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My POV of how Paris must be feeling with the loss of her father.

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Author's Notes: I have never lost a parent but I have close personal relatives so I do have somewhat of an idea how she feels. Wrote this little poem while listening to “Man in the Mirror”.

I have become lost
My Dad is now gone
And I don’t know what to do.
How does a person move on?

My Dad was taken from me
Before his time
And I’m lost.
He was a wonderful father
And I loved him very much.

How does a girl my age move on?
I know there are many people who do
But how do I?
It hurts so much right now.

I have my family at my side
To help me through this time
But I still feel empty
Without him here.

I now often cry myself to sleep
Because I will no longer hear him sing
Or go to concerts
Or even just act like a kid himself.
How do I move on?

I would like to think
My Dad watches above me
To tell me,
‘It’s ok honey’
In his sweet voice.

I do have my his memories and his music
So he will never completely die for me
I still wish he was here now
I would love him
Even if we were regular people
Who have to work regular jobs

How do I move on?
Please Daddy,
Guide me to a good place
Guide me so I will always remember
I love you Daddy
I miss you.
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