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Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Universe and all the characters belong to J.K. Rowling.
This time for sure! Harry thought as he closed the door of their usual classroom behind him with a smirk as he saw that Daphne hadn't arrived yet. This time the gentlemen would be first to arrive and give the lady a little scare as a small payback for all the scheming he had been dragged into without his consent and knowing.
He had come extra-extra early this time to make sure he would arrive first and was currently underneath his invisibility cloak waiting in ambush for when she would come inside, unaware of his presence and intentions.
Nothing works better than an invisibility cloak for giving a jumpscare! He thought triumphantly, feeling that his smirk had morphed into a shit eating grin by now.
A few minutes went by as Harry waited, making him realize that he had probably come too early..
He moved from the door and seated himself in one of the chairs which stood at the sides of the room. Successfully making himself comfortable while still remaining invisible for his task.
He sighed as he waited, glad that he didn't feel the need to fall asleep right there and then again. The extra sleep he had gotten from their earlier meeting coupled with a nights rest that went reasonably well gave him the energy he needed to stay focused and upright. However he wasn't going to tell Daphne that, he would never hear the end otherwise, he could already envision her satisfied posture if he were to admit.
He looked up when he heard the door move to let Daphne slip inside. Using the moment the door clicked shut to rise out of his chair, covering the soft creak it gave when he lifting his weight off of it with the sound of the door falling shut.
He took a few paces toward her but waited as he saw her turn and head to the desks and chairs lined up at the walls.
Daphne probably wants to grab a chair again to sit on like she usually does when she waits. Which coincidentally would probably prove to be the best moment for him to come out of hiding, Harry thought as she reached the lined up chairs.
Instead of grabbing a chair and taking it with her, she took out her wand and tapped one of them much to his puzzlement, making him wait in silence as he silently watched her next move.
The chair she had tapped rapidly transformed into a thin and nearly full length mirror, making efficient use of the resources she had available to complete the mirror in front of her.
Again he waited in curiosity. Why did she feel the need to transfigure a mirror right now? She always looked good and there isn't much to ruffle your feathers along the way here.
Daphne, however seemed to think otherwise as she critically began to examine her face and hair in the mirror. Turning her head from side to side before smoothing, prodding and rearranging her hair, bringing in the smallest detail and changes he wouldn't have noticed were it not for the opportunity of nearly watching over her shoulder as she did so.
She stepped back, apparently satisfied with her face and hair and removed her school robes, tossing it on one of the nearby chairs, and took a step back to allow more of her body to appear in the mirror.
She neatly rolled up the sleeves of her school uniform, smoothed her skirt and began to twist her body from side to side to inspect everything from top to bottom, as if she were expecting to find some giant dirt stain somewhere on her clothes, while grumbling about unattractive school uniforms.
He began to feel a bit awkward. Just standing there watching her go about her business and was relieved when she stopped examining her curvy body as she looked back at her reflection with a serious expression and huffed. "Nothing to worry about Daphne, you're strong, confident and beautiful, you've seen him look, he might even get a bit jealous if you tell him about the arrogant slug and word it in the right way."
Yeah it definitely felt like he was spying on her.. being the true gentlemen he was he started to move towards the door to make his silent and unknown escape while keeping his eyes on her, unable to tear them away in curiosity to her words and actions.
A whole bunch of thoughts raced through his mind at her words. What was she talking about? Why would he get jealous? Was she even talking about him in the first place? Who was the slug? Professor Slughorn? His thoughts came to a crash however at her next move.
Daphne's eyes dropped down a bit and she cupped her breasts in a measuring way. He could only gape and stare openly as she lightly gripped them through her sweater while he kept moving backwards. "Granger's breasts aren't even that much bigger, he probably doesn't even care about that at all."
He heard a wooden thud and realized to his horror that his back had collided with the wooden frame of the door behind him, having completely forgotten that he had continued to move backwards as he watched her.
Daphne whirled around with her wand out, looking like a deer in headlights as her eyes darted around the room in alarm to the sound in the otherwise silent classroom. He didn't dare move, trying to leave now was no option; doors didn't move by themselves.
He noticed how a deep blush was rapidly spreading across her face and swallowed heavily as a prolonged silence hung in the room before recognition dawned upon her face.
"Accio Invisibility Cloak!"
Harry cursed in his mind as the cloak flew from his body in a sudden rush to obey her summoning spell, he managed to keep a hold of it with his reflexes but knew it to be futile as only half the cloak now covered his body.
