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Chapter 2: Red-Eyes/Reddoaizu

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Over the bridge and far away, there was a village of humble folk who lived in peace. Over the bridge and far away, there was a castle ruled by a selfish king who lived in fear. This is the way it h...

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Warning: Foul language, minor violence and hinted male X male.
Pairings: (Kaiba X Joey) (Yami X Yugi) (Duke X Tristan) (Bakura X Yami Bakura) (Marik X Yami Marik) (Burūaizu X Reddoaizu)
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New: I added some minor updates to chapter 1 to make it more understandable. I am also adding another pairing. Burūaizu X Reddoaizu

Crystal Waters of Yesterday

Chapter 2: Red-Eyes/Reddoaizu

Red-eye’s gleamed down upon the four companions. Three of them looked as though they were about to faint. The other smiled fondly up at the large, black, beast. “So these are the humans you spoke of.” Asked the dragon in a strong, raspy, voice that sent shivers down the three, trembling, teens spines.

“Yes indeed,” said Sugoroku cheerfully. “This is my grandson Yugi.” The elderly man gestured to the smallest in their group. The dragon took note of the young one’s gentle appearance and oddly shaped hair. “And,” Sugoroku merrily when on, “these are his best friends, Jonouchi Katsuya and Honda Hiroto.”

The scaled beast then scanned the blond and brunet that stood anxiously by their small friend’s side. The blond, Jonouchi, seemed transfixed by the creature before him. He had one foot in front of Yugi as well as a hand on the shorter teen’s shoulder, as if to protect his frail companion from possible hostility. The brunette, Honda, held his head high and had his fists raised to his chest. He seemed to be trying his best to look intimidating, but the spunky boy’s wobbling knees ruined his attempt. The dragon eyed all three of the terrified teens warily before replying. “I see. It’s very nice to meet you. Sugoroku has told me a lot about you three.”

“H-he has?” Asked Jonouchi stunned. He glanced at the smiling elderly man, then back at the (now smirking) dragon. “It can talk!” He thought. “And old man Sugoroku has been chatting to this beast about me and my friends!?” He couldn’t believe it. None of the teens could believe it.

“Yes,” said the dragon calmly.

“How- why are you here?” Yugi questioned meekly from behind his friend.

“Well, that’s a long story,” sighed Sugoroku. “First off, boy’s this is Reddoaizu and as you can tell, he is a dragon. One of very few left, I might add, so treat him with respect! I met him at the carnival and we decided to travel together.”

“You make our meeting sound so typical.” scoffed the black dragon. “You saved my life from that horrid place Sugoroku, and even offered me a place to stay, until I get better. I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay you for your kindness.”

“It was nothing! Really! You don’t have to repay me. I was happy to have the company on such a long journey.” Sugoroku laughed genuinely.

“Get better?” questioned Yugi. “What happened at the carnival? Why do you need a place to stay?”

Reddoaizu frowned and they were all startled as the dragon moved forward and turned to the side revealing a broken, battered up, leathery wing. “This is why I need a place to stay. For you see, just as much as a human can be kind like your grandfather, they can also be wicked and cruel,” the dragon snarled. The wing looked like it had been purposefully, crippled, precisely at its middle joint making it hang awkwardly by the dragons side.

As the beast mumbled curses in a strange tongue, they all waited apprehensively, for the dragon to calm down before Sugoroku said, "yes that is a sad but true statement. Which is why I don't want you boys telling anyone about Reddoaizu staying here. Our village is quiet and peaceful, but the people are frightened easily and are unfamiliar with many things that lay outside of our borders. If any of them saw Reddoaizu it would probably scare the bejeebers out of them!" Sugoroku chuckled.

The three boys glanced at each other in unison knowing he was right considering how frightened they were even with their village elder standing next to them.

“We... we understand grandpa,” stammered Yugi. “We won't tell anyone.” Jonouchi and Honda nodded in agreement. “But ... I still don't quite feel like I’m getting the whole picture. How did Reddoaizu end up here with you in our land?” They all felt sorry for the dragon. He seemed prideful but kind. Which they found very unexpecting from such a large beast. The three youth were so sure they would have all been turned to ash by now.

“I'll have to tell you boys later,” Sugoroku said while looking towards the skyline. “It's already nightfall, and we have an early day ahead of us. I'm taking the three of you hiking through the woods in the morning, so get plenty of rest tonight.” The old man then exchanged a knowing glance with Reddoaizu and said, "Goodnight, I hope your stay is comfortable. We'll all see you soon." The dragon nodded in acknowledgement and laid down in the brush. Mindful of his wing, Reddoaizu piled some of the soft dirt and grass around him to make a makeshift bed that would keep him cozy throughout the night.

Sugoroku started to lead the boys away, back to their homes, but after walking a few feet Jonouchi stopped and turned to the dragon. Now that the beast's head was level with his own, he was able to take in his tired, worn out, feachers. He didn’t know why he felt the need to say something kind to the dragon, but regardless, he blurted out, "Goodnight Reddoaizu!"

The dragon seemed pleasantly surprised by the blond boys boldness and replied with a soft smile, "Goodnight Jonouchi."

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