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How You Remind Me

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(Musical Crossover) Harry Styles meets Nickelback meets KISS meets Twisted Sister, Sixx:A.M., Motley Crue, and Blackie Lawless in this twist of fate adventure. Young friends McKenzie and Martha ...

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"Holy Jesus, it's already May!" Martha exclaimed in the small two bedroom apartment, "We've already lived in LA for three months now!" she added as she walked out into the little living area. She was greeted with laughter from her twin sister McKenzie and her long time friend, Serafina.
"I know, isn't it amazing!" Serafina, or Sera as she went by, laughed. Martha's cluelessness to the obvious was entertaining to her even after being friends for nearly fifteen years.
"Guys, it's almost time for work." McKenzie stated as she got up from her place on the couch. "I heard there are some really good ones coming in today and I sure as hell don't want to be late."
"Ohh!" Both Martha and Sera shouted as they ran back to their rooms to get dressed from the day.
All three of the girls worked as paid interns for Atlantic Records' west coast offices and that meant exposure to some real good artists. They even sometimes are given numbers and meet them again. They seemed to have it made in the shade with their new lives in Los Angeles, California. Their move to the sunny state of Cali was a recent one after a stint as producers in London, England. But they just couldn't seem to get the right artists into their studios and were looking for a heavier scene.
Fifteen minutes later all three girls walked out to Martha's car and headed on their way to the Atlantic office. For Atlantic, they were record producers and very proudly mixed, edited, and finished up the music they were assigned. Their jobs came easy to them, they all had a great taste for how music should be mixed and ordered on an album and really earned their pay and the respect of some big name artists.
What the girls didn't know was that this day was gonna be a big one for them. They were about to experience a few of the biggest names in musical history step into their offices and ask for their assistance in mixing an album to perfection.
After making it through Sunset Strip traffic, the girls went to their mixing offices in Atlantic Records. Each had their own and were in for the biggest surprises ever.
In McKenzie's office, waiting for her was they English pop star Harry Styles. Usually she greeted her "clients" with a witty comment but with the young Styles waiting in her office, her mind went blank of all functions. She practically forgot how to breathe for a moment there.
"Harry Styles is in my office" she whispered to herself and Harry blushed at her words.
"Uh, hi," Styles said softly. "I came here looking for some musical assistance and was directed to you," he told her gently. He had this charisma to him. He seemed scary and intimidating with his tattooed arms, dark hair, and intimidating height but he actually could be the biggest softy in existence, when he wanted or needed something.
"Harry Styles is asking for my help," she whispered, slowly getting her brain to work again and put the pieces together. She couldn't believe this was happening, Harry Styles was the one musician she never thought she would get to work with and she practically fangirled at his existence.
Styles stood up awkwardly, crossing the room over to her and extending his hand for her to shake, "I'm Harry Styles, and I have a pretty big job for you" he said shyly, with a gentle smile.
She took his hand, willing to shake it, "Hi, I'm McKenzie Gubston and I'm more than willing to accept your offer." she answered him. She didn't care how big or small the project, she was going to help him with it.

As Martha made it to her office, she was prepared for almost the worst. She usually got stuck with the pop stars or jazz singers that, even though they loved her work, weren't heavy enough or classic enough to please her palate. She found a sticky note on the heavy door that opened to her office reading "Visit the secretary, it's a big day."
As she made her way down to the Secretary, she pondered what possibly could be so big. Most of the time, she had the small name people, not that she minded. She loved turning small, indie groups into something almost larger than life.
Before she even made it to the secretary, the secretary, Jasper, shouted "Martha! K or N?!?"
Martha replied, "K, now what is this even about?"
Jasper finished with, "Get to your office, I'll send them down right away - they're in the main lobby - and you'll be very glad about your choice. And when you finish with K I'll send N in right away. They won't mind waiting a little bit, they're prepared to do anything for these opportunities."
"Uh, alrighty then. I'll be in my office." she replied, letting Jasper work himself into a tizzy.
Five minutes later she was sitting at her desk when in walked the band KISS into her little office. Her jaw fell open and she was stunned into silence. In filed members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer. She stood up, looking to greet them properly but not fining the ability in her to make words.
Paul stepped forward, leading the way. "Yes, we we really are in your office right now and yes we really are in here for your musical talents" he said, giving her a moment to process that she wasn't really in a dream. "I can tell you already know who we are, who are you?" he asked with a gentle smile.
"I'm Martha Gubston, you can call me Mars" she answered quickly. "I can't believe you're actually here to let me mix your tapes!" she almost shouted, letting her excitement take over. She stepped around from behind her desk to shake all of their hands.
"And by the way," Tommy started, "Nickelback is coming in after us. They want you too!" he told her with a soft smile as he shook her hand firmly.
Her life was coming together better than ever. She thought she might even faint - it was like she was living in a dream!

Sera made it to her office quickly. She settled in and looked at her manuscript for the day. All it told her was that two groups were coming in today and they needed separate albums published by her. She called Jasper to find out when she was getting her work in.
"Hey, Jazz, when are these two groups coming in?" she asked him quickly.
"S or M, babe?" he replied, doing the same thing to her he did to Martha.
"Uh, M" she replied, slightly confused.
"Good choice, good choice" Jasper commended, "They're on their way up and as soon as you're done with them I'll send up group S" he told her with a laugh and hung up the phone.
Four minutes later, in walked the hardcore group Motley Crue.
Her, being the calm and collected badass that she is, handled it well, covering up her excitement.
"Neil, Sixx, Mars, and Lee! How fucking awesome is this!" she shouted as they flopped down on the two couches in her office.
Nikki Sixx, being what seemed like the leader of the group, spoke up, "You Serafina Rosas?" he asked.
"Who else would I be?" she asked back, being just as sassy as he could be.
"Alright, cool. We need your help" Sixx told her with a smirk. He liked her, she right away told it like it was and he liked that in people.
"Well what do you need me for?" she asked.
"That'll come later. I also need you for my work with Sixx:A.M." he replied, letting the boys mingle behind him. He stood up, making his way up to her.

Little did these girls know, this simple meeting was about to turn their lives over forever. Mixing them into the sleazy world of sex, drugs, and hard core rock and roll.


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