Her face seemed to have permanently adopted the new shade of red as it didn't fade in the least while her wand; in her pressured grip was giving off an ominous purple glow at the tip.
She didn't look very happy; rather seemed ready for murder as the look in her eyes told him that he shouldn't have been here. He tried to disarm the volatile situation in the best way possible by giving a lame wave with his visible arm.
"You asshole!" She screeched as she began firing off spells at him.
He quickly sidestepped her spell, letting it impact against the door he had walked into and threw off the remainder of the cloak, knowing he didn't have the time cover himself again without the risk of getting tangled up in it.
"Who taught you any manners, spying on people like that!?" She shouted while continuing with her spells, intend on catching him.
Harry bit back the remark that she had practically done the same to him but opted to go for something less infuriating. "I can explain Daphne just give me a—chance to talk!" He said briefly interrupting himself to dodge another spell, hearing one of the chairs behind him break.
"You can talk after I'm done with you!" She said angrily, beginning to mess up the details in her hair she had worked on moments before.
He swiftly took out his own wand, ignoring the uneager tug it gave at being used again as he swatted one of her hexes away and send a stunner in return. "I didn't mean to! I thought you were just going to sit down!"
"And then what? Just watch me sit there waiting?" Daphne called back, making a close call with his stunner is her lapse of concentration.
"Stand still already! Cantis! Colloshoo!" She called out after recovering.
He knew better than to talk first and grabbed a chair behind him, and promptly threw it forward in the air against her two spells, ridding himself of them. "No! Just a little scare as a joke."
"Yeah, right!" came the sarcastic reply.
Seeing that this was going nowhere he made use of the position he managed to steer her in. "Accio chair, Incarcerous!"
Daphne made a startled sound as the chair behind her zoomed forward, buckling her knees, causing her to drop down on it before being bound to it with his ropes shooting around her and the chair, effectively immobilizing her. It didn't seem to stop her determination however, as she wiggled in her bound position with her wand still in her hand.
"Expelliarmus." He said disarming her and catching her wand in the small distance that was now between them, better safe than sorry.
He knelt down before her so they were on eye level. "Care to let me finish or do you simply like being bound in ropes?" He said reminding her about their last little bout.
She was breathing hard from the whole ordeal and blew a lose strand from her red tinged face in defeat. "I always knew that you simply like seeing me in them."
He sighed. "Good so see that you calmed down a bit."
"Calm before the storm, Harry, just wait until I'm loose." She grumbled.
"Well, I'll brave the storm if you still decide to do so after hearing me out."
Daphne rolled her eyes. "I don't have much else to do anyway, go ahead. I'm quite comfortable here, really. You were quite early today, please do tell me why?"
"Don't mind if I do then.. I uh." He began not really knowing how to explain it all in a logical and convincing way. "I really just wanted to give you a scare, you know for the recent tasks you dropped onto me? Thought it would be funny."
Daphne raised an eyebrow. "Yeah? And?"
Despite having outwitted and bound her Harry felt like one who had lost with the way this was already turning around. "Nothing else. That was all there was to it.."
"And you didn't manage to do so because?"
"Well I don't know, at first I wanted to wait for the right moment but then you started doing your things, and I got sort of.. distracted." He said trailing off vaguely.
"Right, so of all the things you could do, you planned to use your amazing cloak to give me a simple scare?"
He winced. "It sounds kind of lame if you put it like that.."
Daphne stared at him for a moment.
"I felt my opinion of you drop a little just now." She cruelly deadpanned.
Harry shot up indignantly and pointed down at her. "Oh come off it already! You can't put all the blame on me! How could I know you would start talking to yourself while groping your breasts!" He blurted out.
Daphne had to close her mouth which had fallen open after his exclamation before bursting out herself again. "Fine! Let's just forget about it then and start doing what we came for!"
"We will!" He shot back at the young witch who was rocking herself aggressively in the chair before releasing her bonds, and throwing their wands to the side of the room with a clatter.
She bolted from her chair and gripped the hand he had offered while he roughly grabbed her lower back as her arm flung itself around his shoulder and neck with the music instruments in the back coming to life.
They tugged in different directions as both of them had something else in mind.
"Foxtrot." He grumbled in annoyance.
"Waltz." She replied in the same tone.
"Okay! Waltz then." He said knowing they wouldn't get anywhere otherwise.
They each began tugging in different directions again.
"I'll lead!" He said glaring.
Her grip tightened even more as she returned the look. "No you're not, I am!"
