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Say Something.

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"You know what's funny?" Gerard asked, knowing he wouldn't receive a reply. "I used to love listening to you talk but now I'm the one who can't shut up."

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Say something.

"Gerard, I-"Frank gripped his boyfriend tight, feeing the sheen of sweat between their bodies, slick and wet "I'm so close. Touch me, please."

Gerard pressed his lips to Frank's as he reached down between them and grasped at Frank's dick, pumping him in time with each thrust. Frank moaned into the kiss, feeling the heat pool in his lower stomach, hot and tight, until he gasped and came across their stomachs. Gerard continued to fuck into Frank, feeling his own orgasm approaching fast. Frank encouraged him with small fluttery kisses along his jaw and soft moans in his ear, it wasn't long before Gerard was slamming inside him one last time, pressing deep as he came inside of his lover.

He slumped, spent and empty over Frank, taking deep harsh breaths as he tried to regain himself, before slowly pulling out with a hiss and rolling to lay beside Frank on the sheets. Frank rolled onto his side, feeling Gerard wrap an arm around his shoulder, and took Gerard's other hand, running his thumb over the knuckles as he always did. Gerard just watched, a small smile on his face, and stroked his other palm down Frank's back.

"Gerard?" Frank said quietly in the afterglow. "We've been together a while now, right?"

"Mhmm..." Gerard replied, closing his eyes. Frank's fingers still stroked along his skin gently, soothingly, in a way that made him sleepy.

"Well, I just- I want to tell you that-" Gerard peeled open his eyes and looked down at Frank, eyebrows crumpled together.

"Tell me what?" Gerard muttered, still watching Frank as he stopped stroking his fingers and turned to look at Gerard.

"I love you." Gerard blinked down at Frank, smiling a little and closing his eyes.

"Yeah. I know. For a moment, everything was still, then suddenly Frank was up and out of the bed, grabbing his clothes off the floor and yanking them on. "Frank? What's wrong? Where are you going?"

Frank turned and glared at Gerard, fastening his jeans as he did so. "You cannot be serious."

Gerard watched confused as Frank sat and yanked his shoes on, realising he was going to leave and quickly grabbing his own clothes. "What the hell did I do?"

"You didn't say it back!"

"What?!" Gerard said, feeling himself get angry at Frank suddenly, as he pulled his hoodie on.

"I just told you that I love you and you didn't say it back!" Frank shouted at Gerard as he stormed out the room, and across the apartment. "All I got was a fucking 'yeah, I know.' And you couldn't even look me in the eye when you said it!"

"Are you kidding me? You fucking know how I feel about you?" Gerard cried annoyed. Of course he fucking loved Frank, he'd never felt that way about anyone before.

"And again, you dodge the god damn bullet, Gerard. I'm fucking out of here, I can't even look at you right now." And Frank stormed out, leaving Gerard to stand stunned for a moment in the silence Frank had left behind.

Suddenly, it was like Gerard had sprung back to his senses, and he bolted out the door and down the stairs. He could see Frank out of the apartment building door and he called out to him, hoping he would turn around. He hadn't said it back. Frank had said he loved him and Gerard didn't say it back. Of course Frank was fucking pissed.

"Frank!" Gerard yelled again, bursting through the apartment building entrance and on to the pathway outside. "Frank, please?!"

Frank spun around, face red with anger, and opened his mouth to speak but the words never came. Instead there was a sickening crunch of a windshield breaking as Frank's body slammed against it and into the air.

Gerard stood frozen to the spot, temporary shock settling within him. Frank was hit by a car, Frank was laying in the road, and Frank was bleeding and not moving. Frank. Gerard screamed and bolted into the road, feeling arms wrap around him and drag him back. He didn't know who they belonged to, nor did he care, all he knew was that someone was gripping him tight and he couldn't reach Frank.

"Let go of me!" Gerard yelled and struggled but it was no good, the person didn't let go. Gerard broke down, sobbing as the full extent of what had just happened hit him. He didn't say it back. Frank could be dead and Gerard didn't say it back.

"I can't! You could get hurt!" It was Toro, Gerard's friend and neighbour who had been arriving home from work as the accident happened. "Gerard, calm down. The ambulance should be here any minute, okay?"

"Ray-"Gerard managed before he crumpled in the arms around him, sobbing as police arrived and moved the crowd that had gathered, back. Slowly Ray relinquished his grip on Gerard and allowed him to get to his feet and make his way over to Frank.

