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The Seduction Series, Chapter 1

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The time of this story takes place after the raping of Dr. Christian Troy

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Seduction Series, Part ONE

Disclaimer: Unsuitable for Children, Strong Language, Sexual Situations (Rated R)

The time of the story takes place after the carver raping Christian.

The setting is McNamara/Troy Recovery Room.

The main characters are Dr. Christian Troy, Liz, and Gina.

"Wake up, Christian, wake up!" Liz was patting Christian's face gently to rouse him to wake up from the anesthetic. "The procedure went well, Christian," she continued.

Christian came to groggily. His eyes blinked nervously as he was trying to figure out where he was. He tried to sit up in the bed. "Where am I?" he whispered softly, moving his head from side to side. Chrstian soon realized he couldn't sit up. His hands were handcuffed to the hospital bed's front headboard. The cuffs clinked on the metal while he struggled to break loose. "What the-"

"Relax, Christian!" Liz snapped.
Christian's bright, piercing, blue eyes narrowed in response to Liz's comment.
"Remember, you had a sigmoidoscopy earlier this morning? Sean did the procedure. Don't you recall complaining your asshole was bothering you after the rape? The rectal exam Sean did awhile ago showed no damage, so you wanted him to investigate further," she explained.

"Yeah," Christian retorted, but WHY am I restrained to the bed?" he yelled.
"You freaked out when Sean went to insert the tube, Christian. Probably the painful reminder of the rape...we had to restrain you somehow." She began to stroke his cheek. "You were not being well behaved, you put up quite a struggle!" She wiped his brow of sweat.
Suddenly, Christian felt a bulge forming under the white sheet. Liz's eyes fell to the sheet.

"It's not what you think,'s a piss on, not a hard-on!" Christian said with sarcasm.
"I HAFTA take a piss NOW or I'm gonna piss in the sheets and you'll have one helluva mess to clean up!" he warned.
He turned his head away from Liz briefly, feeling somewhat ashamed as his cheeks turned sliglhtly flushed.

Liz folded her arms across her chest.
"Before I let you out of bed, how's your pain level on a scale of one to ten?" she asked.
Christian stared at her, he was becoming rather impatient and didn't like her attitude towards him. "Have you no bedside manner, Lizzy?" he demanded.

His hard dick throbbed and ached from needing to empty his bladder.
"I would say a seven, Liz" he said smartly and rolled his eyes.

"Ok, well, then I'm going to give you a shot of demerol for the pain. Roll over on your side!" she ordered.
"NO, Liz!" Christian snapped.
"Don't fight this, Christian, do as you are told!" Liz replied.

She got the hypodermic needle ready at the side of the bed. Christian noticed that she was not going to back down an inch on this matter. He reluctantly co-operated with her.
Grudgingly, he rolled onto his side the best he could considering his wrists were restrained.
He felt Liz pull up the hospital gown over his ass. He felt the cool swab of the cotton being wiped across his skin. He froze. "He didn't like being touched down there," he thought to himself. The needle stung. Demerol shots somewhow always seemed to have that effect on him. He closed his eyes and winced. "I hate needles," he sighed.

Liz's eyes travelled from Christian's bronze, tanned, ass, down to his long, muscular legs, enjoying the view.
"Christian, I'm just going to check for any bleeding while I'm down there," Liz remarked.
Christian heard the snapping sound of the latex gloves being put on Liz's hands. He became tense, gulping, feeling a lump form in this throat. "Please, make it quick!" he pleaded.
She spread Christian's ass cheeks apart and checked for bleeding. He gasped, his asshole was incredibly sore.
"There! All done, no bleeding," Christian heard the gloves being removed. "I'll undo the restraiints, you can get up now!"

Christian's heart began to race. He could hardly wait to relieve himself, he thought, making him wait this long was extreme torture.

Liz had a grin on her face while she undid the restraints.

"What?" Chistian demanded.
"Nuttin. Take your time, you just had a general anesthetic, you may be a bit disoriented in walking," she explained.

Christian sat up on the edge of the bed, rubbing his wrist briefly, also struggling to try and wrap the short gown around himself tighter so he could have a bit more pivacy before bee-ling in to the washroom.

Liz's eyes followed Christian all the way to the washroom.
"What a nice ass," she sighed and shook her head.

Christian made it to the bathroom and quickly lifted up the front of his gown to let the plumbing start working.
"AAAAAAAAaaaaah," he closed his eyes and breathed a huge sigh of relief while pissing into the urinal.
He finished urinating and then all of a sudden, Christian sensed he was being watched. He quickly glanced over his shoulder and retorted: "Do you mind, Liz?"

"Hi asshole," a familiar voice replied.
In the doorway, stood Gina, her arms crossed over her chest, leaning against the door frame.
"No, I don't mind, don't mind at all!" Gina mused.

To Be Continued.
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