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New Years Revelation

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MJ attends a New Year's party hosted by Elizabeth Taylor

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Author's Notes: Written in 2009

What was she thinking? How could her friends talk her into this? Yes, her family was good friends to Elizabeth Taylor, but that didn’t always mean she had to appear at every single function the famous elder woman put on. But once Elizabeth heard she was on the guest list, the woman did her normal unique nag and insisted for to come. So now feeling obligated, Sage Vix had sifted through her closet to find something suitable to wear. She thought about going to a dress shop and pick out something to wear, but she hated shopping for just an event that may only be once.

Finally after an hour of looking, she chose a green velvet dress. She knew when Liz Taylor did up a party; it was girls in gowns and gents in suits. The men’s suits didn’t have to necessarily be tuxedos but they would wear some of their high-end suits. Once getting the dress on and fastening a thin sheer red material that went with the dress, around her waist. The material also went up and slightly wrapped around her single sleeveless strap. She looked at herself in the mirror and frowned.

“I’m not wearing that…” Still in the mirror, she pulled off the material, leaving the single sleeveless strap, just as it was. She grabbed a red silk shawl to go with her gown. She admired herself in the mirror when her doorbell rang. She knew she now had to face the music like she was, whether she liked it or not.

She slid her stocking feet into a pair of black one-inch heels, just as there was a knock at her bedroom door. The door opened slightly.

“Your escort is here,” a maid called.

“I’ll be right down.”

Sage quickly touched up her makeup again and then rushed downstairs so her escort wasn’t waiting too long. She hated the idea of having an escort but Elizabeth insisted that she was to have one at least until they arrived at the party. The elder woman had also said the escort was a really close personal friend who was really nice and he could never harm a fly.

As Sage descended the stairs, she was facing the man’s back. He had soft black silky looking hair, which brushed just past his shoulders. He was wearing a black suit of sorts, which blended, well into his hair. She could tell the man heard her shoes clicking on the stairs, since she could hear it too. He turned towards her, giving her a soft smile.

Sage had to hold back her gasp as she was face to face with the famous Pop icon. She continued to glide down the stairs as if his presence didn’t bother her. She had met many celebrities in her lifetime, what would make Michael Jackson any different? Sage should have guessed by the way Elizabeth was talking that her escort was the King of Pop.

He gave her a friendly smile. “Are you ready to go?” he asked quietly. When Elizabeth asked him to escort a good friend of hers, he really didn’t want to do it. She knew he was quite shy around women. So why would the elder woman get him to escort a lady he never met? But he did it anyway. He knew if he protested or tried to get out of it, Elizabeth would nag him until he did.

Now standing in front of the woman, he couldn’t help but notice how attractive looking she was. But she wasn’t his type, he was sure of it. She probably was a party person. He held out his arm for her to take as she took the final step to the floor.

She walked over to him and hooked her arm with his. “I am ready,” she said politely. “Thank you for escorting me.”

“You’re welcome,” he answered.

The two walked out towards his limo. A door was opened for the two to get in. Not wanting to sit too close to him, she decided to sit in the side seat while he took the seat near the door. The drive to Ms. Taylor’s home was a quiet one. Neither one would really look at each other. Of course Michael had put on his trademark sunglasses covering his eyes. He knew many women loved looking at his eyes. To them, his eyes were very handsome, but to him, they were not.

The drive to Elizabeth Taylor’s home was not too long. Once the limo stopped, the door opened and Michael stepped out. He then held out his hand for Sage to take. He knew the lady’s name was Sage, but he had no idea what her last name was. Liz never gave it too him. She only gave the woman’s name and address.

The two walked into the house and marvelled on the decorations of the place. It was truly a spectacular sight. Ropes of garland in many colors were strung along the walls and banisters. Poinsettia plants were sitting on tables, as there was holly hanging from the ropes.

Where everyone was gathering, there was a beautiful ten-foot tree all decorated in many colored lights and different shapes of bulbs, beads, ropes of garland and even ribbons. An angel stood on the very top of the tree.

Michael and Sage continued to walk into the room until they came across Elizabeth. Just then, her cell phone rang.

“Excuse me,” Sage said to Michael as she released his arm. “I have to take this.”

“Of course,” Michael nodded.

Sage walked away, answer her cell phone at the same time. “Hello?”

“Sorry, Sage, but we’re not going to be able to make it.”

“What? Why?” Sage suddenly asked. “I was allowed to bring two guests. You can’t leave me high and dry.”

“Something came up. I’m awfully sorry. But you have yourself a good time.”

The phone went dead. Great. What was Sage to do now? She knew no one at the party and it was a New Year’s party for crying out loud. She was really hoping for her friends to show up. If she had known they weren’t going to go, she would have found a way to decline Liz’s invitation. Now she was there alone without anyone to talk to or mingle with.

