giggled.

“What are you doing you lil’ physco?!” shouted the cushions aggressively. The frail boy was thrown from one side from the couch from the other. The blondie head of a boy little older then him sprang up. He was skinny too with sunken cheeks bones and blue piercing eyes. He was more built then the younger but in the state of emaciation.

“You did another shot” mumbled the disembodied head. Frank erupted into manic laughter falling back against the arm of the couch and withering “Oh great…I meant to tell you earlier I didn’t have enough for that last batch, Marco just keeps putting up the price. He wants to see you again”

Although he may have heard what the other boy had said its highly unlikely Frank had actually processed it. He was lying on his back arms outstretched up above him grabbing at invisible flies.

“Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank! Frank! Frank! Frank! FRANK!”

The boy jumped “I heard” he mumbled crawling down of the couch and back to were his utensils and supplies were laid out on the floor “I’m just goanna do another shot then ill go down to him Bob, I promise”

The older man sighed and pulled the blanket he was wrapped up in further over him and turned into the couch desperate to catch a few winks of sleep before his day began.
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