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Where He Belongs

by AlexisRae72 1 review

Warning: Death Fic. Just a random short story of a dream I had. This is my first ever story so if everything is just horrible thats why! But I hope it's somewhat good, because I was really nervous ...

Category: Viewfinder - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Asami,Takaba - Published: 2015-05-29 - 408 words - Complete

Asami set the roses down by the carved stone. He read the name and the description. “Takaba Akihito, dearest son.”
He then lifted himself up slowly from his kneeling position in front of the grave, but he still couldn’t walk away. The worst part of it all, was that this was his fault… All of it. If he just got there sooner. HE would still be here with him. He could still see his smile. Hear his laugh, and feel the warmth of his skin. Watch him bloom into the beautiful man he was meant to become… If only...

“I love you.”

Then, without looking back, Asami walked away from the stone that holds his soul.

-40 years later- May 5th:

At the old cemetery, you could only hear the rain pounding the ground and feel the rolling thunder beneath you after the lightning lit up in the night. Most people avoid the cemetery on these kind of nights. Except for one, lonely old man. He comes by every year on this day, no matter what kind of weather goes on above him. The workers even put in a bench just for him next to the stone of a young boy who passed years ago. No one knows of the relationship of the two, but knowing it was something special for the man to be coming back all these years, never to forget. The old man walks down the sidewalk tapping his cane on the ground with every other step. He eventually gets up to the stone, and sets an old, Nikon camera down in front of it. Then he sets his cane next to him on the bench as he slowly sits down. The old man closes his eyes and whispers. “I love you.” Into the night.
In the morning, as mother and child come to mourn over a deceased family member, the young child finds the old man. He tries to wake him up by shaking his shoulder, noticing how cold he his. And how silent. He doesn’t look sad though. Or in pain. He has a smile on his face as though there isn’t any better place to be…
A few days later the old man was buried next to the stone of the young boy. They felt that he wouldn’t be at peace anywhere else. This is where he belongs. Next to the boy who passed away many years ago.
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