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Rosie gets in to a fight

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Rosie POV
"Make sure to stay right next to someone i don't wan you to get lost" my Father lectured as we walked in to Nottingham village "I will" I said wearily. My father looked down at me with a stern expression "I mean it Rosie don't wander off its to dangerous I-" my father was cut off mid sentence by Will "guards" he whispered causing us all to discretely turn our heads in order to go unnoticed my father pulling me in front of him facing me in to the rest of the group. "Right there's allot of guards around so make sure we stay quiet do what we need to do and get out" Robin said addressing the group then nodded towards me "stay out of trouble" he winked at me they got on with handing the money to the poor. "Daddy can I go sit over their" I asked pointing to a bit of grass , he looked over to were I pointed "yeah just make sure to stay their" he replied I nodded and ran over to the grass. I sat down and started playing with the bits of grass around you when something caught my eye , I little boy being cornered by a group of three boy who looked to be about the same age. Without thinking I got up and ran over to them "hey leave him alone" I shouted pushing by the older boys and standing in front of the other one "get out of the way little girl this has nothing to do with you" he said pushing me to the ground and throwing a punch at the other boys face "I SAID LEAVE HIM ALONE" I yelled pushing him as hard as i could catching one of the guards attention. "ROSIE" I heard Robin yell and the next thing I knew the were guards chasing us and my father grabbed me quickly and the whole gang started running in to the forest , we ran for about 10 minutes before we stopped "You stupid girl" my father yelled putting me on the floor "what didn't I tell you to stay in that spot" he yelled looking down at me. Tears running down my cheeks my heart racing from being frightened "Allan I think the lecture can wait look at her she's scared" Will said calming him down. His face softened a bit and he bent down to my level pulling me in to a hug allowing me to cry in to his shoulder , "alright darling your safe shhhh" I calmed down after a minute and my father kissed my head. "If you ever pull a stunt like that again ill tan your backside" he warned while still hugging me. After getting back to camp and having to explain what the fight was actually about everybody seemed to be a bit more relaxed and my father and robin told me they were proud of me for sticking up for the boy.
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