"You're impossible, woman! Give me some ground!" He cried out.
"Fine! you lead and we do the Waltz."
They finally managed to start dancing, or at least some resemblance to it as they stomped around, throwing their weights into each other. The strong grip on each other being the only strong that held them together. The music being just as wild and harsh in the background as they moved about.
It was an exhausting dance that only continued for a few minutes before it started slowing down and eventually returned to their usual, well practiced pace.
Daphne's grip had relaxed some time ago and her head was resting against his chest as they slowed down some more to catch their breaths from the exertion. Her face had also lost much of its red colour by now.
Harry felt her trembling against him with a few snorts coming out now and then, making himself start doing the same as he still tried to withhold it.
She soon let out a full blown laughter, the same as he had heard during one of their earlier meetings. This time however he could join her in the same volume as the entire situation became ridiculously funny all of a sudden.
They had to stop and support each other as they moved toward the wall and seated themselves on the edge of the window to let it slowly die out and regain their breath.
Daphne let out a long breath with some leftover giggles coming through. "Okay, what happened after the 'hey' part again? My memory couldn't be right in the way I seem to remember it."
"I guess pandemonium broke out." He letting a few calming breaths himself to settle his light stomach and breathing.
Smiling, she ran her hand through her hair, combing it a bit. "I say the mood shifted quite erratically."
He snorted at the choice of words. "Meaning; it went up and down like a wild rollercoaster."
"A wild rolling what?" She asked while giving him an amused look.
He quickly realized that she likely didn't know about the speedy machines and explained. "A muggle thing. It's an amusement ride, consisting of a cart following a track at high speed, at least most of the time."
The explanations seemed to puzzle her. "Tracey might have talked about it somewhere in the past. It sounds a lot like the railway in Gringotts, but why would muggles like something like that? It's awful.."
"It kind of is like the ride in Gringotts, however this variant is a lot more pleasant… I think." He said tentatively, not actually having been in a rollercoaster or anything remotely coming close to it in his entire life.
"Silly muggle inventions." Daphne said shaking her head at the oddity before turning to him with a frown. "But never mind that, how did you do that?"
Harry gave her a questioning look. "Do what?"
"Beat me!" Daphne exclaimed as if he had just managed to win an arm wrestling match against a troll.
"Sorry but It wasn't that hard. Your attention was a tunnel vision on me, there was no tactic in your spellwork and you didn't make use of or keep track of your surroundings. They're important in duels; could even end your life if you aren't careful." He said briefly seeing a flash of Sirius sailing through the veil at the end of his explanation.
She slumped a bit with each point and could only weakly mumble her reply. "It wasn't that bad.."
"It would probably have gone better for you if had kept those tips in mind and kept your cool, I'm not that good or special." He said putting his hand on top of hers in a comforting gesture without thinking.
She looked up at him in surprise, likely because of his action rather than his words. He himself was also just beginning to see that he hadn't done anything like it before in this kind of sense. He didn't pull his hand away however, and simply held her warm hand.
"Could have fooled me. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two sometime." She said in a much more cheery tone.
He nodded. "Sure, but first things first, we have enough as it is."
"I wonder how that came to be." Daphne said acting oblivious, holding a finger to her chin.
"Yeah, of course you wouldn't know why." Harry said with a snort.
Daphne only grinned slyly in response.
Silence fell and he began studying the scenery outside the cold window as conversation ended and their connected hands remained where they were.
He could see that a light frost covered most of the grass, buildings and trees with the sun streaking its last red colours across the sky before it would eventually succumb to the approaching night.
Deciding that he would end the awkward but pleasant silence, he gave the back of her hand one last squeeze before sliding of the edge onto the floor again. "Come on let's get started for real this time."
Daphne nodded and fluidly slid down from the window.
"Ready to begin on the Quickstep?" She asked in a tone that was unusually quiet.
"Let's fix the room first before we go at it again." He said indicating the mess around them with a low sweep of his arm.
He saw Daphne's gaze sweep across the classroom, taking in the damage such as the multiple chairs that had been broken, the burn mark on the door and various smudges on the floor and walls.
"I know that you panicked, Harry, but you didn't have the wreck in room in response." She said faking an understanding tone, quickly returning to herself.
He gave her a wry look, not giving her the satisfaction of a verbal reaction and began repairing a few damaged chairs.
"So Quickstep is on the roster tonight. What's it like again?" Harry asked vanishing a multi coloured stain of the wall, idly wondering whether or not he would have turned into a walking rainbow if it had hit him.