Yes, she came with Michael Jackson, King of Pop, but she did not know him. And he was only her escort. Elizabeth did not want her to come alone. Sage walked over to the refreshments table, getting a glass of punch. She saw waiters serving champagne. She felt like having some, but drinking her soars was not going to help matters.

Sage Vix was not your average friend to Elizabeth Taylor. She often didn’t like showing off that she had money, though she did live in a fair size mansion with servants. She often did not like being advertised on who she was. She hated being wealthy, but she the daughter of a wealthy man who ran a computer business. It was a company like Microsoft but this company sold computers to other countries and computer software.

As she sipped her punch, she looked around the house. She remembered the day she came here and helped Elizabeth decorate the house. It took all day to decorate and even three quarters of the next day. Elizabeth loved the decorations so much she decided to give her annual New Year’s Eve party at home this time.

Sage walked over to the Christmas tree and began to stare at the tree, losing herself in thought to when she was little. Her parents would always decorate the house up for Christmas. But after her father passed away, Christmas wasn’t exactly the same anymore. She had lost interest in a lot of decorations.

Sage was so lost in staring at the tree, she lost track of time. The bells of loud laughter brought her out of her trance. She looked around seeing that she had been staring at the tree for a long time. Moving away from the tree, unknown she was being watched, she went over to take a seat to rest her feet. Music was playing and people were dancing while others were still mingling.

Sage could see many celebrities who were at the party, but didn’t feel like introducing herself to some of them and some were actually her favorites. She really didn’t feel like being there, not without her friends and they had deserted her.

Over on the far side, Michael Jackson had been mingling a little, but mostly staying away from most of the celebrities around him. They really had nothing in common with him other than Elizabeth. He had heard Eddie Murphy was invited but could not make it. Michael guessed he was probably filming a movie out of the country.

For a bit he did visit with Elizabeth but she soon started to mingle with her other guests and it left Michael in wanting to leave early. But he couldn’t leave as he did come with the pretty lady, Sage. He always considered himself a gentleman, which meant it would be wrong of him to leave before making sure Sage made it home safely. Speaking of the lady, he wondered where she was. He began to look around for her. She was probably having a good time.

Soon enough he found her and she was standing alone in front of the tree, staring at it, with a glass of punch in her hands. He watched for her for a while when a burst of laughter erupted the room. He tilted his head over to the sound to see it was Liz, laughing at something. He smiled, shaking his head as she laughed. He loved seeing her smile.

His eyes were averted away when he noted Sage move from the tree and took a seat as dancers filled the room. She went to a far corner where no one was sitting and took a seat. Why was she sitting alone? With a slight shrug, he decided to see what she was doing.

Sage took another sip of her punch, bored as heck. She wanted to go home, but she had arrived with Pop King, therefore she had to leave with him.

“Excuse me,” a soft male voice asked. “Is this seat taken?”

Sage looked up to see her escort. She looked to the seat he was gesturing. “No,” she answered.

He sat down, folding his hands into his lap. “So how come you’re sitting here alone?” he ventured. He knew she wouldn’t talk to him, so for once he took the initiative of speak first.

“I really don’t feel like celebrating,” she answered as she starred at her half drank glass. “Can I be honest with you?”

“Of course,” he nodded. “I prefer people to be honest with me.”

“Mr. Jackson…”

“Michael,” he interrupted.

She looked up at him, stunned. “Excuse me?”

“Mr. Jackson is too formal and reminds me too much of my father. I’d rather be called by my given name.”

“Oh.” He was not what she expected him to be. She turned back to her glass. “Michael, I’m flattered that I’ve finally met you in person, but I have to be honest here. I really don’t want to be here. I was convinced by Liz and my friends, who didn’t come.”

“You too, eh?” He looked over to the dancing couples before turning back to her.

She turned back to him, slightly turning in her seat so she her legs were now slightly angled instead of sitting straight. “I don’t understand.”

“Miss Sage,” he said politely. “I’m very good friends with Liz and she nagged me to come. I really didn’t want to. But I knew she would bug me until I said ‘yes’ so I caved.”

“Then why are you my escort?” she asked.

“Liz,” he simply answered. “She can be aggravating at times but she has a good heart.”

Sage giggled. “I know what you mean there. Liz does have a way of not allowing ‘no’ to be said in a conversation.”

Michael lightly laughed along with her. “She does. How do you know Liz?”

“My father.” She took a drink of her punch again. “My father and Liz Taylor go way back. In fact Liz helped my father invest in the business that was built in his image.”

“What business?” Michael was intrigued.

“Ever hear of Vix Computers?”

“Besides the fact that it’s the most popular computer in South America and Asia…”

Sage slightly blushed. “What made my father invest on wanting to make computers for out there, I’ll never know.”

