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A necklace with power

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Rikki was just a an ordinary girl until her favorite video games characters tell her she is a princess from a world full of half cat people. Sora and his friends must bring Rikki back to her home ...

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 Hey Riku,   Do have any idea why the king needs to see us?  Sora asked,  Who knows Sora,  Riku answered Back,   Sora, Riku, and Kairi arrived at Disney Castle where King Mickey and Queen Minnie live along with Donald and Goofy.    I wonder if it has anything to do with me.   Kairi said very curiously,   Why would it have anything to do with you?   Sora asked as he faced Kairi,  Well, I just started using my keyblade so maybe the king wants to give me some training or something.  Kairi said,  that could be possible.  Riku said, 
                  SORA!  Sora turns to see His old traveling companions Donald and Goofy running Towards him.  Donald! Goofy!  Sora said in surprise.  They ran towards each other and shared a group hug.   Hi guys, long time no see,  Riku said as he walked up to them.  Do you guys know why the king wants to see us?  Kairi asked,   The king said it's a secret.  He only wanted to tell you guys,  Goofy said,  not even the queen knows.  Donald Said,  I wonder what's up.  Sora said,
                 Sora and the gang arrive at the castles library where King Mickey spends his time when he is not on a journey.   Hello your majesty,  it's great to see you again.   Sora said as he and everyone else bows.   Like wise Sora,  King Mickey said,   So whats up?  Sora asked,  I have a very important mission for you three.  But first, I need you to take this.   King Mickey said as he gives Sora a gold necklace with an engraving in the shape of a cats eye and red jewels.   This necklace belongs to the princess of a world where everyone is half human and half cat.  King Mickey explained.   And you want us to return it to her?   Riku asked,   Yes,  let me tell you guys the story behind this necklace.  King Mickey said.
                 When the princess was born,  the queen had a terrible dream the night after her birth.  The dream showed the the world being swallowed up by the darkness.   The queen didn't want the princess to see that happen so she took the princess to a whole other realm instead of another world.  Feline people and other creature similar to them do not exist to humans in that realm so she drained every little part of the princesses feline instincts and transferred them into the necklace.   The queen gave the necklace to King Mickey and Queen Minnie to hide it until the princesses 18th birthday.   
                  So what happened to the world?  Kairi asked,   The world was swallowed up by the darkness,  but thanks to Sora the world has returned to the way it was.   King Mickey explained,   So how are we supposed to find the princess?   Riku asked,   Use the necklace,  it will transport you to the realm where the princess is living.  Once your there, the necklace will guide you.   King Mickey explained,   Everyone gathered around Sora who is holding the necklace except for King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.   One more thing before you all leave,  the princesses name is Rikki.   King Mickey said,   A light started to glow from the necklace then surrounded Sora, Riku, and Kairi.  They disappeared into thin air.

Author's Note
             This is my very first Fan fiction so I hope you all like it so far.   In the next chapter,  you will get to meet Rikki.  Please Heart, comment, and fallow.
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