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New Fanfic Fuckups

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A collection of hilarious passages in various fanfictions. Please enjoy!

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New Fanfic Fuckups

Again: These were gathered for entertainment purposes only. No harm to the original authors is intended and thus they will remain anonymous. God knows we all make mistakes.

These were gathered from various fanfics of various fandoms, but a lot of them are MCR so I'm posting it here. Plus, this can be considered a follow up to the first 'funny things in fanfiction' thing I did. You can find it on my profile.

And lastly: I am not immune to mistakes. In all actuality, I'm quite prone to them. I am simply pointing out the hilarity of some of these....please enjoy!

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unstoppable stops

I think you're missing the basic point here.

if y poo u would call it a connection.

What are you trying to tell me?

He um... has the flue.


I could almost see the feeds in his head turning.

Something, somewhere went terribly wrong.

you can meet him, him off he's, um feeling better.

The almightly Him Off He's!

I could feel the buzz of electricity between us and MySpace between our shoulders snapped and fizzled.

Aww MySpace you're so sexy...

“Gee the bells gana ring soon.”
“Really you're gana pressure me too?”

Uhm...Ghana maybe?

“Hey Frank!” he scram.


long sleezed jumper.

I'm somehow thinking of sneezing. Or sleazy.

This wasn't just a note. This was a fucking latter.

Goddamn right, man!

I want to old you back

But...old...I don't want to....

I really just want to know you're body and love it

But what if I'm not body?

Frank was now very aware that he was only covered by a think pair of batman boxers.

So now boxer shorts have an IQ too? I'd totally use them to pass my maths exams...'Hey Boxie, what's the solution?'

because he iscolates himself.

It's a mix of ice cream and escalating...

He looked around for a food half a minute.

Someone must've been hungry while writing this...

Young and wreckless


I anted to show him how much he really meant to me.

Angry ants and all that jazz

Can you go to glass or do you need to go see a nurse?"

We're educated in glass cubes. It's a new educational concept.

I like at first I mea

At first I was like meh?

The manor is a waist land

The way my brain envisions this is rather disturbing.

we may end up having to hill them.

What kind of punishment is that?

she took her own feelings for granite.

Ouch, no wonder she's hurt.

the brunet’s surprise and hopped the offer would loosed up the other.

Er okay...I mean...what?

as he mentioned the vial man’s name.

Bottle neck, bottle size
There's some things you shouldn't do with science...

hadn't said it allowed but he'd unwittingly mouthed the words against his companion's lips.

Me being a nit picker...allowed and aloud. There's a difference.

My eyes widened and narrowed as the scene unfolded.

Someone has some serious eye issues. They aren't supposed to do that.

My heart monster was beeping rapidly.

Can't breathe...snortgigglesnort

looks like I over-underestimate you.

Can't decide? Use both!

some newspapers and bear cans on the coffee table.


and pushed past the dildos and the fleshlights to find the lube.

Geez organic products should be more valued huh?

"Patents it's not so bad."

Someone's made the invention of the century.

a pair of money bars.

How I'd like to have those on every playground!

slowly sucombing to escatsy.

Those combs work wonders!

I don't anything is uncomfortable for me.

Some thing are to be....doubted

she clasped her hands together like she is prying

Invading privacy requires certain rituals.

His body swayed and he would fallen had his friends not prevented it


He was so small and his were short legs he couldn't even reach the ground.

So...he levitates?

reaching up to whip the tears from her face.

Ouch, again with the nice treatment of friends.

tears feared his eyes as he ran

His eyes must've been horribly dry...

I have had more the a few glasses of wine since the incident

Ambiguity. This is how you do it.

So many people could have been saved from happening


He commented as his slaughter calmed down

He went on quite the killing spree.

There always keep a spear in here you may as well take it is not like people are going to miss it

At first i was like wtf?! But then I burst out laughing as I realized you meant spare.

He blocked my escape root!

Is that some kind of new magical gimmick? Like in video games?

honesty was always the best root to take

Oh so it's like medicine!

The birds were buzzing, bees were singing


the sunset was well past setting

Uh so...huh?

You've been plotting my demise ever since I first stepped food in this building!"

All these starved authors out there. Or are they food fetishists?

He sore he would remain bright red all night.


"There's this one lace I'd like to try,"


Someone had to of lost it.


These papers need to be sighed and filed in alphabetical order

Paperwork is tedious. End of explanation.

I could not hear or see anyone in her.

Quite disturbing.

had dreampt about the past few weeks


There was a good deal of science after that one

I cracked up so bad when I realized it's meant to be silence xD

Thanks for reading. I hope I could make you smile at least once!

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