Michael blinked as the sudden realization slammed into him. “Are you telling me are the daughter of Grant Vix?”

Sage nodded. “Yes, my father was Grant Vix. He passed away three Christmas’ ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I had no idea he passed away. Who is running the company now?”

“My older brother, Richard Vix. Since Rick took over the business has really done well. He lives out in Asia now and I have chose to stay here where the main headquarters are. The company was willed to the both of us as equal partners and so far we’ve been doing a good job.”

“Well that explains how you have a really nice home but not a celebrity.”

“Yeah. I’m not a celebrity like everyone else, including you. In fact hardly anyone knows I’m wealthy. I can walk down the street and do normal things without question. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t what I was.”

Michael looked forward again. “Sometimes I wish the same…”

“I wonder if Liz would notice, if I left the party early,” Sage wondered loudly.

“I’m sure she would,” Michael answered. “Liz does make her rounds and her home has many security cameras.”

“Please, don’t remind me,” Sage groaned. “I hate security. Makes me glad I don’t have any.”

“Yes, having security can be a hindrance at times. But they are good to have around too.”

“I suppose in your case, you barely remember what it’s like to be normal.”

“More than you think,” he said. “I do remember what it was like to live from pay to pay.”

As the two talked, Liz continued to mingle with her friends when she glanced over to see her dear friends talking to one another. She hid a smirk. She knew Sage was lonely at Christmas time and Michael was a lonely person to begin with. Yes, he had his two toddler children but he was still getting over the divorce with his last wife, Debbie Rowe.

Liz knew he did not have much trust in women and it was more so since Debbie left him. But he needed to know that not all women were like the ones he dated in the pass. She turned away from the two talking as someone finally asked her to dance.

After a few dances, Liz decided it was high time to visit the two of them. She strolled over to them with a big grin.

“Well hello, you two,” she greeted with her normal charming cheerfulness.

“Hello Liz,” Sage smiled. “You have a lovely party.”

“Thank you dear,” she smiled. “I figured it was high time for you to meet some of my friends and Michael is one of best of friends. Michael, you look really handsome tonight. How are the children?”

Michael smiled. “Prince didn’t want me to leave. Paris thought I was really pretty.”

“Well I think she knows good tastes,” Liz teased. “Prince must learn that not all the time must he have his Daddy all to himself. Neverland can only do so much. Prince has to share his Daddy with Daddy’s friends.”

Michael nodded. “Prince knows that.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but how old are your children?” Sage interrupted.

“Prince is three and Paris is two.”

“They are just toddlers,” Sage looked stunned. “Where’s their mother?”

Michael looked away and went silent. Liz couldn’t see his eyes behind the shades but she didn’t have to know his eyes were saddened.

“Last year, their mother left. She doesn’t want anything to do with them,” Liz answered for Michael as she could see he was getting very uncomfortable suddenly.

“Those poor dears,” Sage gasped. “How could a mother do that to her children? I will never understand that. I can’t understand how any parent could ditch their kids like trash. It’s unfair to kids to be neglected like that.”

“I know,” Liz agreed. “It’s wrong. But there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Only be there to help the hurting children.” Liz knew she had to change the subject and quick. “Michael, didn’t you tell me that you’re recording a new album?”

Michael turned to the elder woman. “Yes. It’s almost complete. It will come out in 2001. Just today it was decided the name of the album. “Invincible”.”

“Sounds interesting,” Liz pointed. “What’s your style set for?”

“Going to give my hair a cut again. It’s getting harder right now to manage with the curls.”

Liz smiled. “It’s nice to have a change very once in awhile. Well I’m going to get myself a drink. You two have fun and please, if you leave early, let me know.”

The two nodded and watched the elder woman walk away to entertain more of her guests.

Sage looked at her now empty glass. She wanted more and even felt more into wanting that champagne that was going around. But she wasn’t going to end up like her mother.

“Would you like a drink?” Michael offered.

“I was thinking of getting more punch,” Sage said. “I’m sorry for bringing up an uncomfortable subject. I guess I should study more up on you than I have. I really don’t pay too much attention to celebrities.”

“That’s alright,” he said. “You didn’t know. Here let me get you a drink.”

“No, that’s ok. I think I’ll go and take a walk or something.” She stood up and walked away, leaving her empty glass on the floor.

Michael felt slightly hurt. She really was sorry for him. No one but Liz ever felt like that for him. He stood up, finding his way over to Liz who was adding a few refreshments on a small plate.

“Liz,” he started. “Could I speak with you?”

Liz smiled. With her plate in one hand, she hooked her arm with his and the two walked away from the table with her plate in hands. “What’s the matter dear?”

“Liz, Sage seems different from other ladies I’ve escorted.”

