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Which is my love Book One.

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Kyle and Amanda and Jessi love Triangle

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][Kyle Pov
I couldn't take it anymore. I have a brother that is a murderer. I just figured out my own mother wants me dead too. Is all my family that evil?
What kind of family do I have in this world? I wish the Triggers were my real family that I shared my blood with. My brother is the one who killed Jessi's mother, and my biological mother was in this too. I'll never forgive them for that.
I am going to face Jessi when she finds out my brother is the the one who murdered her mother. Or I should say my monster of a brother. Will she be afraid, scared and running away from me? I don't want to find the answer to that.
If Jessi runs away, I will be alone. I want her to stay close to me. She's the only girl like me, born from the same experiment. I can't imagine my life without her. Even if I get married to a different girl, we will always be connected, somehow, no matter what.
As soon I snapped out of my thoughts, I took my phone out from my pocket, and call my protector Tom Foss. Tom Foss has been looking out for me since the beginning.
"Hello Kyle is there something wrong?" asked Tom Foss.
"Ca-Cassidy broke into my home and started threatening me," I stammered with anger. "Jessi's not home right now. I think he did something to her," I said quickly, my heart hammering in my chest.
"Calm down Kyle. Where is Cassidy?"
"I let him go" I said, ashamed of myself.
"Don't worry Kyle, we'll find him." I promised and the phone went dead. Amanda Pov.
After I talked to Jessi about getting Kyle back, she did not look that scared at all. I wonder why maybe she moved on from Kyle. I would guess that's typical Jessi, getting a new crush.
Jessi grabs my hand, and we started running to the Trigger house. When we get there, I see a lot of broken glass on the floor. I was scared. I saw Kyle sitting in the table thinking. I did not think twice.
"Kyle!" I said, and ran to his arms with Jessi following behind me.
"What happened?" questioned Jessi. Kyle went up to her and gave her a hug, then whispered in her ear, "I will tell tell you later Jess."
I got a little jealous when Kyle started calling her Jess. And they were so close, why did Kyle look sad? I thought to myself.
"Amanda, why are you with Jessi?"
"I broke into Nate's apartment and I found that stuff," I said, happy he cared about me that much.
"Did he hurt you?" Kyle asked me angrily.
"He just pushed me, then Jessi came." She can do stuff just like you Kyle." spit Amanda.
Kyle smiled then. "I promise you I will kick his butt."
"Amanda I'll explain everything to you tomorrow, but now you need to go home before your mom starts freaking out." said Kyle.
So I did what he asked, and went home. This night I couldn't sleep from thinking about all those crazy stuff going on.
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