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Corpse Bride- New arrival?

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Meet Scarlett- a rebellious young teenage girl who forms an unlikely bond with Emily, the Corpse Bride..

Category: Corpse Bride - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor,Romance - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2015-05-14 - 716 words

A raven haired teenage girl sat typing on her laptop, when the voice of her mother distracted her attention."Scarlet! Have you made your bed?" Grumbling in annoyance, the teenager known as Scarlet shut her laptop off and slowly made her way upstairs. As soon as she reached her bedroom, her eyes immediately fell onto the unmade, messy bed and her jaw dropped. "Aw crap...Mom is gonna kill me." Scarlet sighed, and proceeded to fix her bed. A few minutes passed, and the teen dropped onto the bed and closed her eyes. "SCARLET!" Scarlet's eyes flew open and she jolted up. "Yeah Mom??" "Did you make your bed?" Her mother asked her once again. "Yes Mom!" Scarlet called out. Silence. Rolling her eyes, the raven haired teen grabbed her phone and walked out of her room, and went downstairs. "I'm going for a walk!" And with that, she opened the front door and left.


Now totally unaware of her surroundings, Scarlet wandered through a suspiciously dark forest (where anyone could be hiding...). Humming along to an obviously catchy song, the teen sat down on a fallen tree log and closed her eyes. Minutes passed, and out of the darkness, and skeletal hand reached out and touched Scarlet's shoulder. This caused her to exit the distracted state she was in and scream, running and carelessly tripping over a rock, and dropping her phone which miraculously didn't break. Scarlet winced and grabbed her leg, silently cursing. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to frighten you!" Glancing up to see where the mysterious voice came from, the teenage girl's eyes widened. "W-what''re... d-d-d.." The voice giggled. "Dead? yes.. I am. Don't be scared. My name is Emily. And you?" Scarlet froze; should she tell this reanimated girl what her name was? Or get up and run? "S-Scarlet." Dammit. The corpse named Emily smiled and held out her hand to help the other girl up. Scarlet reluctantly took it, and Emily pulled her up off the ground. "Oh do come along. There's something i'd like to show you!" "Show me? You don't even know who I am!" The corpse giggled and grabbed Scarlet's arm. "Hopscotch.."

"Whoa! There's actually a place where dead people go? AWESOME!" Scarlet was impressed. Emily smiled once again and nodded. "Yes. Do you like it?" "Like it? I love it!" The teenager grinned. Emily looked over at her and blushed. "Heh, I'm glad.." Scarlet met Emily's gaze,and smiled softly. Walking closer to her, her cheeks turned red. "Y'know, for a corpse,and a girl, you're pretty cute.." This made Emily blush more. "You're cute... way cuter than I am." Scarlet grinned. "Yeah right." Emily giggled. "Oh! Let me show you something." She grabbed the other girl by the arm and guided her to a bar, and once inside, Scarlet smirked. "You buyin me drinks?" This made Emily giggle more. "If you're willing to let me, then sure." She replied with a grin. "Yo Em! Who's your friend?" A skeleton with a cool but jazz like voice approached the girls. "Bonejangles, I'd like you to meet Scarlet." He held out his hand for Scarlet to shake. "Ah. Nice ta meet ya." Scar smiled. "You too." With a nod, Bonejangles walked back over to the bar. Emily and Scarlet made eye contact once again. "So... wanna dance?" Emily smirked. "Only if you can." She winked and headed off to dance, gesturing for Scarlet to follow.

An hour later, the two girls sat on a bench outside the bar. "I didn't know you had the moves!" Emily giggled, earning a grin from Scarlet. "I've been practicing." The pair looked each other in the eyes and fell silent. After a few moments, Scarlet leaned forward. Emily knew what was happening, and she too leant forward. Their lips met, and the world around them froze. Scarlet pulled Emily closer, her arms wrapped around the other girl's waist. Emily, in response, deepened the kiss, throwing her arms around Scarlet's neck. This went on for a few more minutes before they had to pull apart for air. "I..i love you Emily." "I love you too scarlet." They blushed and smiled. It had sure been an interesting day for Scarlet and Emily...
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