"It's a combination of Slow Foxtrot combined with the Charleston. One of those two you already know, so you should get the hang of it quick enough with some of the old style shining through this new one." Daphne answered from the other side of the room, vanishing and repairing the damage in the same manner he did.
He nodded seeing that she had finished on her side, logical since a lot more spells had been fired off toward his side of the room.
Finished the last spots on the floor, he silently met her in the middle of the room fluidly taking a dancing position with her again, while she started guiding him through each of the steps.
They started making progress relatively quick sometime later when Daphne spoke out as they continued their pace.
"You're feeling better, right? Did yesterday help?"
He bend her low so he saved himself from her inspecting gaze a moment longer, while grumbling his admittance.
She had an I-told-you-so look when he pulled her back up. "Daphne knows best, Harry. You should listen more."
"Says the women who instantly goes berserk-ouch!" He called out as she purposefully stepped on his foot with a look of feign concern on her face, as if she was wondering why he had called out.
"Yes of course, I'll think twice about it next time." He raid rolling his eyes.
She seemed pleased with his answer before a coy smile took her lips. "So, did you like it?"
"No, I like you more without your wand pointing at me." He said grimacing.
"Not that, yesterday." She said giving him a look.
"Oh." He said realizing that she was talking about the nap he had taken during their meeting, remembering how he had eventually woken up with his head on her lap, with no recollection on how he had ended up there.
Daphne tightened her grip on him in response to his silence, bringer him closer to her and her breasts, which he had been a lot more conscious of since the moment they started, feeling them lightly press against his chest.
"Did you like sleeping with me?" She repeated softly.
He felt his face heat mostly at the feeling of her and almost sputtered his reply out. Thankfully he managed to keep it under control. "Don't word it like that, Hogwarts would explode if they heard something along those lines."
"It can be interpreted in multiple ways, not my fault you can't control yourself." She said with a bit of that devilish grin she usually had shining through her innocent expression.
She lessened her grip, allowing the usual distance between them again. To the relief of his pounding heart and blood, the scent of her flowers seemed to have bloomed in that moment with an intoxicating dosage.
Her expression turned more searching afterwards. "So you didn't hate it? I didn't make you too uncomfortable? You are quite hard to read sometimes, you know."
Harry willed himself to look into her sapphire eyes that were set in an expression of open sincerity. "I didn't hate it, I would have protested a lot longer otherwise."
"And here I thought you liked making me feel uncomfortable?" He continued lightly in response to her questions and actions.
"I do but there are different kinds, I like the one where you get all red the most." Daphne admitted showing her devilish grin openly.
"Yeah, those were my suspicions. Thanks for the confirmation." He blandly replied.
"Anytime, Harry."
"It was..calming." He admitted after some moments of silence, remembering the warm dreamless sleep.
She looked relieved and rested her head against him making him unable to see more of the expression. "That's good, feel free to come for more anytime you want or need it."
He nodded against the side of her hair. Once again confused by the twists and turns she made but feeling warm inside nonetheless, causing him to dismiss the thoughts of trying to figure it out and simply opted to enjoy it and let it be.
Their tempo had already slowed down considerably throughout their conversation and he disengaged from her, gesturing toward the window they usually sat on during their breaks.
"Let's sit down for a moment and rest?"
She nodded. "Yeah, no wait, on second thought; transfigure the desk again so that we can start with Occlumency when you're ready."
"We're not continuing with the Quickstep?" He asked lightly surprised, they usually spend more time practicing.
"What? Disappointed that you can't hold me anymore?" she asked in fake curiosity, and he actually felt inclined to agree with her, but quickly replaced it with the urge to start with his Occlumency.
"Couldn't live without it." He replied calmly transfiguring the desk before plopping down on the cushioned couch.
"Of course you can't, feel thankful for having my precious free time." Daphne said haughtily as she gracefully seated herself beside him with the usual close proximity between them, which he didn't move away from, having the eccentric blonde at a normal distance would probably feel weird by now.
"But I need to tell you something else first." She said rearranging her skirt beneath her.
"Sure, what is it, Daphne?" Harry said attentively.
Daphne's eyes flicked to his. "It's about that arrogant slug."
"Oh, yeah, you mentioned it before, who is it?." He thinking back to the things she had said in the beginning of the evening.
Daphne sighed. "It's Theodore Nott, he is quite the pompous dork these days. Even had to nerve to nearly threaten me and Astoria."
He sat up a little straighter and felt his eyebrows furrow. "What did he say? Is it because of the rumors that are starting to swell?"