“Michael,” she started. “I had asked you to escort her for a reason. Since her father died, she hasn’t been one for the Christmas spirit. I was hoping perhaps you could help her. You love Christmas.”

“She says you know her.”

“I do. I’ve known her since she was born. She was a very sweet girl growing up. She loved her father very much and was closest to her him.”

“And her father passed away three years ago at this time.” He gave a sad expression. “Her father wouldn’t want her to feel this way.”

“No and I was hoping she would see that tonight, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I wish to do something for her, but I’m not sure what.”

“Maybe you should give her a Christmas like you have done for me.”

“With Sage, it’s not so simple. The year after her father passed away, she had a boyfriend who mistreated her.”

“That’s terrible. She probably doesn’t have much trust in men.”

“Just as you are with women. Perhaps you should take her home. I can tell she isn’t having any fun.”

“Perhaps I will. First I have to find her. Happy New Year Liz.” He kissed her cheek.

“Happy New Year,” she answered back as she kissed his cheek as well. “Give her my New Year wishes when you find her.”

Michael nodded. He moved away and headed off in the direction he last seen Sage disappear. It took him nearly an hour to find her. When he did, he felt his emotions run towards her. She was in a remote location of the mansion. Couldn’t even hear the music or people laughing and going on.

She was completely on her knees, hunched completely over as gut wrenching sobs racked through her body. He carefully stepped up to her. His hands gently touched her shaking shoulders as he knelt down. Through his hands, he felt her body tense. He knew he startled her. But from her sobbing, no other noise could come out. She buried her head further into her hands.

“You don’t have to hide from me,” he softly spoke. His hands left her shoulders long enough for him to remove his white gloves.

She jumped again when she felt the soft texture of his bare skin and not the silk cloth from before. This time when she jumped, her hands jolted away from her face and he could see her makeup was completely ruined. The only thing that was staying was her lipstick. Even her mascara was running. He guessed she was rubbing at her eyes as her hands and all around her eyes were black.

He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. She was about to cover her face again. With quick action, thanks to having two small children, he grabbed her hands, preventing her from hiding. He came around, facing her and began to dab at her eyes, dirtying the cloth.

From him being so gentle quickly stopped her tears. “I don’t understand,” she choked out.

“I hate seeing people cry. Liz has asked me to take you home. Come on, I know a back way out of here. We can take a scenic root to the car.”

He stood up, taking her with him. Her body was so numb she didn’t stop him. He picked up her purse and shawl and headed towards the back entrance, which was out through the library. Feeling the cool air of December weather, Sage felt she could breathe better. The two walked silently through the backyard, heading towards the pathway, which would lead to the front.

The ten-minute walk to the car was completely silent. He kept a tight yet gentle hold on her hand until they reached the car where the chauffer was waiting. The driver opened the back door, letting the two in. Once in, Michael pulled up the glass shield that blocked the driver from seeing and hearing what was happening.

Soon enough, Sage felt the car pull away from the large house. “I don’t know why…”

“You don’t have to explain anything,” he started as he pulled out a bottle of water and undid his bow tie. “Man, I hate these things.”

Sage watched as he loosened his tie and pealed off his suit jacket, revealing his white shirt. “Would you like some water?” he asked.

“No, thank you,” she declined. “You are not what I expected.”

He looked at her as she was sitting in the side seat. He wasn’t sure what to think of that comment. “What do you mean? What did you expect?”

“Well for one,” she said. “Someone who would love his fame. But from what I’ve seen you don’t. You don’t drink and you’re very nice.”

“I don’t allow fame to go to my head. Why should I let that happen? Its just money. You’re someone who also doesn’t seem who does.”

“Why bother?” she snorted. “I would give up many things if I could go a day without being reminded of my duties. I like walking in town with torn-faded jeans and t-shirts. I like going to hot dog stands and just ordering one with everything and if some of the condiments fall on my shirt, so be it.”

He chuckled. “It does seem a little funny when that happens and people freak out from it.”

Before long the car stopped in front of her door. Michael helped her out of the car and walked her to the door. “I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time at the party.”

“Well the night wasn’t a total loss.” By now she had her purse and shawl in hand, heals clicking on the stone walkway. “I did get the chance to meet the King of Pop. Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year to you as well,” he smiled. “Can you do me one favor?”

She was beginning to open her door when he asked the question. She stopped and looked at him. “What is that?”

“Can you please at least try to celebrate more often? I think your father would love that.” He leaned forward, giving her a kiss on the cheek before turning away and leaving. He climbed back into the limo.

The limo turned away, heading towards the opened gate. Sage watched the vehicle leave her property. A smile graced her lips after the car was gone. Something in her snapped and she felt as if a weight was lifted from her shoulders. She went into her home feeling some joy. She felt the need to celebrate and she was going to do it with the hired help. She did, after all, own the house and pay the help.
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