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30 ways to Annoy Kaname Kuran

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This is a list of 30 things that will annoy Kaname Kuran and would be funny to watch happen.

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If anyone has requests comment them and I will create them.... Have fun reading

1. Remodel his room

2. Die his uniform baby pink and purple

3. Swap his Uniform for the Day classes and die his hair silver and call him Zero

4. Spray his room with Garlic powder

5. Hide sprinkles of Yuki's blood in random and awkward places
• Aido's pants (crotch)
• Kanames mattress

6. Hide one of his chess pieces

7. Tell him that Yuki has ran off with Rido (Then run for your life)

8. Tell Aido that Kaname loves him, and that he doesn't know how to tell him

9. Put splatters of Rido's blood throughout the night class dorms and classrooms

10. Place a picture of Him and Zero kissing

11. Paint his room baby pink

12. Take away his love seat and put it in the school fountain

13. Hide his curtains in Aido's room

14. Tip all of his blood tablets into the schools fountain

15. Store his bed in the underground chamber where he kept Zero and ask why it is there

16. Ask why you are hearing sounds coming from the basement (where Zero is) when he goes down there

17. Place a picture of child Yuki in Aido's Room and sign it from Rido

18. Tell him that Zero is ready for another session and then run for your life

19. Hide is chess board

20. Mess his chess pieces up and then tell him it was like that when you came in

21. Tell him the Headmaster Cross wants to adopt him

22. Stash random pics of Zero in his underwear draw

23. Greet him with "Hey Gramps", if he asks why remind him that he is over 10, 000 years old

24. Write 'Rido was here on his bedroom walls'

25. Call him a Pedo-bear, and tell him its his nickname

26. Glue everything in his room to the ceiling

27. Rip a photo of Zero's and Kaname's family pictures (together) and place the two separate halves (one from each photo) in to a frame - make sure mum or dad from either side of the family are in it.

28. Put Zero posters up in his room and the moon dorm entrance room

29. Put Yuki's and Zero's blood his sheets (Then deny everything)

30. Dress up as Zero then Kiss him and then Kiss Yuki (Run and never look back)

If anyone has requests comment them and I will create them.... Hope you had fun reading
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