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In The Shadows

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Given a dare to sleep in the attic for the night, Allison takes on the challenge. Though, she never intends on running into Harry Styles, and she doesn't expect a life filled with drama, surprises ...

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Chapter 1: Attic Surprises

"Dare," she says with a smirk. Elizabeth looks up towards the ceiling, thinking. "I... Dare you to lick the bottom of Cassie's shoe."

Marie sighs, looking over at Cassie. Cassie sticks her foot out, chuckling. "Go right ahead, Marie."

So, Marie licks the bottom of her shoe. "It actually doesn't taste that bad," she says with a simple shrug.

We're all staying over at Elizabeth's house for the night, since it's the weekend. I honestly don't want to be here, since Cassie and Elizabeth aren't exactly... What you would call my 'friends.'

Marie dragged me into this, since she considers herself to be really good friends with them. She felt bad for the thought of leaving me out, so she insisted I come. I kept telling her I wouldn't show up, but she wouldn't stop insisting that I tag along. So, here I am, having the time of my life. Note the sarcasm.

With nothing else to do, Marie suggested that we play truth or dare.

So, the attention turns to me. "Alright, Allison. Truth or dare?"

I'd choose truth, but I've done that two times already. So, hesitantly, I choose dare.

She smirks, exchanging glances with Cassie. Wait. Maybe I shouldn't have chosen dare. I'm immediately regretting my decision.

"I dare you to sleep in the attic, without the light on. I'm sure you'll find a sleeping bag up there."

I hesitate, thinking about how I've always hated the darkness. "But-"

"But what? Afraid of the dark? Do you need a teddy bear?" Wow. Is she mocking me? That's not a surprise.

I glare at her. "No, and I'll prove it."

I get up and walk into the hallway, Elizabeth following me. She pulls down on the string from the ceiling, and from the ceiling slides a ladder. I look over at her, and she smirks. "Have fun."

Sighing, I climb up the ladder and into the stuffy attic. Boxes and lent are everywhere. I turn the light on, seeing a sleeping bag in the corner. I walk over and grab it, and Elizabeth shuts the way out. I sigh, turning the light off.

I cringe, freezing up as complete darkness surrounds me. I've always hated the dark, something that I'm not too proud to admit, if I must say. I sigh, laying the beanbag onto the floor. I slide into it, staring up at the darkened ceiling.

Just as my eyes start to close, a box drops next to me and I scream. I quickly sit up, my hand searching through the air for the string to tug on so that I can turn on the light.

Something else drops and I yelp, finally finding the string.

I yank on the string, and the small attic illuminates with a warm light.

I look around and I don't see anything, until I feel a pair of eyes rest onto me. My hands start sweating, and I suddenly feel nervous. Could someone be in here? Oh my God. This is frightening.
There's only one way to find out. Slowly, I turn around, and I realize that I'm inches away from a wide-eyed and curly-haired boy, who's appearing just as frightened as I am.

Then, a question pops up in my mind before all of the other ones do.

Why is he here?
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