"Well he didn't actually word it specifically in any direct way, but managed to convey it nonetheless." She said frowning at the lack of evidence she could provide. "And yes; he came to me because he caught wind of it."
"Just come tell me again if he does anything to you or anyone else like Davis and your sister." Harry said relaxing a bit at her answer, but still feeling a bit wary regardless. Not liking the thought of being unable to know whether or not she would be in trouble.
"My knight in shining armor; Harry Potter, coming to my defense while riding on the back of a dragon?" Daphne asked smiling.
"Make out of it whatever you want, just come see me if he does it again." He said waving her off.
"And what will you do then? Stomp him?" She asked seemingly thinking lightly of Nott's threats.
He couldn't smile or grin back at her and held her gaze in a serious expression, watching hers fall a bit as he replied. "I'll right the wrong."
She seemed to shrink back a bit in the intensity of his look before she recovered and replied. "Well you'll have your chance to talk to Nott as he will probably come see you after he realizes that you are my date for the party."
"He'll come whine to me just because we are going to the masquerade together? Don't people have better things to do?" He grumbled in annoyance under his breath.
"No, the most likely case being that he comes to talk you out of it."
Harry frowned. "What good does that serve him?"
"He wants to act all high and mighty by taking me; the Slytherin doing the wrong thing to the party, just to show people that he can, and probably try to feel me up while he's at it too. He actually came up to me, saying that I was allowed to take him to the party."
"I'm guessing that you didn't like the way he did it?" He asked frowning a bit after her answer.
Daphne scoffed. "No, I didn't. That pretentious fool."
This time he did manage to grin a bit at her words, glad that the Nott scion had little chance of coming to the party with them making the calls. Still he made a note to himself to watch Theodore for his father was one of the Death Eaters who came at the graveyard after Voldemort's resurrection, and participated in the battle at the Ministry. He was (for now) an imprisoned Death Eater, however Harry didn't believe Azkaban to be immune for a second mass breakout.
"Well?" He heard a voice call out impatiently.
"What?" He asked looking up in response to her lacking question.
"Well some other guy asks me out, how do you fell about that? Nothing at all?" She asked crossing her arms.
Harry blinked before the gears started working in his head. So this was what she meant earlier? What he should be jealous about? How was that even possible? He wanted to tell her so with a joke, but noticed himself withholding the words. Realizing that he found the thought of some pompous guy getting overly chummy or even touchy with Daphne not a pleasant one, no matter who it was. Not in the least. Actually made him feel like something had been stolen from him in some strange sort of sense.
He knew that he was silently looking back at her, but the thoughts continued regardless. Why would I feel that way? With whom she talks to or interacts with isn't my business. His feelings however remained steadfast despite his sound reasoning. Finding the thought of her disliking the other guy pleasing him, making him go on in circles between the two sides in his mind.
"I don't it." He said slowly, hoping that honesty would be the best thing to say in the end.
"Really? How so?" She asked looking at him with attention, as she uncrossed her arms.
His eyebrows knitted together as he tried to put words to it. "I don't know, kind of feels like I'm being robbed or something, as if it's my right."
"..Well yes, of course you feel that way. Only logical right? Yes, yes." Daphne replied mumbling, smiling uncontrollably as she started playing with one of her hair locks, while fumbling with the hem of her skirt in her other hand.
He only stared in confusion at the kind of reaction he hadn't seen or heard from her up until this point.
They remained like this in silence and he quickly noticed that; again, it wasn't a comfortable one like they would usually share, making him desperate to say something.
"So uh, Occlumency?"
"Ah, yes!" She said snapping out of it and turning to him with renewed energy. "Let's jump right into it. I already covered the basics with you, so I'll start invading your mind now, it's up to you to push me out."
"Any tips that could help?" He asked hoping that with unlike Snape, he could get a useful answer.
"Yes, try and focus on my presence, at first you likely don't really know what to do in order to find or push me out, but it'll come to sooner or later. It's like trying to move a muscle you have never used before; it's there but you simply don't know how to flex it yet. Doing this, along with some exercises on your own will help recognize it." She explained lifting her arm up and down in emphasis to her example.
"Thanks, that'll help." He responded, glad for more clarification on the experience.
"Remember that an empty and calm mind will help accomplishing these things. If not purely for the fact that they will distract you otherwise."
"Ready, Harry?" She asked in confirmation from him, lifting her wand.
He nodded. "Ready."
