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The Lesbian Princesses Of Arendelle

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Queen Elsa From Frozen Has Decided To Have Some Sisterly Fun With Her Little Sister Anna.

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It was a warm day in Arendele and Queen Elisa was walking down one of the long corridors of the royal palace heading for her secret ice chamber to have some fun with a fat obese peasant woman she had found. When all of the sudden she heard her little sister Anna calling out her name and running down the corridor towards her with tears streaming down her sweet white face.
As Anna raced at her Elsa opening her arms wide and cot her sister and pulled her face down into her enormous pale cleavage a place Anna loved and helped her to com. As Anna pressed her tear streaked face into her big sisters enormous cleavage Elsa asked “Anna what has you so upset love”. Anna spoke but her sister could barely hear her when she said “Oh Elsa I found Khristoff have sex in our bed with that obese lady-in-waiting you just hired and he said I just was not fat another to please him in bed even after I gained all this weight for him”.
Pushing her sister back a little Elsa looked over Anna and began to notice her little sisters larger body Anna’s arms were at least six times bigger than the little thin things she once had, her breast had swelled from large C cup to a huge fat double HH, her butt had become two huge fat round orbs that looked like her old ankle length skirt was barely holding in, her hips had widened to a nice plump pair and the blouse Anna was wearing was pulled tight over a huge round white domed potbelly.
As Elsa looked at her plump little sister she felt her second secret start to slowly swell under her ice blue dress and knew just how she was going to use it but first she had to get some payback for Anna so turning a little she created a snow beast and mentally told it to go throw Khristoff in one of the dungeons then to bring to lady-in-waiting to her ice chamber with a nod the beast lumbered away to follow the Queen's order while Elsa lead Anna to her ice chamber for some sisterly fun.
Once the sisters reached Elsa’s ice chamber Anna had final calm down enough to think about were her sister was taking her and was surprised to find herself in a room made of sparkling ice that strangely was not cold. The room was huge and had a domed roof from which hung an enormous ice candler shaped like the one in Elsa’s ice castle. The room had circular walls and a large wardrobe as well as a massive canopy bed take iswas now seating on as Elsa kneeled at her feet to pull off her huge brown knee boots.
As Elsa pulled off Anna’s first knee boot she hear Anna asked “ Elsa what are you doing and where are we “ smiling you at Anna she said “ Anna dear this is my secret ice chamber as to what I’m doing well I’m simply removing your knee boots to make you more comfortable “. After she said that Elsa went back to unbuckling Anna’s other brown knee boot and pulled it off leaving Anna is white stocking clad feet.
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