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Extrodinarily Dark

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Hi. A small piece I've written simply to be reviwed. Don't hold back.

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It was extraordinarily dark. The type of dark where you can sense eyes upon you, a psychological attack from all sides. A darkness where you hear the breathing of terrible beings, of completely horrid, absolutely disgusting things ready to slowly rend flesh from your body, delighting in every bit of your bones, that shake in anticipation of slaughter. It was in this darkness that Cassie O’Dunnan found herself. Unlike many other men and women, she did not fear the darkness. Rather she was one of the terrible beings, the renders flesh, and the shakers of bone. She was, to say, a vampire. And this particular vampire was hunting very unique prey indeed. The woman fascinated Cassie. She was a mere sixteen years old but the way she carried herself, and the way she talked was very different from the other teenage girls. Those other ones were absolutely boring with their pride placed on having the newest cell phone or the best looking lummox boyfriend. The longest it took for her to seduce these “men” was a mere ninety seconds. Cassie smirked to herself. Despite all their boasting and self-importance, all of the humans she had fed upon of late were truly nothing weak scrawny creatures that were willing to do anything for their lives. Whether it is eating dog shit to pulling out their teeth humans were capable of anything once their lives were threatened. “It is very rare.” Cassie summarized. “To meet a human with dignity.” However there was simply was something different about the girl she was following. There was a certain dignity about the girl, an air of quality and arrogance that most women had only a poor imitation of. As she followed the girl, she noticed several other curious things. One was that, as the girl was walking home, she would occasionally look behind her, as if checking on something. At first, Cassie was worried that she had been seen. However, wherever there were no street lights, it was pitch black, eliminating Cassie’s fear of being spotted. Another curious thing she noticed was that the girl sometimes put her hand inside her jacket pocket to hold something in her hand, cradling it as if it were something precious. The last thing was the bluish-whitish light the girl gave off (Cassie had to squint to see) almost an aura of pure power. BAM! The sound of crashing thunder shook Cassie from her thoughts. The air began to stink of ozone. There would be a downpour soon. Cassie frowned. She had to hurry or the rain would mess with her acute senses. With one bounding leap, she jumped, landing right in front of the girl. Bearing her fangs she cried “Human! On your knees! I am your vampire overlord. Cassie almost giggled in spite of herself. Even when she was a human in Renaissance Italy, she would never take someone who spoke like that seriously. BAM! Suddenly a hole, the size of a small rubber ball, appeared in Cassie’s chest. The girl she had been stalking stood there smiling, a small blue light glowing from her finger. The smell of ozone assaulted Cassie’s nose. “How curious.” She thought. An arc of electricity hit her again, this time straight to the heart. She was dead before she hit the ground. It started to downpour, putting out the small fires that appeared on the remains of Cassie’s clothes. The girl smiled again. She quickly put her umbrella up. She couldn’t wait to tell the others about this.
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