"On the count of three. One-two-three, Legilimence!"
His vision darkened and blurred making everything he saw a hazy background as he felt a pressuring presence somewhere in his head. It didn't press further nor did it move away from the initial spot he located it. Just sitting there completely stationary in his head like some strange misplaced headache.
He tried to will his mind to do something about it; to remove it or thrust it out from within his mind, but little happened and he soon felt help and limbless, unable to do anything against it.
The pressure vanished and he saw his vision come to the foreground again, sharp with the details his glasses provided for him. He saw a smiling Daphne holding her wand up, likely having retreating from his mind herself.
"Good job, Harry! You instantly managed to locate my presence, which is harder considering that mine is not very painful and prominent, making it harder to notice amongst the rest of your mind." She said in appraisal.
He rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand, while nowhere near the pain from Snape's lessons, it still felt unpleasant. "Was that good? I didn't manage to do anything after that."
"Locating is also a part of the muscle, to move and look around freely is part of the process, the first step actually."
"Oh, that should make for a good start then." He said, idly thinking that it might be because of the mindscape with the entity, which required him to move around in a directionless place.
"It does, Ready?" She asked readying her wand again.
"One-two-three, Legilimence!" She called out firing off the invisible mind attack.
His vision blurred again and he wasted no time, searching and feeling throughout his mind for the pressure that bothered him quickly locating it in a different spot of his mind.
Harry tried to command the invisible forces of his mind to come to his defense against the intruder and concentrated on forcing the irregularity out.
He faintly felt some moving and twisting sensation in his head, as if his brains themselves were moving in response to his urging.
It wasn't enough however, since the presence didn't budge and remained steadfast in its position. He kept trying until he found that the headaches the efforts and presence delivered became too much to focus with. Causing the outside habitation to abruptly disappear again as Daphne withdrew.
He let out a breath as the world seemed to return to him while the headache ebbed. "How was that? I managed to set something in motion, right?"
"Yes, I felt you trying to push me out, I think you're simply a quick learner." She said encouragingly. "However you need more practice to put any considerable force in it, not to mention the speed in which you manage to do it, which is crucial to master."
"Getting some considerable shields shouldn't be too far away then?" He asked hopefully.
Daphne nodded in confirmation. "It should go pretty fast at this pace, strengthening them is something we can always work on later, if we even decide it necessary at all."
Harry rubbed his jaw feeling a bit of stubble, the shields themselves weren't too important at the moment, Somniamency had the obvious priority since he had to work most of it out himself if he wanted any hope of controlling his dreams.
"Good, let's continue." He said feeling that the headache had receded enough.
"One-two-three, Legilimence!"
They continued like this for the remainder of the evening and in the end Harry felt mentally exhausted but satisfied with the progress he had been able to make with Daphne's help.
"Take this with you before you leave." She said searching through her bag, pushing items and books aside in search for her target as they stood in the dimly lit and deserted corridor. Having left the classroom.
She pulled out a medium sized book and held it out to him. "I forgot to give it to you last time, it's the book about the mind arts so you can read up on multiple Occlumency exercises meanwhile, try them out and ask me if you have any trouble or questions."
"Oh yeah, now that you mention it." He said taking the book from her hands. "Are there also exercises for Somniamency?"
"No clue, I don't know much about the branch you are going for, the chapters are quite long so I haven't managed to do much reading on it."
"Don't worry about that, it's up to me to learn and master it. Besides I can still ask for some guidance from you, right? You helped me out a lot tonight, your explanations, as usual, are easy to grasp and understand. Thank you for that." Harry said grateful for her help.
She grinned and bloated at his words as she brushed back some of her hair behind her shoulder. "You're welcome, and of course you can ask, only natural that I can help you out, me being as perfect as I am."
He rolled his eyes. "Thank you, deity from the heavens above.."
"Worship and thou shall receive." Daphne replied smiling playfully as she began moving backwards. "See you tomorrow, Harry! Don't forget!"
He reached out with his hand in a halting gesture. "Uhm..forget what again?"
"Slug Club, Silly, in the evening again!" She called out flashing him that devilish grin again before disappearing behind the sharp corner.
Harry groaned as he remembered how much chaotic revelations it had held the last time and hoped she went easy on him this time.
He glanced at the cover reading; 'The mind, going deeper than your average trunk' before carefully stashing her book between the others he still had in his bag.
He sighed at the prospect of going to sleep again and hoped that he, like Daphne had said; was a fast learner. "Looks like I have a new book to read before going to sleep.."
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