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What Do You Want To Read?

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I want to start writing again and I'm curious what the current readers are interested in reading.

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Hey guys!

I used to write on here, not sure if any of my old followers are still around.

I deleted all my old stories a while back because I was unhappy with the quality. I knew I had good ideas and I feel like I'm really good at coming up with good lines for the characters to say, but the flow could have been better.

It was a mistake, because I could have kept them and edited them, but I can't fix that now. :(

Anyway, I'm curious what people are interested in reading. If any old readers are still around, would you be interested in re-writes of my old stories?

For anyone that didn't read them, here's a couple that I did under this name, and under another:

#1: Gerard comes back into the life of an old flame from his substance abuse days that he treated badly, only to realize he's the father of her child that he didn't know existed.

#2. A girl replaces Bob as the new drummer of MCR and things spark with two different band members, causing internal struggles with the band as she tries to figure out who she should be with.

#3. Bob's little sister joins the tour and falls into a relationship with the much older Gerard Way. Drama ensues.

#4. Frank returns from prison to find the girl he fell for in high school is married to his twin brother. She struggles to recognize that the felon covered in tattoos isn't as dangerous as the man she married.

#5. Gerard is a ghost, who falls for a human. They go through trials trying to find a way to be together.

Also, I've had some other ideas floating around for new stories as well. I started writing about 6 years ago so the crowd here has probably changed a bit.

I don't write Frerard. I also am not much into the Danger Days era. I feel like those are pretty popular right now, but it's just not my thing. My stories are typically set pre-DD. is anyone even still into those stories?

Give me your thoughts! I don't want to start pouring myself into writing non-stop if no one will bother with it. :)
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