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Sweet Treats (A Ryden Crack Fic)

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Brendon makes Ryan some sexy brownies ;)

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Once upon a time there was a twink named Ryan who went over to his "best friend"'s house. The friend was obviously not his FRIEND but something else, but don't tell them that or else they'll get all offensive over their fake heterosexualities. Ryan gets to Brendon's house and knocks on the door. Brendon opens the door and looks at Ryan in a way that totally said 'We gon have the sexi times later'. Obviously Ryan was oblivious to Brendon's attempted eye fucking. I'm changing this up, Brendon knows he's a flaming homo. Ryan is the one trying to be defensive over his fake heterosexuality.
Anyway, Brendon says, "Hey Ryan, I just bAKED SOME GOODS."
Then Ryan is all like "Oh sweet, what did you make?"
And Brendon is like "Chocolate chip brownies".
Ryan can feel his taste buds doing the cha-cha in his mouth. He was practically drooling. Yes, over the brownies, not Brendon, bUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. They get into the kitchen and Brendon goes over to the oven. He gets his pink oven mittens on and takes out the deliciously orgasmic smelling brownies. Ryan practically gets a hard-on, for tHE BROWNIES, not Brendon, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE.
Brendon says, "I guess we'll have to wait for a minute for them to cool."
Ryan licks his lips, "Yeah.."
Then the twink's mind trails off…. thinking about putting that warm, sexy brownie into his big mouth. No, that's not a metaphor for Brendon's dick, BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. After those agonizing minutes of waiting and Brendon just sizing up Ryan like he always does, the brownies are finally cool enough for Ryan to sink his teeth into.
"I'll get a knife." Brendon says. Ryan just stands there, admiring how sexy those brownies looked. Brendon is back with a long knife and goes in to cut the brownies into pieces. Ryan watches this and licks his lips again and again in anticipation.
Brendon takes out a piece and tells Ryan, "Dig in." Ryan takes a piece out of the tray and takes a small bite.
He gets goosebumps all over his frail body. He constrains his moans, however. He didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his 'fRIEND'. While Ryan was enjoying the moment, Brendon decides to close the space smaller and smaller between them.
Ryan finally catches Brendon's gaze. "So you like them?" The dark chocolate eyed boy asks in a low voice.
"Yeah…" Ryan says, noticing the lack of space, but not doing anything about it. He seems to be transfixed. Maybe because Brendon's eyes reminded him of the brownies. He thinks to himself 'I bet Brendon tastes like brownies'. He then questions his thought as he breaks eye contact.
Brendon places a hand on Ryan's neck, "Betty Crocker is a fucking genius." he whispers seductively.
He then moves in closer, finally closing the gap between their lips. Ryan was right, he did taste like brownies. It was hot, really hot. Ryan moans a little as Brendon's tongue sweeps against his own. Brendon's hands trail up Ryan's shirt and lazily drag across the lengthy boy's spine. He wanted him, right now, in the kitchen.
Their lips separated as Brendon said, "Ry, I want you so bad right now."
Ryan then whispers under his breath, "I want more of those brownies."
Brendon's half way hard dick softens. "R-really?" The dark haired boy says.
Ryan can't look into Brendon's eyes, it was too embarrassing, "Yeah… I do actually."
Brendon then takes a step back, "Right, um, okay." Brendon motions his hand in the direction of the fiends that stole his love away from him.
Ryan hesitantly takes another one. He could smell the awkwardness through the orgasmic treats. He keeps his eyes locked on the floor as he eats another one. Sadly, it's not as satisfying.
Brendon speaks up, "You can take some home if you want."
Ryan looks at the now-sad 'FRIEND', "Oh okay, cool. Thanks."
He averts his eyes even quicker this time, because he could see sadness build up in Brendon's brownie orbs. Ryan knew why Brendon looked so sad, and he didn't know what to do. And that kiss…. it wasn't just the flavor of the chocolate that satisfied him, but also the way his 'FRIEND' touched him. He liked that. He liked the way their lips moved together. In the past he did question his feelings. He thought for the longest time that he was straight, but there was something about Brendon…. and his fucking aMAZING baking, that made Ryan feel things that were… different.
Ryan then says, "Hey, I'm sorry. I got so distracted by your brownies and other treats that I never realized how much you liked me."
Brendon then smiles a little and says, "Well, I made these with you in mind, that's for sure."
Ryan's eyes light up, "Really? That's so sweet."
"Yeah, so uh, I don't know if I should apologize for kissing you or what." Brendon says, feeling slightly embarrassed recollecting the moment over and over again.
"No… you don't." Ryan says with a smile. He then lightly kisses Brendon again. Even through the taste of brownie, he thinks about the taste of Brendon. The neighbor that had been baking sweets for him for years to win his heart. Well, he definitely did.
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