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Endless Night

by atomickilljoy 1 review

Across the universe, we lie as one.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Published: 2015-06-19 - 226 words

In the moonlight silence, I can hear your breathing
Calling over to me
And I happily race to make it to you.
Across the universe,
We lie as one
Our bodies,
Hungry for one another,
Soak up the night
As if it were the last one
We were to ever spend.
I cannot trace your body with my hands at the moment
But there's nothing more I'd rather do
Than close my eyes
And go to the "Once upon a time"
Of our dreams
Where the night never ends
And we kiss
Over and over again
With no threat of the sunlight
Coming to claim the special moments.
No rush
To end the moments
In which we fall in love
Over and over again
The first "Hello" that ever erupted my heart
Was the one that you placed in my hands
As if the word would shatter in a second.
A word that spilled from your lips
So effortlessly
And settled inside of me
For me to keep,
And hold,
On the nights I did not have you,
And only had moonlight.
So you gave me a word
That leads me to you
So we can hold,
And love,
And learn to exist
As if we were the only two on Earth
On this endless night.
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