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Nothing in Common

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Vince becomes nostalgic over something between he and Nikki that never happened, but wishes that it did.

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At last, after gabbing and throwing the idea around for 10 years, The Dirt was finally in its filming stage. Progress was finally being made; and to everyone’s surprise, everything was going smoother than anticipated.

Except with James and Jared.

James, who was starring as Nikki in the movie, and Jared, who was playing Vince, were inseparable. Wherever James was, Jared was there too, and wherever Jared was, James would not be far behind. In between scenes, they would be stomping through the dressing room hallway in a race, sucking down helium to goof off, blowing up water bottles, or messing around with a potato launcher in the parking lot.

One day, with a long break in between scenes, Vince was searching for Jared to ask him something. He peered into his dressing room only to find no one inside. Instinctively, he knew to look in James’s, but what he found in James’s dressing room caught him off guard.

Jared and James were still in their Shout at the Devil era clothes and covered in makeup, with James still having the black wig on and black army lines below his eyes. Jared’s blonde hair was his own, which was something that was difficult to find in an actor during those initial auditions. They were both lying on the small couch. James’s nose was buried in a book as he listened to his MP3 player, too occupied to notice Vince’s presence. Beside him was Jared, who was in a deep sleep, snuggling into James's embrace between him and the couch. His head was resting in the crook of James’s neck, and his hands were balled up into fists and lying on James’s chest. James rested his head on top of the blonde’s as he read.

Vince wasn't quite sure how to react. His mind went blank, to say the least. Moments went by when he caught Nikki in the hallway out the corner of his eye. He motioned for him to come look at this to see how he’d react.

“What’s wro- whoa…,” Nik's face turned a bright crimson. Chuckling nervously, he shook his head and smiled, “This is almost creepy.”

The two of them were never nearly as affectionate in the ‘80s. If anything, they had hated each other. Vince frowned, “Why didn't we ever get along? I mean not like THAT, but we were never close. We never cared about each other.”

“Because you were such an egocentric, whiny prick and I was so fucked up on drugs I was worse than useless for anything,” Nikki answered nonchalant, leaning his arm against the door frame.

Blunt, okay, but true. “I guess we didn't have much in common either, did we?” He asked, still staring at the two in regret and maybe even jealousy?

“We still don’t.”

“Oh come on! You can’t think of anything?”

“Tattoos…rock ‘n roll…dogs?”

“Nothing else?”

“Nope. I guess we've always been complete opposites,” Nikki surmised as he shrugged, turning to face the younger, “But I still love you.”

He smiled. The "But I still love you" was in a friendly, brotherly way- or at least that's what Vince assumed. He couldn't remember the last time Nikki had ever said that, and to be honest, he wasn't sure if he had ever said it back himself. It was awkward, but he didn't care. He loved the way it sounded as he spoke, “I love you too.”

Nikki flashed a genuine smile in return and placed his hand on the blonde's back as they left the doorway. Vince gave one final look at the cuddling “Vince” and “Nikki” before they were out of his sight.
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