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Anyone Out There?

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Hey guys. It's Penina. Not sure if anyone on here remembers me. I was the crazy 14-15 year old girl who was OBSESSED (if there was a stronger word, I'd use it) with Frank Iero. I'm not anymore though. I grew up a hell of a lot. Anyway, back in the day there used to be a little community on this website. It had its fair share of dramas. (People getting pissy about self-inserts) but I digress. Point is, Hozzie (an awesome best friend of mine) and I really want to speak to some of the old members again. If you're new and you want to talk to us, we're more than happy for you to do so. Bearing in mind we're not all that into MCR anymore. More into Supernatural. Big change, I know, but those things happen.

If anyone we used to know is still out there, here's some information about me:

I used to be tmbfucks on here. I would've used that account but it's not letting me anymore which is a shame. :( I'm 18 now. So is Hozzie! She's older than me though. If she wants to, I'll let her talk about her own life on here. Haha. I have now grown out of my fringe and my head is a lovely shade of rainbow now. It used to have stripes in it, but I've gone for the whole shebang! My cat's still alive and well, although he doesn't bring in as many presents as he used to, thank god! School's good. Wow. Speaking of school we have a LOT to catch up on. I'm sure loads of you have moved out of your homes by now, or are at least in the process. I'm gonna be moving in about a years' time. Maybe even to Brighton. I could be moving to assisted living, because if you don't remember, I have autism and wouldn't be able to cope on my own. Wow. What happened to this site? I remember every day people had dramas going on, and now nobody's here anymore. I miss it.

If you're new and wondering what all this is, feel free to go way back in the MCR section. We used to have conversations and fights. It was like a fully dysfunctional functioning family. What else? Oh yeah. I've completely decided on my career now. I'm gonna be an actress. There's no two ways about it. I just love it and I can't imagine doing anything else. What are all of you lot up to? What do you guys wanna do? I miss you guys. Hozzie and I talk about you a lot.

AJ, Mia, Raven, Gahh! Just everyone! Where the hell have you been? We really should've kept in better contact, but life kinda swept us away from this site, didn't it? I should probably mention at this point that by new, I mean if you've been here since md 2013 and onwards. We all kinda left by then.

I don't really know what else to say without you all being here, so please, PLEASE, if you're out there, just comment? It'd mean the world to us! :)

Ciao for now! - Penina. :D
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