"Sir. I'm afraid I can't let you past the tape. If you'd like to take yourself back over to your building-" Gerard ducked under the tape and pushed past the officer, attempting to shake him off as he gripped his arm.

"That's my boyfriend laying in the road!" Gerard cried hysterically "Let me go!"

With all of his force, Gerard threw himself forward, landing heavily on his hands. Glass split the skin on his palms but he didn't pay any attention to it, he just stumbled to his feet and made a run for the stretcher that the paramedics had put Frank on. He'd almost reached him when the arms were back around him, dragging him toward another ambulance.

Gerard was screaming and struggling, losing all control of his senses as he struggled to reach his lover. He didn't say it back. His head was spinning with the hurt in Frank's eyes, with the anger he'd radiated, with the three little words Frank had told him in the afterglow. I love you. He didn't say it back.

The next thing Gerard could remember was being bundled into the back of a separate ambulance and having an EMT take pieces of glass out of his hands with some tweezers. Ray was beside him, arm around Gerard's shoulders, talking on the phone. Ray turned to look at Gerard and gave him a sad smile, he'd been crying, Gerard could tell, and mouthed "I'm calling Mikey." Gerard simply nodded and looked back down his shredded hands, wondering how he didn't notice the pain before.

It didn't take long for the ambulance to come to a halt outside of the hospital. Gerard stepped out, seeing Frank being wheeled hurriedly inside, and made a bolt for him. He gripped Frank's hand in his own, feeling his own blood wet between their fingers, and pressed his lips to Frank's knuckles.

"I'm sorry, Frankie, I'm so sorry I didn't say it back. I love you, I really- I love you, Frankie. Please don't leave me." Gerard gripped Frank's hand tighter, urging him to grip back, to do anything. Gerard looked at Frank's face and ran and through his hair. It looked like he was sleeping, if you looked past the dirt and the blood, it looked like Frank was sleeping soundly; the way he should have been in Gerard's bed instead of on this stretcher.

"Sir, we must insist you let go. We need to start tests-"Gerard zoned out for a moment, his focus entirely on Frank's face, and then the arms were back, separating Frank's fingers from his own and carrying him away. He watched as he struggled, seeing Frank disappear down a corridor a he was dragged to a room and plonked on the bed.

"Gerard?!" A voice called from outside. "Gerard?!" Gerard flung himself to the door, slamming it open to see his brother talking loudly with a nurse. Mikey turned around at the sound of the door hitting the wall and paled when he saw his older brother.

"Mikey-"Gerard broke down, Mikey grabbed him and wrapped his arms tightly around him. He could feel Mikey shaking and clung tighter. Gerard pulled away and took Gerard's wrists gently in his hands.

"Oh my god, Gerard! What the hell happened?" Mikey ushered Gerard back into the room he'd come out of, with much relief to the nurses, and helped him sit down on the bed again.

"Frankie- we...He said he loved me. I didn't say it back, Mikey. I didn't say it back and then he-he-" Gerard swallowed and looked down at his hands, feeling the blood begin to dry in places. "It all happened so fast. I tried to tell him that I loved him back but I don't know if he heard me, Mikey. I don't even know if he's alive! I love him, I really do. What if he- he'd never have known how I feel I-"

"Gerard!" Mikey snapped suddenly, grasping his brothers shoulders firmly. "He knows how you feel. He'll tell you himself when he wakes up, okay? Take a deep breath and stay there, I'm going to go and find out what's happening. Ray, keep him here."

Gerard sat there, staring impatiently at the door, as he allowed the nurse to inspect his wounds and wrap his hands. It felt like hours before Mikey finally appeared, fear and sadness in his eyes. "What's happening, Mikes? Is he okay? Mikey?"

"He's not good, Gee." Mikey almost whispered, sitting beside his brother and resting his head on the back of his shoulder. "They've had to put him in a medically induced coma for his own safety. The doctor wouldn't tell me much but it's-- you should probably prepare for the worst. I'm sorry, Gerard.

Gerard shook his head, the movement feeling heavy and sickening as he took in what Mikey was saying. That couldn't be right, Frank was so young and full of life, they had to be wrong; Mikey was wrong.

"I wanna see him."

"I don't think-"

"I want to see him now, Mikey!" Gerard demanded, cutting his brother off. "I want to see him and let him know I'm there. He'll wake up, he will wake up."
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