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Rei spots a beautiful dog while she walks down the busy streets. Little does she know its not a dog. When they're pathways cross again she finds herself saving it and in doing so finds herself caug...

Category: Wolf's Rain - Rating: R - Genres: Romance,Sci-fi - Warnings: [!!!] [V] [X] - Published: 2015-06-26 - 125 words

It was a sunny day with a bright sky full of pure towering fluffs of clouds. Not the sort you would expect to carry on a storm, but majestic towers of cotton like hills tower higher and higher into the sky. Through them cruised Military planes and a few slow going jets owned by those with extreme wealth. The streets were heavily crowded and the shops were busy traffic was terrible and motorists honked at each other in waves of road rage.

And in the middle of this came a force pushing through the crowds. Her dress shoes clicking against the sidewalk, stepping on more than a few toes. Golden almost yellow hair flying behind her, it seemed to sparkled under the sun's light. Her
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