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The Dark Clan Claw Vampire Hunting Anime Tits.

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There once was a lonely broomstick. He was lonely and ate pie to comfort him. One day a brick fell on him and killed him, the end.

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It is in the near future where guns became obsolete for some unknown reason (Or for obvious anime plot reasons...). A evil entity has sprung from amid the ruins of a ancient temple known as, "Hunters of Dark Spirits." One day up top a mountain at Tranquility High...

"Boy, math class was fun, right Yuska?" said Kaniko with a silly grin. Kaniko is a tall boy around 6 foot 4 inches, he has eye-piercing spiky ass Sonic-ripoff hair that is gray. "Gee, wilkers, sure was!" Yuska said with the most incredibly out of place smile ever. Yuska is the main character of this gut-wretching, heart-pounding, booty thumpin', guns a blazin' story. "Hey guys! Don't forget to mention me in the introduction!" Said Gayle, the slap-stick of this gut-wretching, heart-pounding, booty thumpin', guns a blazin' story. He is also a woman. "GET OUT OF HERE GAYLE!" Kaniko said as he hit her upside the head with a fire hydrant pulled from his incredibly small back bag. Gayle; now bleeding from her head is now dead until needed for plot reasons, so forget her.
"Boy Kaniko! I can't wait till Summer! I hear about the mystical Blade of Glythron that shines from the heavens and only allows the "chosen one(s)" to pick it!" said Yuska as he trips over a soda can.
"Yeah, I am hyped for th--"

It is hot as the sun blazes on the small town of WontonSoupVille.
"Yuska! Yuska!" said Kaniko as he rides his 2 mi/h segway.
Yuska then throws a bike helmet at Kaniko saying, "Safety first." as he proceeds to stare at the paint dry on his house.
"Yuska look!" Kaniko opens a pamphlet regarding those worthy of Glythron. Kaniko says with the most "beautiful" smile ever. "I am going to get it! I am going to get Glythron!"
Let us continue our story too Fapt Grove, but first a word from our sponsor:

"Oxy clean---"

Enough of that, back to our anime...


"Wow...this place is beautiful...." said Yuska.
"Over here Yuska! The pedestal of Glythron! Look at it." Kaniko says as he points to the shinning blade of WontonSoupVille lore.
"Looks amazing....LETS TOUCH IT!" Yuska said.
"Right behind you buddy!" Kaniko said as he rushes to it with Yuska.
Yuska and Kaniko fondle the sword....then....a ominous cloud appeared over the forest! A shadowy figure emerged...
"I am Gdomn. I command you to step aside for I will rule this world." said the figure.
"Never" said Kaniko and Yuska.
"Hmph, fine then." said Gdomn.
"Friendship is going to overpower you!" said Yuska.
"Not going to let you win!" said Kaniko.
Gdomn flew away, his final words were, "You will regret those words."

-==AT THE PARK!==-
Nothing happens.


"Yuska, grab the sword! Quick before Gdomn rules us!" said Kaniko as he reads his script.
"Okay! Here I go!" said Yuska as he thrusts the sword from within the pedestal.
"Lets go Kaniko" said Yuska as he follows the path out of Fapt Grove.

"Man Yuska, I am hungry..are you?" said Kaniko with a silly grin.
"Yeah" said Yuska as he walks with Kaniko to the food district.
Suddenly out of the blue, a boy appeared, her name is Gayle.
Kaniko with a seriously pissed looks at Gayle...(Told you she is coming for plot convince.)
"Hello strange one, may I help you?" said Yuska.
"I agree, let us go!" Yuska said with pride.

Yuska, Kaniko, and Gayle adventure fourth to their great adventure to fight Gumdrop, till.....

"Halt! Thou shan't pass!" said a troll clothed in a blue tunic, and a beige torso.
"We are here to fight Ganondorf!" Said Yuska intensely.
Kaniko slaps Yuska on the head and whispers in his ears, "Wrong enemy!"
As the troll reveled himself to be the fastest human alive; Speed.
"If you want to cr--" The team was already at the other side....
Kaniko shouted, "Your games suck!"


Moments after encountering Speed the gang made it to Gundam's lair.
"You guys ready?" said Yuska.
"GARHHEHAHDH NDWJD No..." said Gayle.
Kaniko slaps Gayle with the Fire Hydrant again. "Yes we are" said Kaniko disposing his/her body in the river with cement blocks.
The door opens....the smells of blood, death and Febreze.
"You made it..." said Gdom with the most evil voice ever.
"You! You will pay for what you did to me father!" said Yuska.
"Your father was a weak mortal!" Said Gdom.

Yuska's voice is heard My father was a good man, he was the best swordsman and swords maker out their! He could slice a million trees before breakfast, but he ate lunch. My father was part of the ancient tribe of the Hunter of Dark Spirits! I shall smite you in his bane!


"Hmp, foolish humans, I will squash you like bugs!" said Gdom angrily.
So some fighting happened blah blah....
"You're more than what I thought, what are you any way?" Gdom said
"I am just a guy that loves adventure, what you see is what you get I am Yuska defender of Hedgehogs." said Yuska in pride.
So some more stuff blah blah...
"ARGGGGGGGGH!" Gdom said in pain as he dies.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" says the defeated Gdom.
"ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH" says Gdom once more.
"EEEEEEEEEEECH" God damn Gdom just die!

Glythron was put away in a safe deposit box.

-==THE END==-
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